Missy Hyatt books Les Thatcher vs. Todd Martin, plus a very important note on Doc's health status

I want the Observer members if they have a chance to keep one of the unsung heroes of this site in their thoughts and prayers -- Doc Young. Doc is a super nice guy. Over the last year we would exchange emails & PM’s. Doc would keep me apprised on what medical tests he was going thru for his illness. Doc was one of the few people to find about my father passing away earlier in the year to wish me his condolescences.

I became friends with Doc over the year thru Les Thatcher. I like Les Thatcher’s views on wrestling & FX TV shows, since they mirror my own. Doc would periodically ask me if I enjoyed their Wrestling Weekly podcast. I thought it was so nice that Doc cared about my opinion. I told Doc that if he ever needed any guests, I’ll give him some contact numbers & emails. If they are wary, just tell them you are a personal friend of mine. Doc was touched about it, since he had so many difficulties in lining up guests when he had his own podcast a few years ago.

Over the last few months, Doc would ask me to make an appearance on Wrestling Weekly. He also had an idea that he wanted me to have my own segment. I was flattered, since I usually only do podcasts for people if I consider them a personal friend & it fits in to my schedule.

Prior to Doc leaving for the hospital, I wrote an article pitting Todd Martin VS. Les Thatcher in a fictional bout, based on their philosophical differences about Ric Flair. Bryan Alvarez opted to not publish the article, until Doc got better. The article was not written in any malicious way, since I get along with Doc, Less, & Todd Martin.

Over the last two weeks, Doc went in for another operation. He even mentioned on a podcast with Bryan that he didn’t want Wrestling Weekly to die, despite his health issues. During the last three weeks, Doc had been absent from the show. At one point his heart stopped in the hospital. Myself & several friends of Doc had tried reaching him thru his cell phone, text messaging, & PM’ing, with no answer. All we can do is hope for the best for Doc.

Les Thatcher told me about his last conversation with Doc. Doc told Les, “You Know We Are Always Going To Be Pals”, I broke down & cried. Usually it’s the fans, & journalists that grieve about the misfortunes of wrestlers. Doc is different in my eyes when he got people in the wrestling business worried about him. I hope he knows that he got plenty of friends that hope he recovers & hopefully one day rejoins Les Thatcher & Will Strauss for Wrestling Weekly.

Missy Hyatt

Update from Bryan: Since the article was written and since the note that Missy wrote above, we have managed to get hold of Doc. We were all very, very worried, particularly since after he wrote about the incident where his heart stopped he completely disappeared for over a week -- no emails responded to, no texts responded to, no visits to the site, nothing. We are back in contact with him but he's still in really, really rough shape. The doctors waffle between thinking they know what's wrong (Guillain-Barre syndrome) and claiming that they don't have any idea what might be wrong. The bottom line is that he's been hospitalized for a long, long time, and may remain in the hospital for a long, long time. Obviously we are all hoping for a full recovery, even if it takes months or years. In the meantime, we would really like to set up a fundraising drive of sorts to help offset some of his medical costs. If anyone has any suggestions for the best way to go about doing this, please drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Most likely we will just try to set up a PayPal account. If nothing else, you can always drop Doc a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I'm not sure how regularly he's able to get on the Internet or check his email, but I strongly suspect get well letters would really help boost his spirits.

Doc is one of the best guys around. Over the last two years or so, if you've ever heard a Tuesday Figure Four Daily with a great guest and thought, man, that was awesome, well, you can think Doc for that. He's worked as producer for that show for several years now, and he's hooked me up with some of the best guests in the history of this site, and believe me, as other podcasters and radio show hosts will attest, that's not an easy job and it's often a thankless job. He's also a super nice and interesting guy, and if you don't believe me, you can listen to the Figure Four Daily we did last month just discussing his life and times. That show is available here.

So best wishes to Doc, we love you and we're pulling for you.

Missy's original article is below.

With the permission from Bryan Alvarez, I was given the opportunity to guest book the hottest internet feud with Les Thatcher VS. Todd Martin. This could have been a potentially bigger article, but Matt Hardy stole all of the attention away from Les & Todd with his youtube message on Tuesday night.

It’s no secret to any F4W listener that Todd Martin is slowly developing a Michael Cole persona to his weekly podcast with Bryan Alvarez. One would question what is Todd’s motive in being “too smarky” in the way he gets his digs on the lives & work rate of wrestlers? Some people have even brought up his digs at wrestling legend Ric Flair is based on Big Dave being in Todd’s ear. Regardless, Les is hot at Todd’s uncaring response that he see’s no problems with 62 year old Ric Flair taking bumps to earn a dollar, since entertaining Todd is the top priority of wrestlers & MMA fighters that put their bodies on the line for him to critique.

With the absence of Doc Young from Wrestling Weekly, Bryan added Todd Martin as the co host with Les. When discussing the Observer Of Fame, Todd would ask Les how was George Hackensmidt as a wrestler. Les would politely say George was before his time. Todd would start asking Les what it was like to wrestle Romans in the coliseum. Les would politely say it was before his time. Todd realizes he is pissing Les off.

The discussion pans off about the greatness of Ric Flair. Todd starts laughing about how Flair probably is now the goof driving the limo rather then renting one. Todd starts laughing about how Flair had no problems selling multiple beatings from his wives. Todd says he will give Flair some free legal advice, “stop getting divorced”. Les screams at Todd on what gives him the right to insult the greatest worker of all time.

Todd screams at Les that he is currently trending on twitter & is the 56,239 most searched person on google. Todd also tells Les to quiet down, since the carnival is coming to town & he might miss the phone call to go barn storming with Farmer Burns. Les ends the show by saying he’s never been disrespected in 50 years in wrestling by a goof that never took a bump, never been stretched, never been screamed at by Bill Watts, & never had a real fight in his life. Todd tells Les that he will be at Will Strauss’ news desk next week if he wants a physical confrontation.

Todd enters the studio the following week with protection. Les scoffs at the threat of protection by saying “back in my day, we didn’t need protection with the arena rats”. “What kind of man brings protection against a 71 year old ass kicker”. Todd responds by saying that he wouldn’t tarnish his law degree against a person that took $5.00 pay offs from Nick Gulas in the 1970’s. Right before Les is about to grab Todd, Todd reveals his “protection” in the “Ideal Canadian”.

Todd laughs about how when Les was working in “Imbred Moutatin Wrestling”, The Ideal Canadian” was headlining against Tenryu. When “Imbred Mountain Wrestling” was on the verge of going under, & Les had to find a new career, Todd was living it up in college and attending ECW shows in New Jersey and screaming “you fucked up” at all of the wrestlers that carved up their bodies for his entertainment. Todd tells Les to get out of the studio before he “destroys Wrestling Weekly faster then Vince McMahon destroyed Georgia Championship Wrestling, which ironically put you out of another job”. Les walks off the show.

Unfortunately a sickly Doc Young had two wishes. The first wish was to keep Wrestling Weekly alive & the second wish was for Les to win one more wrestling title for him to see. Les was so touched that he is willing to come out of retirement to win “the big one” for his friend with the sore throat. Todd hears about Les’ quest for the gold and starts mocking Doc Young. He makes fun about how Doc should get some cough drops for his stupid coughing problems that is constantly ruining the show. Todd also mentions that the whistling sound that Les makes when he talks is distracting him from giving out “Todd’s Odds”.

Les would call Bryan to replace Todd. Bryan can only offer Brent Kremin as a co host or cancel the show all together. Bryan breaks it down to Les that Big Dave doesn’t think Wrestling Weekly is hitting the demos of 18-35. year olds. Bryan says the show needs more discussion about which ant is better between Green Ant & Soldier Ant from Chikara & how Kelly Kelly is the most technically sound women wrestler. Les is totally disgusted, but Bryan as a consolation gift offers Les a shot at the Tulalip Championship Wrestling title that he just won in front of a whopping 69 fans at a restaurant. Bryan boasted that his name on the marquee & ten cent chicken wings doubled the house.

Over the next few weeks on Wrestling Weekly, Todd starts making fun of Les getting a title shot. Todd mentions how the only person who is willing to see him wrestle is probably Granny, since she watched him wrestle as a kid on the Dumont network. Todd even promises to get a front row seat with his “Ideal Canadian Protection”. Todd boasts how this match will be sadder then when Lou Thesz came out of retirement in Japan & popped out his hip. Todd even gives his “Todd’s Odds” that Les would have a better chance in turning around TNA then having an entertaining match.

The night of the show, Todd shows up in a limo. It’s amazing how much money Todd is willing to spend on wrestling or MMA on a Saturday night rather then actually hanging out. Les laughs at Todd by saying that when he was 29 years old, the limo was stocked up with women on a Saturday night instead of a geek that goes on podcasts disrespecting their elders. Todd scoffs at the remark and introduces Les to his limo driver, RIC FLAIR. Todd mentions to Les that’s he’s right, Flair shouldn’t be taking bumps at 62 years old. Instead he should be driving him around and turning shades of purple for his amusement. Todd introduces Les to Granny. Granny says “that’s not Gorgeous George, who is this jabronie”.

Les goes in to the dressing room to shake hands with Bryan [old school etiquette]. Bryan starts giving Les orders that he wants an easy match, since he spent the day tapping out ten year olds at Jiu Jitsu. It might had taken Les 50 years in wrestling to be considered a legend, but it only took Bryan 10 years in Jiu Jitsu to be able to whip all of the kids in the beginners class. Bryan insists on seeing the sickly Doc Young who still won’t take a F’N cough drop. Bryan tells Doc that he must be psyched about this match; Doc says “I would rather be at a TNA show & be watching Christy Hemme as a ring announcer”. Bryan looks at Doc Young in total disgust & orders his lackey in Vinny to get them out of his sight.

Even through Les agrees to put Bryan over, Les realized that this is his last shot at any title. Especially a title that covers all of Tulalip. The match starts & Bryan starts pulling guard. Todd is screaming for the athletic commission to stop the match. Les finds Bryan’s white belt in Jiu Jitsu to be not worthy of selling. Les starts punching Bryan’s ear drums & starts raking his forearms to give him cauliflower ears. Les reverses the guard & puts Bryan in a STF made famous by Lou Thesz. Todd is having a hissy fit. Les then puts Bryan in a Greco-Roman death drop & is about to pin Bryan & take the title. Todd gets The Ideal Canadian Protection to distract the referee, while Todd jumps in the ring & hits Les with a roll of coins. Todd starts screaming for Flair to recover the coins, since its part of his pay off [with free legal advice in not getting remarried for the 5th time].

Les Thatcher VS. Bryan Alvarez: Photo by Matt Cleary

The crowd is irate. Bryan is pissed that he was double crossed in the ring. Plus to make matters worst, the gate was robbed by a person in a pink “I Tap Boys” sweat shirt. Ironically Granny, Vinny, & Mrs. Alvarez are no where to be found [presumably spending the stolen gate on Super China Buffet dinners]. BTW, Vinny missed his text message “to stick it to the winner”.

Les grabs a jubilant Todd by the neck & tells him that he forgot that he’s an “old school hooker”. Todd laughs & says Les just admitted that he’s a whore. Les says not that kind of hooker, the type that can break your neck. Les then proceeds to stretch Todd.

Unfortunately Wrestling Weekly had gotten replaced with “Wrestling Jew Weekly” in which Missy Hyatt, Brent Kremin, Paul Heyman, & Dave Meltzer discuss wrestling from a Jew’s perspective. Big Dave made the miscalculation that this show idea would get better ratings then Mike Sempervive talking about rancid Japanese porn & Joshi wrestling discussion.

Todd is still recovering from Les’ sugar hold. Todd is currently spending his free time knocking Matt Hardy’s latest youtube video & picking fights with Dana White on twitter. Todd is also embroiled in a war of words with 75 year old, Bruno Sammartino for placing him in his third tier of famous Italian Wrestlers behind Little Guido, Santino Marella, & Tommy Rich.

Mike Sempervive’s all Japanese porn & Joshi show would become the most popular show on the F4W site.

No leads to the stolen Tulaip gate.

Les would move on from wresting to pursuit his death metal career & start touring with FOZZY. The long awaited Les Thatcher death metal album “Les Rock, More Death Metal” would become a top seller in Germany.

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