Contest: Win FREE Chikara tickets for life

We know if you see CHIKARA live, that you'll end up a committed fan of ours. And so, we want to make someone a CHIKARA fan for life in the next 7 days! One lucky person is going to win CHIKARA tickets for life. Want to get in on this? Better go here here.

The winner gets a pair of tickets to every CHIKARA live event for the rest of their lives. They will become the ambassador for the message and vision of a company committed to making pro-wrestling fun, and we'll grant them free entry to every event we ever stage. Entering this giveaway is easy and free - and one week from now, a winner will be named. (A relevant note for the winner - we are not offering to cover travel to the events. You get yourself there, we'll get you in the door, every time.)