TNA No Surrender live coverage from Orlando

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The show opened with a ceremony regarding the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  This was probably as classy a thing of this type that I've ever seen wrestling do.  They focused heavily on Jesse Neal, in uniform, and had Rosita, whose father died ten years ago in New York on this day, holding the American flag.  

Having said that, focusing so heavily on Kurt Angle and Rosita, who are heels, is kind of weird during the body of a wrestling show, particularly with Kurt as the main event heel. 

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen - An added match.  Usually with TNA they add matches at the end becuase they time out the show and come up short so need to add something to the show.  Winner become the top contender for the X title.  Kash carried the match as the veteran and Sorenson got the pin with a reverse suplex slam.  Good as a time filler match.  Kash is really good.

Hulk Hogan & Kurt Angle interview.  Kurt is mad that they didn't tell him about his title match until the last minute.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm - They pushed that Storm has to win by submission or he's eliminated.

Ray won via DQ means he has 52 points, so Roode or Gunner need a submission to tie him.  Match was mostly stalling by Ray because of Storm's shoulder injury (which was never acknowledged).  The story was Storm needed a submission to go into first.  They pushed that Storm had been training submissions of late.  He kept doing armbars but Ray would make the ropes every time.  Storm tried to spit beer at Ray, but he ducked and it went into the eyes of ref Jackson James.  Storm put the armbar on Ray, who tapped.  But instead, James raised Ray's hand and called for a DQ for spitting the beer.  Finish sucked.  Match was okay.

Mickie James vs. Winter for the Knockouts title.  Winter accidentally spit the "blood" into Angelina Love's eyes.  With ref Earl Hebner checking on Love, Winter then spit the blood into James' eyes and pinned her to win the title.  So-so match.

Gunner was doing an interview saying he was going to do whatever he could to get the submission.  Ray came out and called him young boy and told him that his only job in the match with Bobby Roode is to not submit, even if his arm breaks or knee pops out.

Mexican America vs. Pope & Devon for the tag titles
Rosita went from carrying the American flag to 50 minutes later playing an anti-American Mexican.  Finish here was the Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude deal.  Pope went to suplex Anarquia into the ring but Sarita grabbed Pope's leg and tripped him with Anarquia fell on top for the pin.  Unwieldy match.

Mr. Anderson interview.  He said that he doesn't like Sting and Sting doesn't like him, but they both hate Immortal.  That would be cool if Kurt was in Immortal.  Mr. Anderson asked Jeremy Borash sees the sunset and Borash said yes, and Anderson yelled at him because they were indoors.  Anderson always attempts to be entertaining on his interviews and seems to fail an awful lot.

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe
First half of this match was very fast paced for two guys of this size and very good.  It slowed in the second half but was still okay.  Weird finish (and this was a night of them) is Joe missing a charge into the turnbuckle but Joe didn't hit the buckles hard at all.  Morgan used the carbon footprint but nobody was ready for it as the pin.  

Bobby Roode & James Storm did an interview.  Roode said he would beat Gunner and then Ray.  Storm gave him a pep talk saying he hoped it would be him and Roode battling for it.

Bobby Roode vs. Gunner in the final Bound for glory series match

Match was mostly Roode working on Gunner's left arm.  He kept using a Fujiwara armbar but Gunner kept making the ropes.  Finally he did the move again, and switched it to a crossface for the submission.

Eric Bischoff announced since Roode and Bully Ray are tied, they will wrestle later in the show. 

Aries did another good promo.  He's the spectacular vascular vegetarian as well as the greatest man alive.  He said Kendrick may bring his A game but he's bringing his A Double game which is a level above everyone in the promotion.   

Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries for the X title
Unlike WWE, they didn't change finishes because they accidentally leaked out.  Aries won the title with a low kick and a brainbuster.  Aries is really good.  He was the best worker so far on this show as far as being the complete package of athleticism, timing and facials.  But it's not like the crowd was hot for this or anything.  Good match.

Bully mad he has to wrestle twice.  Said he guess he couldn't count on Gunner just like he couldn't count on Devon.  Said Roode has a bad neck from the previous match and he's working on it.  I guess that's probably why they didn't acknowledge the Storm shoulder injury. 

Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode, winner gets the Bound for Glory title shot

Roode won.  Finish was flat.  Ray missed a back splash off the ropes and Roode used the spinebuster for the pin.  Nobody saw it as the finish since Roode has never won with the spinebuster.  Roode had a bloody nose.  The crowd was really into this match except when they were wrestling.  Then they were quiet.  Ray plays a good big heel but it's not like the crowd was behind Roode all that much when he made his comeback.  

Jeremy Borash did an interview about 9/11.  He brought out Rosita, said her name was Thea Trinidad and had her talk about losing her father and she was ten years old at the time.  Said her dad was her inspiration, it never gets easier because every day he's missing from the dinner table.  He wanted to be a pro wrestler, her mom didn't, he taught her her first moves.  He wanted to be a pro wrestler but because of raising a family he could never do it.  She said it's been a hard day crying in the back.  Great interview.  But it's like this show has dual realities.  No wonder nobody cares about the product when they slap your face with that it's all bullshit and they don't even care.

Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA title

This may have been the deadest crowd for a world title main event on PPV ever.  Nobody cared.  It wasn't a great match or at nearly the level of an Angle match, but by no means was it bad.  About the only thing the crowd popped for was Angle giving both guys a German suplex at the same time.  Finish saw Sting have Anderson in the scorpion deathlock and Angle broke it up by pulling Sting out of the ring.  Angle whipped Sting into the guard rail where Hulk Hogan came out and sprayed something in Sting's eyes.  The blinded Sting got in the ring and tried to give ref Brian Hebner the scorpion death drop.  But Angle kicked him low and gave him the Olympic slam for the pin. 

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