UFC Live coverage from New Orleans

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Justin Edwards b Jorge Lopez via unanimous decision on straight 29-28 scores

Robert Peralta b Mike Lullo on 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 scores

T.J.  Waldburger b Mike Stumpf via triangle choke in 3:52

Seth Baczynski vs. Clay Harvison

First round: Baczynski moved in with punches. Now has him pinned againt the fence. He started throwing knees from a Thai plumb. Baczynski moved in with a flying knee and followed with punches. Big right by Baczynski. He’s got a big reach edge and is 6-3 and 170 with a middleweight frame. Traded knees in the clinch and Baczynski landed a few shots. Baczynski’s round 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Baczynski and landed an uppercut that put Harvison down. Baczynski throwing hard punches on the ground. Harvison gave up his back. Baczynski threw a hard elbow to the face and moved to get his back and choked him out.   1:12

Donny Walker vs. Ken Stone

First round: Stone out throwing low kicks. Stone pushed Walker into the fence. Stone took him down. He got Walker’s back . Walker got up and Stone took him down and is keeping back position. He’s working for a choke. Walker lasted a long time in the choke but eventually went all the way out and the ref had to stop it. 2:40

Lance Benoist vs. Matt Riddle

First round: Benoist is from St. Louis, five wins all in the first round. Benoist hurt him with a left to the jaw. High hook kick by Benoist that didn’t land. Riddle pushed him into the fence. Benoist landed a knee to the groin and ref stopped it to give Riddle time to recover. He told Benoit to be careful with his knees. High kick by Riddle. Riddle with single leg takedown. Rogan is doing an awesome job of analysis here of the groundwork. Great reverse, using an attempted Kimura, and Benoist ended up in full mount. Riddle regained guard. Some lefts by Benoist. Benoist with body punches. Benoist landed some more punches from the top. Some nice lefts as the round ended. 10-9 Benoist.

Second round: Benoist with a head kick. Riddle got a takedown. Benoist got back to his feet without taking any damage on he ground. Both struggling in the clinch. Riddle with a knee and Benoist with single leg takedown. Hard body punches by Benoist. Benoist bleeding from the nose as Riddle’s knee busted the nose up. A lot of Benoist’s blood dripping all over Riddle on the bottom. Benoist landing punches. Benoist pounding him while Riddle with elbows from the bottom. Benoit with hammer punches. Riddle went for an armbar. Benoist out of the attempt. Benoit continues to land body and head punches while Riddle throwing elbows to the nose from the bottom. . Ref Dan Miragliotta told the doctor to look at him. Benoist won the round but the nose looks terrible. 20-18 Benoist.

Third round: Riddle playing to the crowd for the start of the round. Both guys throwing wild punches and Riddle took him down and got side control. Riddle throwing knees to the body. Riddle landed a big shot on the nose. Riddle controlling him but I think he’s going to lose the decision and he’s not threatening to finish. Time running out on Riddle. Riddle landed shots to the body and another to the nose. Time up. Riddle’s round, so I’ve got 29-28 for Benoist.

Scores: All three had it 29-28 for Benoist. Fans booing it like crazy because they see all the blood on Benoist and because Riddle is so likeable. They are booing the hell out of Benoist. Joe Rogan yelled at the fans saying they must have forgotten round one and two. Riddle playing to the crowd on the other side of the cage.

Shamar Bailey vs. Evan Dunham 

First round: Dunham was a rising star until running into Melvin Guillard. Both standing. Bailey landed a nice punch. Dunham now starting to land punches. Good left by Dunahm. Bailey’s right eye starting to swell. Dunham continues to land with the left over and over. Bailey moved in. Nice front kick by Dunham, followed by a head kick. Another head kick by Dunham. Landed more lefts. Bailey with a takedown and Dunham hit him late. 10-9 Dunham.

Second round: Dunham had his back but Bailey out of trouble and back to his feet. Dunham tied him up. Punches and a body kick by Dunham. Front kick by Dunham. Dunham landing punches. Dunham landing more combos. Bailey landed some counters but Dunham continues to land a high percentage of his punches. Bailey got a right hook in but Dunham keeps landing. Another front kick. Dunham now landing combinations sensing Bailey is tired. Head kick by Dunham. High kick by Dunham. Bailey tried for a takedown but Dunham stopped it and continues to land. Punches and a head kick by Dunham. Dunham landing so many punches. Body kick back by Bailey. Dunham with more punches. To me this was a 10-8.5 but not quite 10-8, so this scoring system is 10-9 Dunham.

Third round: Bailey coming in but Dunham continues to land. High kick blocked by Bailey. Dunham still landing. Nice high kick by Dunham. Another nice high kick by Dunham. Dunham hurt him with a right. Dunham hitting him now and landing hard kicks and punches. Bailey is taking some hard shots standing up. Dunham landing so many big shots, punches and kicks and Bailey continues to stay up. Dunham threw a kick and slipped and Bailey tried to jump on him but Dunham back up. 40 seconds left. Dunham continued to land. Bailey shot for a takedown and Dunham clamped on a guillotine but time ran out. Fans giving both guys huge ovations. Entertaining fight for sure. Bailey took so many shots, a lot of them hard and never went down. Dunham 30-27 for sure.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Dunham.

Cody McKenzie vs. Vagnar Rocha

First round: High kick by McKenzie. McKenzie taunted him on the standup. Rocha kicked him in the groin. Rocha with body kicks. McKenzie landed punches hard but Rocha landed a good knee. Trading punches and Rocha got a takedown. McKenzie tried the guillotine but Rocha out of it. Rocha hammering McKenzie with body shots on the ground. Rocha working for an armbar but McKenzie out. Rocha’s ground work looks real good. He’s working for a choke. McKenzie out of the choke and Rocha controlled him and punching. McKenzie then reversed him. McKenzie landed a body kick. McKenzie landed a hard right. McKenzie landed a lot and Rocha even ran away. Big right by McKenzie at the horn. Tough round to judge but McKenzie’s late flurry wins it for him 10-9.

Second round: Loud Cody chant. McKenzie landing low kicks. Rocha shot in and took him down. Rocha with a D’Arce choke, but McKenzie out. Good ground work. Rocha looking for stuff while McKenzie keeps looking for a guillotine. Rocha has his back. Now he’s got full mount. Rocha landing some good punches from the top. Now Rocha has his back, got the choke and McKenzie tapped out. 3:49

Alan Belcher vs. Jason MacDonald

First round: Belcher the favorite of the crowd coming from Biloxi. McDonald wants a takedown but couldn’t get it on the first attempt. In a clinch. McDonald working for a takedown against the fence. He tried a throw but Belcher ended up on top. MacDonald may be fine on his back. Belcher landed one punch to the head. Mostly MacDonald tying him up. Belcher landing a lot of punches now. MacDonald is in trouble now. Belcher with an elbow. MacDonald regained guard and MacDonald working for a Kimura. Belcher got side control and trying to tie up his arms. Belcher landing a lot of hard punches from the top and MacDonald in trouble again. Belcher landing punches and elbows until ref Dan Miragliotta stopped it. Good return by Belcher.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Erik Koch

First round: Brookins in his first fight since winning season 12 of TUF. Brookins wants a a takedown. Brookins with a nice elbow while in the clinch. Also threw a knee. Koch threw knee. Another knee by Koch. Two hard elbows by Brookins. Koch got away from the cage. Koch landed a good left. Low kick by Koch. Another left by Brookins. Another low kick by Koch. He landed another good left. Brookins pushed him into the cgae. Koch with good takedown defense. Close round but I’ll go 10-9 Koch.

Second round: Low kick by Koch. Head kick and Koch landing shots. Another left . Brookins had a mometary takedown. Brookins tried a takedown but Koch landed on top and Brookins back up. Brookins landed some shots and moved in attempting another takedown. Brookins got the takedown with 1:00 left. Another close round, again slightly for Koch because even though Brookins finally got the takedown, he did little with it.

Third round: Koch landed some lefts. Knee by Brookins. A low kick by Koch. Brookins moved in for a takedown and didn’t get it. Brookins landing more punches. Brookins moved in for a takedown. Brookins moved him into the fence. Crowd booing the clinches against the fence. This has been kind of a boring fight. Now Koch landed low kicks and punches. Knee by by Koch and now back into a clinch. Brookins threw him but Koch right back up. Brookins has him back against the fence. Traded punches and Brookins is holding him against the fence again. Brookins is implementing his game plan but Koch is landing more. Boy is this round hard to score. I still would give the round to Koch for damage but this is one of those fights where almost any score could be legit.

Scores were 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Koch

Interview time with Jon Jones and Rampage Jacksoni.  Jones said he's been watching DVDs of him.  Jackson doesn't care what he's watchingon the 24th he's going to be watching the lights from his back.  Rogan asked about the the spy in the camp story.  Jackson said he faked an injury, with a spy talking to the Jones camp.  Jones thinks it's a teactic to get in his head, it worked but he should have done it fight week because he's over it now.  Jones said, "Now it showed your character and your paranoia, I think you're setting yourself up for failure."  Jone said he always has an excuse for a loss.  Jackson said he sounds real guilty, he said it's proven they have a spy in the camp.  Jones said, "How do I sound guilty.  What advantage does it give me."  Jackson .  Their talking on each other.  They were talking over each other.  Jackson said it's showed ignorance from your camp,.  Jackson said I never accused you but accused your manager.  Jackson said I'm going to blw him out of the water, destroy him n the 24th.  Jones said I'm gonig to try my hardest and play the game that I love.  Jackson said "You're getting destroyed homie."  Jackson did a good job of building the fight, Jones, not so much.

Court McGee vs. Dongi Yang

First round: Yang threw the left and throwing low kicks. Yang with a low kick. McGee kicking Yang’s bad right knee. Both throwing and McGee landed a good right. Both standing, Yang with a nice low kick. McGee back kicking Yang’s right knee. Yang with a body kick. Yang lost his balance. Now McGee moving forward but not landing. McGee swarmed. Close round but I’ll go 10-9 Yang.

Second round: McGee landing the low kick. McGee moved in for a takedown but Yang had no trouble blocking. Crowd quiet. Yang landed several punches. McGee with a body kick. Yang landed a left. McGee trying for a takedown but Yang blocked it. Head kick by McGee. McGee landed several punches. Another close round. McGee close but I could see going with Yang here, nobody’s able to hurt the other, so I’ve got 19-19.

Third round: Yang nailed him with a left that put McGee down and followed with a running knee. Yang with a takedown but McGee back up. McGee back with punches and busted Yang’s nose. Yang with a head kick. Fight was boring and the last 20 seconds were great. McGee landed some punches. McGee went for the takedown and Yang blocked it. . Takedown by Yang with 1:06 left into a mount. Yang spun out. McGee is in much better shape now. McGee went for a shot and McGee got him down, some elbows and put on a guillotine with seconds left by Yang survived. Very close round again but McGee to me won the fight in the final sequence. McGee won most of the round but Yang had the knockdown. McGee 29-28, but again this could go either way.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-28 for McGee.

Jake Shields vs. Jake Ellenberger

First round: Shields looks smaller with the diet switch to a pure vegan diet. Key here is Ellenberger’s takedown defense and conditioning. Ellenberger threw Shields down but Shields back up Shields moving in for a takedown but Ellenberger powers away. Two hard knees and Ellenberger finished him with a barrage of punches in seconds. A left knee and a right knee and a barrage of punches. It was a left knee to the body and a right knee to the jaw, 7 punches and the ref jumped in. Shields was trying to take down ref Kevin Mulhall because he didn’t know it was over. :53

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