OVW TV report 9-28 tapings in Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for September 28th, 2011, which featured the return of Cliff "Domino" Compton to OVW. There's a lot going on at the Davis arena lately. The night before this taping was the OVW Homecoming 5 show. This Saturday October 1st ROH tapes TV here, and there will be a few OVW dark matches on that show. Then Saturday October 8th will be the next OVW Saturday Night Special. Speaking of ROH, it was announced yesterday that Mike Mondo has signed with ROH, and will be starting there this Saturday. Big congrats to him, it's not a huge surprise to me, Jim Cornette is a big Mondo fan, and Mondo is a strong talent, but in ring, and as a trainer. The guy is still in his 20's, and has been to the big time, so I think this is a solid signing for them, plus he's the type that can get that "Mike Bennett" type of heat with the ROH crowd.

As for this OVW TV taping, Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd was in the 125 range, and it was a strange crowd, they seemed either real hot or real cold tonight, not much in between.

1. Paredyse & Alex Silva beat Lennox Norris & James Onno

Dark match. This was a bit strange as last week on TV they had set up for Silva to face Onno on TV this week, and it happened here in a dark tag match, but didn't happen on TV. That's rare for OVW for not deliver on a match they set up, so I wondered what happened there. Match went on for a little bit, and ended with Paredyse pinned Norris after a Bronco buster, and then a dropkick in the corner. The finish seemed strange, and nobody seemed sure for a second if it was the finish or not. Paredyse has not been on OVW TV for the past two weeks, since losing the OVW TV title to Adam Revolver, who then in turn lost it to Jason Wayne last week. Lennox Norris may not be long for OVW, and Louisville. He made some comments on his Facebook recently about being very unhappy with his role in OVW.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Andrew Patton

Also a dark match. Silvio and Green went around ringside handing out OVW flyers, which they called "OVW literature", before the match. Mo Green was wearing flip flops. Silvio took the mic and talked about their "SilvOvwTv" stuff on Youtube. Silvio said the "literature" he passed out his missing something, him. He was not on the flyers. Silvio and Green complained about once again being in a dark match and not on TV, and said they were going to have to make something happen. Silvio then hit Patton with a running forearm, or is it a Fivearm, ala what Mike Mondo has been doing lately, and beat Patton in about 10 seconds.

3. James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin & Rocco Bellagio beat Dylan Bostic

Yet another dark match, and yet another "Don't blink or it'll be over" type of a match. Bostic got a few hope spots in, but Thomas won it with his "Moose kick" pretty quickly.

The TV taping opened with clips of last weeks TV main event, where Jason Wayne beat Adam Revolver to win the OVW TV title, and retain the OVW Heavyweight title, despite much interference from Bolin Services 2.0, and from Christian Mascagni and Mike Mondo. This win made Jason Wayne a dual title holder in OVW, as he was already the OVW Heavyweight champion going into the match. Adam Revolver was a dual title holder going into the match before losing to Wayne last week as Revolver was, and still is, one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team champions with Ted McNaler, but Revolver and McNaler are not getting along very well yet again.

OVW Heavyweight and TV champion Jason Wayne came to the ring wearing his ring gear. Wayne said when he came to OVW two of his goals were to be the TV champion, and the OVW Heavyweight champion, but he never dreamed he'd be holding them both at the same time. Wayne said the opportunity presented itself to do just that last week, and he capitalized on it. Wayne talked about his challenger for the OVW Heavyweight title on October 8th, Rocco Bellagio, among many others, interfering in the match with Revolver last week, and Bellagio giving Wayne a chokeslam, but Wayne said it wasn't enough, and he still beat Adam Revolver, and he will beat Bellagio on October 8th. Wayne said he has a lot of responsibility on him now, as he has to also defend the OVW TV title every week, and will do so tonight against Tony Gunn. Gunn went to the office last week and secured this title shot ahead of Shiloh Jonze, who was going there to get one himself. Wayne said with great responsibility comes great burden. Out to the ring came Bolin Services 2.0, all of them, wanna be member Raul Lamotta included. Prince Bolin told Wayne they would gladly lighten his "burden" of both his titles, and will have title challengers lined up for him constantly, and wear him down. Bolin called the OVW Heavyweight title the last real heavyweight title left. Bolin said Rocco Bellagio would win the belt on October the 8th. Bolin said Wayne has two targets on his back now since he's holding two titles. Wayne cut a promo on Bellagio, and they had a stare down. Why didn't Bolin Services 2.0 just attack Jason Wayne? Kinda dumb, they had him outnumbered in the ring 4 to 1 here. They must not think Bellagio is ready to do promos, he's yet to talk.

Trailer Park Trash was backstage, out of breath, saying the number on his walking pedomoter was 5,400. Some guy came up to his tag team partner Jack Black, and handed Black his pedomoter. Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson, the personal trainer of TPT and Black, showed up to check on their progress. TPT's pedomoter read 5,400, while Black's read 92,000. lol Jump Squat held Black's number up to TPT as an example of what he should try to achieve. TPT left, tired and disgusted. When left alone, the 537 pound Jack Black starting eating a candy bar secretively.

4. Jamin Olivencia beat Raphael Constantine by submission

This was the first match of the TV taping. Constantine is coming off a failed bid to win the OVW TV title when Paredyse was the TV champion. The always intense Olivencia was on fire here, and threw Constantine around like a rag doll, literally like a rag doll. Constantine was taking a major pasting, when suddendly the video screens started airing the latest "Wake up" call video from Rudy Switchblade. It was yet another cryptic black and white video from Swtichblade where he said Olivencia called him a cheater, and Switchblade admitted he beat Olivencia with a low blow, but said it was a street fight, and then they showed Olivencia's own words from before that match when Olivencia said "Anything goes". Switchblade said this proves Olivencia's words are hollow, that he is a hypocrite, and that he would make Olivencia scream "I quit" in their I quit match on October 8th. Olivencia, of course, stopped beating on Constantine to watch this video, and gave it the finger when it was over. Constantine attacked Olivencia from behind and took over briefly, but Olivencia would not be denied on this night, and took right back over. Olivencia made Constantine submit by holding Constantine's head and shoulders between his legs, then pulling back on Constantine's neck in a rude fashion. Looked legit painful. The video screens again aired static, with crypic messages being uttered, when out from under the ring came Rudy Switchblade, who attacked Olivencia, and gave him an over the knee backbreaker. Switchblade then put Olivencia in a painful looking Walls of Jericho, as security came in the ring to wisk Swtichblade away. This has been a Hell of a feud between Olivencia and Switchblade, and this whole segment was easily one of the highlights of this show. Good content, and execution from everyone here. Believable hatred coming from both guys towards each other.

Randy Terrez wanted another match with Sean Casey, since Casey pestered Terrez into another match with him last week, then cheated to beat him. The series between Terrez and Casey is tied up at 2-2. Casey didn't want another match, but Terrez started shouting "Yes" at him, causing Casey to start shouting "No" back, until Terrez "tricked" Casey into shouting "Yes" by "accident". Some iffy, and I'm talking real iffy, meaning terrible, acting from Casey here. But it was so corny it was kinda funny.

5. Randy Terrez beat Sean Casey

Casey was wearing a different robe here than he was in the backstage segment right before this. Match got off to a very fast start, but the crowd was totally dead for this. Casey has a weird way of sucking the life out of crowds at times, other times not, but this was one of the times he did. Casey scored with a top rope diamond cutter. Casey later went for it again, but Terrez threw him off the second time. The match continued at a torrid pace, but the crowd remained dead. Casy side stepped Terrez' cross body finisher, and tried to win again by holding the tights, but the ref caught the infraction. At least the ref said he caught it, looked like he counted three to me, before saying he caught it. Terrez then won it with a sunset flip. Blah at best. I hope this wet firecracker of a feud is over, but I kinda doubt it is.
New addition to the OVW Diva's roster, Taeler Hendrix, was backstage, and was confronted by OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo. Seems JoJo took great offense to Hendrix coming into the locker room and putting her make up on. It appeared Hendrix had done nothing wrong, but JoJo said she wanted a match with Hendrix tonight, to beat some respect into her. One thing here, while this confrontation went on, they appeared to be nowhere close to the make up mirror, also seemed to be in a storage room or something. Glad they are adding some new blood to the Diva's roster here, Heaven knows it's sorely needed. Hendrix has been here before, last December when ROH was here to be exact. I believe she's a trainee of "Brutal" Bob Evans. Hendrix is a fairly cute redhead, but she doesn't have the WWE Diva look at all though, thank God. I would though still like to see Lady JoJo vs Izabella Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) here in a 12 to 15 minute match, just to see what they could do against each other in a longer match. They've worked extremely well with each other in short matches, that felt way too short.

Nick Dinsmore came to the ring for a match he thought would be against Mike Mondo. As I said a few weeks ago, Dinsmore has lost noticeable weight, and looks to be in the best shape he's been in for awhile. Dinsmore took the mic and said he wants Mondo now. Instead, out came the attourney/manager of Mondo, Christian Mascagni. Mascagni said he thought the Schick Dinsmore did "Up north" was all an act, but now he thinks Dinsmore may have been a simpleton all along. Mascagni said WWF instead of WWE. Mascagni said last week he told Dinsmore he could face "his client" this week. Mascagni informed Dinsmore he has far more than just one client. Mascagni said he represents some of the meanest and toughest people around, including murderers. heh Mascagni said he got a guy out of jail last night that he has here to face Dinsmore tonight, and the last time this guy got in a fight, the other guy was in a hospital for six months. Mascagni told Dinsmore to call off the match with Mike Mondo. Mascagni asked his client to come out leading to....

6. Nick Dinsmore beat Marcus Anthony

Anthony came to the ring wearing a black stocking mask, but removed it. Anthony, who I believe is out of Cincinnati, isn't especially tall, but this is a heavily, heavily muscular black guy. He's almost as muscular as Mason Ryan is now, if that gives you any idea. Just picture a combo of Ezekiel Jackon and Mr. T, sans the jewelry, and you have this guy. Anthony did appear here at the September Saturday Night Special where he carried Mohamad Ali Vaez back to the ring, and threw him in, when Vaez ran tried to run away during a lumberjack match against Michael Hayes. Here it was all Anthony as he, of course, overpowered Dinsmore early on. Dinsmore came back though, and won the match with a Diamond cutter, somewhat out of nowhere.

Tony Gunn was backstage, clutching his "Smooth" Johnny Spade inspired teddy bear. Gunn was kinda bragging, in a mentally ill way, to Shiloh Jonze about him trumping Jonze and getting a TV title shot for himself tonight. Jonze called Gunn the creepiest person he's ever met. Johnny Spade came up to Jonze, and Jonze and Spade left together. Bolin Services 2.0 then came up and Prince Bolin spoke to Tony Gunn about their interest in his match for the TV title against champion Jason Wayne tonight.

7. Taeler Hendrix beat OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo in a non title match

JoJo wanted to teach the newcomer Taeler Hendrix a violent lesson about the pecking order here in OVW, but was a victim of her own bile in the end. Interesting to note that Taryn Shay was not out with JoJo here. JoJo must have been watching what Jamin Olivencia did to Raphael Constantine earlier tonight, because like Olivencia did to Constantine, JoJo simply abused Hendrix here, and basically beat the living shit out of her. JoJo had the match easily won quickly, but picked Hendrix up. JoJo stepped on Hendrix' hair, while she slapped her and screamed at her. Hendrix managed to roll JoJo up, and get the pin, but certainly came out the worst for the wear of the two here, but I guess this means Hendrix will now get a title shot soon.

Backstage the pregnant Taryn Shay was enthusiastically talking to the daddy to be Benny Bray about all their future plans. Bray didn't look enthusiastic about it himself. Bray has seen action with just about all the ladies in OVW, and here Solo Darling stopped by to say "Hi" to Benny. Shay told Darling to move along. Chris Silvio and Mo Green came up, with Silvio hitting on Darling, but Silvio doesn't have any of the game that Bray does, and she left, disgusted with Silvio's advances. Silvio thinks since Bray is now "off the market", that he can now pick up Bray's slack as the stud of the OVW stable. It didn't work out this time around. Silvio and Green then picked on Bray for his "situation". Silvio and Green then left, so Shay resumed her fairy tale talk of how "romantic" it all is between them. Bray looked like he badly wanted to be somewhere else.

One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes came to the ring. Mohamad Ali Vaez teased a truce with Hayes, and a babyface turn, last week, but it was a ruse, with Vaez' old partner Omar Akbar attacking Hayes from behind, and Vaez then joining in. Hayes demanded that Vaez and Akbar come out now. They didn't at first, but both finally did come out to the floor. Hayes said he has a partner, and proposed a tag match against Hayes and Akbar for October 8th. Vaez said nobody is crazy enough to team up with Hayes. They had Vaez being dumb yet again here, as that line made no sense. Hayes said he has a partner. Vaez and Akbar then circled the ring menacingly to try and take Hayes out when he was alone now. But the music came up, and out came the returning to OVW Cliff Compton, aka Domino, to a pretty huge, and long, ovation. His appearance energized the crowd, that's for sure, and Compton seemed as happy to see the crowd as they were to see him. Compton said he's been all around the world, and boy has he ever, but that OVW will always be home. Compton said Hayes called him, and asked him to help him out on October 8th. Compton said Hayes was an American hero. Compton said on October the 8th, he and Hayes would beat the crap out of those "Piss colored, Sand castle building, sons of b###hes". Of course referring to Vaez and Akbar. This was easily the other highlight of the night, along with the Olivencia and Switchblade stuff.

Backstage The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), the current OVW Southern tag team champions were talking. McNaler was imploring the depressed looking Revolver to focus on the tag titles, saying they have a match at the ROH TV tapings here this Saturday. Revolver though, was focused on the OVW TV title he lost last week to Jason Wayne. McNaler at one point slapped Revolver on his bald head, ala the three stooges, in at attempt to get him to focus on the tag titles now. McNaler left, and Revolver didn't look happy with him, or anything at all. In fact, Revolver looked extremely unhappy.

6. Jason Wayne beat Tony Gunn to retain the OVW TV title

TV main event time. Only the OVW TV title was on the line here, not the OVW heavyweight title, which Jason Wayne also holds. A few weeks ago at a OVW house show in Louisville at St. Therese gym Wayne and Gunn wrestled. That night, Wayne grabbed the Gunn's beloved stuff bear, and made a half court shot basketball shot with it. A clip of it is on Youtube, it's an amazing shot by Wayne really. Gunn has faced Wayne several times, and has always given him a bit of trouble, but has never beaten him. Wayne went for his full nelson slam finisher early a few times on Gunn, but couldn't get it. Wayne grabbed the stuffed bear, which of course freaked Tony Gunn out. With both guys on the floor, Gunn shoved Wayne shoulder first to the ring post. Back in the ring, Gunn applied a cross arm breaker submission attempt, like a Payne killer, but it looked like shit. He basically just laid on Wayne's arm, and it didn't look painful at all. That's the problem with Tony Gunn, he's not much of a worker at this point, and his stuff just doesn't look crisp much of the time. Poor execution hurts him on a regular basis. Wayne came back with a one armed attack. Wayne with a running powerslam. Gunn got Wayne up on his shoulders, and hit his spinning diamond cutter finisher, which again see my comments about Gunn's stuff not looking crisp, but Wayne kicked out. In fairness to Gunn, Wayne is a real big guy to try that move with, but I've never seen Gunn do it where it looks good. Plus, this is the third guy tonight I've seen to a variation of a diamond cutter. Gunn, Nick Dinsmore, and Sean Casey. Jesus Christ guys, mix these finishers up some would ya? Gunn went for his finisher again, but Wayne cut him off, hit his full nelson finisher, and beat Gunn to retain the TV title.
The post match saw Mike Mondo and Christian Mascagni run out and attack Wayne, I guess Mondo was trying to collect the $25,000 bounty Mascagni still has out on Wayne, but Nick Dinsmore made the save. Raul Lamotta then ran out and attacked Wayne, clearly trying to collect the bounty. The rest of Bolin Services 2.0 joined in on the attack, with Rocco Bellagio, Wayne's challenger for the OVW Heavyweight title on October 8th, giving Wayne a spirited chokeslam. Bellagio then stood over the fallen Wayne. This felt too much like that last program Jason Wayne did here, with Andreas Rossi. A very similar, too similar and too soon, formula with Bellagio here. Hurt Wayne, then leave him laying. Feels, to me anyhow, like they're overdoing that.

A mix of good and bad tonight for sure, but it was cool seeing Cliff Compton again, and the October 8th Saturday Night Special is being built up pretty well, and should be a fairly interesting show. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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