UFC main event for November 12th

Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos for the heavyweight title.   Because it's a five round fight and the show will be one hour, this will be only fight on the TV show.

No new main event was announced for San Jose on 11/19.

If Velasquez vs. Dos Santos goes short, they will either air highlights of a number of prelim fights from that show, or air a full match or two.

There will be a red carpet/tailgate huge party outside the event before the show starts.

As recently as two days ago they were planning two fights for the show and not a championship fight.  Two days ago Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta called Fox as talked about potentially doing a championship fight and the fight was finalized with Fox yesterday.

Tickets go on sale for the Honda Center in Anaheim on 9/16. 

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