OVW TV taping 8-17 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for August 17th, 2011. All roads right now in OVW lead to the September 3rd Saturday Night Special, which I don't think will be a major show, but it should be a good solid one with some good stuff on it. This Saturday August 20th OVW is doing a benefit show for the family of the recently deceased Rod Steele. Both John Cena and John Morrison have donated merchandise to be auctioned off at that show. The next OVW Homecoming show, which will be Homecoming 5 to be exact, will be held on Tuesday, September 27th. Representatives from the Louisville Bats, which is the AAA farm team for the Cincinnati Reds, were in attendance tonight, as well as some performers from the Mondo A Go Go shows. Speaking of attendance, it continues to be very good. Around 180 in the Davis arena tonight. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. It was again really hot and stuffy in the building.

1. Lennox Norris beat Dylan Bostic

Dark match. Norris' necklace broke by accident before the match, sending beads all over the ring. Referee Chris Sharpe did a Yeoman's job of getting them out quickly, on his hands and knees. All Norris early. Bostic with a twisting 'Rana. Disco music came up, since Norris is a Disco dancer, but Norris used it as a distraction and slugged Bostic from behind. Norris went on to win the match, a rare win for him at that, with a "whattamaneuver", whatever it was, it was botched, but he landed on top of Bostic and won it.

2. Jamin Olivencia beat Mohamad Ali Vaez by count out

Also a dark match, and a Hell of a marquee match in OVW for a dark match. These two had a hot program going last year, and some this year. Vaez out with the prosthetic leg of Michael Hayes, and he has big heat over it. Lots of "Ali sucks" chants, as usual. Big pop for Olivencia. Long collar and elbow tie up to start this one. Vaez with a big shoulder block on Olivencia, but Olivencia answered right back with a wicked running knee right to the chin of Vaez. Olivencia hit Vaez with his running body block to the corner. Referee Bill Clark got accidentally elbowed during a skirmish between these two. Vaez took advantage of that and poked Olivencia in the eye, then hit his running neckbreaker finisher on Olivencia. One legged Michael Hayes stormed out, his face covered with black military style makeup, looked really cool, and chased Vaez to the back. The ref counted Vaez out, giving Olivencia the win. Short match, but exciting while it lasted.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Joe ??? by submission

Another dark match. Silvio and Green did their now customary pre-match mic work, but they keep adding new stuff to it. Didn't catch the last name of Silvio's opponent here, but some in the crowd appeared to be calling him "Wolverine". A muscular guy, with decent size, and mutton chops. Looked more like a heel than a babyface to me. Silvio directs his offense at his opponents left shoulder, to soften him up for his Crippler crossface submission. Silvio did just that, and won this one pretty quickly.

The TV taping opened with clips from last week where Andreas Rossi won a Gauntlet match to become the new number one contender to the OVW title, which is currently held by Jason Wayne. Before revealing himself though, Rossi had dressed in black, and covered his face, attacked Jason Wayne twice, and is now the Henchman for Attourney/manager Christian Mascagni, who last week put up a $25,000 bounty on Jason Wayne. It will now be Wayne defending against Rossi on September 3rd.

4. Randy Terrez beat Sean Casey

This was the first match of the TV taping. Real big pop for Terrez. Back and forth match for awhile. Casey hurt Terrez with a top rope Diamond cutter. Terrez came back though and got the win with his "Thrill kill" finisher, a top rope twisting corkscrew moonsault. Damn, I'd hate to have to take that move. Looks really frightening because it's never known what part of a guys body Terrez will land on.

Taryn Shay was backstage with Benny Bray, clearly beyond smitten with him. Bray looked uncomfortable being with Shay, since he's been making it lately several different ladies in OVW. He's the stud of the OVW stable. Former OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo came up to them and blamed Shay for her losing the title, and said she can't ever find Shay, because she's always with Bray. JoJo told Shay to "fix" the problem of her no longer being champion, then she screamed and walked away. Shay asked Bray what she was going to do. Bray said he'd fix it.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage Chris Silvio and Mo Green were spelling Silvio's name out, happy promo style. Mohamad Ali Vaez showed up, with the fake leg of Michael Hayes. Silvio and Green shunned Vaez, and walked away. Even his fellow heels are against Vaez now. A makeshift curtain was hanging up, Vaez pulled it down, and behind it was Michael Hayes, still wearing the black all over his face. Hayes attacked Vaez, but Vaez, like last week, again escaped thru a door with Hayes' fake leg. Hayes cut a promo on Vaez saying Vaez made the mistake of starting a war with a warrior, which got a big pop in the arena.

Out to the ring came OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne, wearing street clothes. Wayne spoke of Andreas Rossi attacking him twice last week, and becoming the new number one contender for his title. Wayne said he had no problem with Rossi being the top contender, he had a problem with how Rossi went about it. Wayne demanded that Rossi and Christian Mascagni come out, which they both came out laughing. Rossi and Mascagni stayed on the floor. Wayne said all Rossi had to do was ask for a title shot, but that all Rossi cared about was money. Wayne said Rossi got involved only after Mascagni put the $25,000 bounty on him. Wayne said Rossi cared nothing about the history of OVW. Rossi nodded his head on the floor, agreeing with Wayne that it is all about the money to him. Wayne said Mike Mondo was a jerkoff, but at least he really wanted the title. Wayne told Mascagni he was 0-1 against him, and come September 3rd he'd be 0-2. Wayne said he can't defend the title until then, which made no sense to me, but said he could face Rossi in a non-title match tonight. Rossi tried to get in the ring, but Mascagni held him back. Mascagni and Rossi had a huddle on the floor. Finally Mascagni said they'd do it, but only if it was a no DQ match. Wayne said yes immediately, so the TV main event for tonight was now set. This was a fairly weak segment. The biggest problem here is Rossi really isn't established, and they're trying to heat him up quick. There were "Rossi sucks" chants, but overall, this wasn't strong stuff.

Alex Silva got in the face of Jimbo Onno backstage. Silva is pissed that Onno attacked him after Silva pinned Onno in the Gauntlet match last week. These two will wrestle on September 3rd. Silva has a long ways to go with his mic work. He used his "Uh oh" catch phrase on Onno though, and that catch phrase has quickly gotten over pretty well here.

The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were talking backstage. They haven't been getting along for months, but were getting along better here. McNaler told Revolver he does trust him, but that he has to face, and beat, Raul Lamotta alone tonight, and asked Revovler to stay in the back. Revolver didn't love it, but was kinda ok with it.

5. Raphael Constantine beat John Noble

Constantine took the mic and put over Christian Mascagni, calling him "Miracle Man Mascagni", which is what Kenny Bolin calls Mascagni on commentary. Constantine, who claims to be the rightful OVW TV champion, said Mascagni has secured him a shot at that title, which will take place in two weeks. The diminutive Constantine said he had something for the "little people" tonight, that he will wrestle in an exhibition match, and will show off his 5th generation wrestling moves. Constantine claims to be a 5th generation pro wrestler, dating all the way back to his great, great Grandfather, Orville L Cox. Constantine wrestled John Noble here, and did the old Jerry Lawler deal of doing his own color commentary at the same time. He tried this a few weeks ago in a dark match. Like I said then, it's hard to pull off with a corded mic. Constantine was somewhat mildly entertaining with it, but not overly. Noble looks like he's been doing some heavy weight lifting. Noble fired back on Constantine back a little bit, but Constantine tossed the mic to the ref, poked Noble in the eye, and rolled him up for the win. This sucked because it looked so totally fakey. Why wouldn't Noble, or anyone, just fire on the guy from the get go? Because it was an "exhibition" match? Because Constantine is that much better? Looked like both guys were going less than half speed in there, which killed the segment, for me at least. I like the idea, not the execution. Fell pretty flat crowd wise too.
Raul Lamotta was talking to Prince Bolin backstage. The rest of Bolin Servies 2.0 were there too. Lamotta was DQ'ed vs Ted McNaler last week, in a match Bolin told Lamotta he had to win to join Bolin Services 2.0. Bolin said Lamotta was not pinned or submitted last week, and he was impressed with him. Bolin told Lamotta he had the full backing of Bolin Services 2.0 in his rematch against Ted McNaler tonight.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage the stalker Tony Gunn was desperately looking for Johnny Spade, while holding the stuffed bear he tried to give to Spade a few times. The bear has a bandanna on its head, just like Spade wears. Gunn ran into female wrestler Epiphany, who didn't care at all about Gunn's plight.
Disco Dancer Lennox Norris then showed up and started Disco dancing. Epiphany gave Norris the "Talk to the hand" treatment.

Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson was in the yard at someones house with The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black). Jump Squat is trying to get these guys in shape because they have a chance to regain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles next week. The current tag champs are Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas. Jump Squat said the quickest and best way to get in shape was to catch a Chicken, which amused TPT. Jack Black said he already had, and was eating chicken from a KFC bucket. Jump Squat tried to release a cute, harmless looking puppy dog from a cage, but the dog wouldn't leave a cage. Jump Squat showed the dog a rubber chicken. TPT told Jump Squat it wasn't a real chicken. Jack Black, eating another drumstick from his KFC bucket said, yeah, but this one was. lol This was absurd, but legit funny. Got good laughs in the arena.

6. Ted McNaler beat Raul Lamotta

Both guys out alone here. All Lamotta early. Lamotta with big chops on McNaler. The crowd was quiet here. McNaler came back and hit his spear finisher for the win. Very short match. Postmatch saw Bolin Services 2.0 run out. James Thomas gave McNaler the "Moose kick". Rocco Bellagio pounded on McNaler. Bellagio had a large piece of black tape on his side, not far from his armpit. Adam Revolver made the save for McNaler with a chair. It took a bit, but McNaler and Revolver hugged, and appear to be back together, as somewhat babyfaces. Looks like The Elite will get a shot at Bellagio & Thomas not too far down the road, which makes me think Bellagio & Thomas will retain the tag titles against The Fat & The Furious next week, even with the help of the incredible training methods of one Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson.

7. Rudy Switchblade beat Elvis Pridemore

Switchblade came out with a wall of black shirted geek squad security around him. Jamin Olivencia came out to the floor before the match started. Switchblade took the mic and said that's why he brought the security out here. Switchblade said his security would be with him every night until September 3rd, when he faces Olivencia in a street fight. These two have a Hell of an intense program going. Olivencia stayed on the floor while Switchblade wrestled Elvis, pacing like a caged animal. Switchblade manhandled Elvls early. Switchblade mocked Elvis by putting on Elvis' red hat backwards. Switchblade is full heel now, but still has supporters in the crowd. When the ref went to get the red hat out of the ring, Switchblade kicked Elvis in the nuts and won the match.

Shiloh Jonze was backstage in front of the restroom. Jonze asked if this was his calling, a female voice rang out saying "Yes". Jonze asked if this was his destiny. The female voice again said "Yes!! Yes!!" Jonze yelled out "Hallelujah" and happily walked away. The bathroom door opened, and out came OVW Womens champion Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles), and Benny Bray, both sweating heavily. Izza Belle told Benny she would give Lady JoJo a rematch for the title, but that right now she wanted a rematch with Bray, and shoved him back into the bathroom. Benny lived up to his word. He turned up the jets and fixed the problem Taryn Shay was having earlier. lol Funny segment.

Nick Dinsmore came out in street clothes to the floor and plugged the Rod Steele benefit show for this Saturday. Dinsmore joined the announce booth for the next match.

8. Paredyse beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade by count out to retain the OVW TV title

Big pop for Paredyse. Babyface vs babyface here. Spade with some chops on Paredyse early, and a big kick to the back. Paredyse fired back with some chops, and dropkicks, one from the second rope. Paredyse went for the Bronco buster, but Spade got his foot up, and Paredyse took a hard shot low. Spade went for a superkick, but missed. Paredyse went for his finisher, but Spade countered it and caught Paredyse in the Gogoplata submission. Paredyse in trouble, but he made the ropes. The stalker of Johnny Spade, Tony Gunn ran out, sporting the old wrestling wearing jeans with no shirt look. Spade with a running kick to the corner on Paredyse. Spade angrily told Gunn to get out of here. Gunn reluctantly did. Paredyse with a second rope reverse atomic drop, then hit Spade with a pretty running spinning neckbreaker. Spade barely kicked out. Tony Gunn back out again, this time with a chair and up on the arpon. Spade hit a superkick on Paredyse. Gunn imploring Spade to use the chair. Spade and Gunn arguing on the floor. The ref started counting, and counted Spade out, giving Paredyse the win, to retain the TV title. Spade made an attempt, and was halfway back in the ring with the refs count reached ten. Spade told Gunn he was crossing the line. Spade and Paredyse shook hands after the match. Nick Dinsmore left the announce desk after this match.

9. Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni beat Jason Wayne in a non title no DQ match

TV main event time. Wayne dominated Rossi early, hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count. Wayne pitched Rossi out of the ring. Both guys started looking under the ring for plunder. Wayne found a garbage can, and tossed it into the ring. Rossi found a baseball bat, and jabbed it into the abdomen of Wayne on the floor. Rossi hit Wayne with a trash can lid in the ring. Rossi threw a bunch of chairs into the ring, and set them up two by two, facing each other. Wayne kicked the trash can lid into Rossi's face. Wayne with trash can lid shots on Rossi. Wayne picked up Rossi to slam him thru the sea of chairs, but Christan Mascagni up on the apron and grabbed Rossi's foot to stop it. Rossi powerbombed Jason Wayne on to the chairs, which did not break or separate, they just bent. It looked like it sucked to be Jason Wayne right then. Rossi then pinned Wayne for the non-title victory. Wayne was down for a long time after the match. Like I said, they're trying to heat Rossi up quickly here, but he's not established yet. Hell of a wicked looking bump on the finish here from Jason Wayne. Not a hot program here though. Hit and miss show tonight.

I had to leave, but one of the post taping dark matches as a Divas match, and the other was a Royal Rumble style battle royal, with the winner getting a shot at Paredyse' OVW TV title, I guess next week, but not sure of that. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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