CHIKARA: Win a free, autographed UltraMantis Black "High Noon" poster!

Our Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur thought he had signed Ares and UltraMantis Black to a singles contest on our first iPPV event, "High Noon"! While Ares is trying to weasel out of it, the posters for this match have come in - and we've got nothing to do with them! So, we had UltraMantis Black sign a bunch and we're giving them away to great CHIKARA fans like you! So, how can you get one of these posters?

It's easy. All you have to do is order the "High Noon" iPPV by next Friday (Oct 28th) by visiting here.

If you've never used GFL before, you'll need to make a free account using your email address - and we're going to randomly select 5 people from those email addresses we see ordering and send them autographed "High Noon" posters. You can see what the poster looks like at that link above!

So don't miss out - order early, and YOU might be getting an autographed UltraMantis Black "High Noon" poster sent right to you! They aren't available for purchase. There's no other way to get one. Order now and be in the running to win!

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