UFC live coverage from Anaheim: Cain defends against Dos Santos; Guida looks for title shot

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First round: Rosa dropped from 260 to 205. Lucas got the takedown but Rosa right back up. Both trading punches. Rosa moving in with more punches. Lucas moved him against the fence. Two knees by Rosa and another knee. Lucas going for a takedown but getting elbowed. Rosa landed a good body kick late and both were swinging and missing as time expires. Rosa 10-9

Second round: Lucas took him down but Rosa right back up. Fight slowed. Lucas lnaded a left and Rosa right back. McCarthy docked Lucas a point for spitting out his mouthpiece twice Lucas got a late takedown and stayed on top but didn’t do any real damage. Rosa back up. Round was close, could go either way, but slightly for Rosa, so it's a 10-8 round with the penalty called making it 20-17 after two.

Third round: Both came out swinging. Rosa landing more. Lucas pushing Rosa into the fence. Back in a clinch. Lucas bleeding from the bridge of the nose. Back in a clinch. Rosa in with punches and knees from the Thai plumb. Rosa with punches and knees from the clinch. Rosa landing lefts from the clinch and now rights. Not much power but he’s at least doing something. He landed harder punches and knees. More punches and knees from close range by Rosa. Lucas tried a takedown but Rosa sprawled and got his back as time expired. Rosa’s round so should win 30-26.

Scores: 28-28, 30-26 and 30-26 for Rosa.


First round: Both wrestlers. Pierce fought Jon Fitch close in losing a decision. Pierce moved him against the fence and Bradley danced away. Bradley landed some punches. Trading low kicks. Bradley landing punches. His wrestling has been good enough to keep it standing, and Bradley even took Pierce down and is now behind him standing. Bradley cut on the hair line. Pierce back with punches as they struggle against the fence. Bradley with a knee. Trading knees. Bradley’s round close 10-9.

Second round: Both in a clinch with neither getting much of an advantage. Pierce in with punches and has him against the fence working for a takedown. Bradley was able to block the takedown. Pierce landed more punches. Bradley bleeding from the right ear. Pierce landing more. Bradley tried a takedown but didn’t get it. They are back in the clinch. Bradley in with punches. Pierce’s round so I’ve got 19-19 after two.

Third round: Both both in the clinch. Bradley tried a takedown but blocked. Piece now bleeding. The ref separated them from a clinch. Trading punches with both landing and right back in the clinch. Then trading short knees. Bradley got a takedown. Pierce throwing punches to the head and body whle Bradley held him down. Bradley bleeding from a deeper cut from the forehead. Both throwing late. Very hard round to call. I’m going Bradley 29-28 but either way the decision is fine.

Scores: 29-28 Bradley, 30-27 Pierce 29-28 Pierce. Nobody booed the decision.


First round: Caceres, better known as Bruce Leroy from TUF, was moved from 155 on the show to 135. Fans don’t like Caceres. Front kick by Caceres. He’s in with punches and another front kick. Body kick by Caceres. Trading and Escovedo landed a good shot. Spinning backfist by Caceres and now he’s moved in with a a punch. Flying knee by Caceres. Escovedo tried to take him down. Caceres landed a few punches on the ground and then got up and let Escovedo up. Cool jumping kick by Caceres that popped the crowd. Caceres threw a punch to the thigh. Caceres with punches mostly blocked and Escoedo back with a body kick. Escovedo knocked him down with a body kick and they traded. Sequence started with a kick to the groin by Caceres and Caceres apologized, ref Herb Dean went to stop the action and Escovedo shoved Dean out of the way and threw the kick. Caceres 10-9. Best round so far in the show.

Second round: Caceres in with more punches. Caceres in with more kicks and then he moved in with punches. Jumping side kick by Caceres. He threw another flashy kick but Escovedo tried to take him down but Caceres landing on top. They struggled against the fence and Caceres threw a knee. Caceres with more punches and a knee. Caceres contineud to land punches. Escovedo landed a shot behind the ear that hurt Caceres. Caceres tried a spinning back fist that missed. Push front kick by Caceres and he landed several punches. Caceres continued to land. Caceres round and 20-18.

Third round: Escovedo took Caceres down and Caceres tried a triangle from the bottom but Escovedo out of it. Now Caceres is trying an armbar from the bottom. Escovedo out of trouble. Caceres tried a couple of triangles that looked cool but none were to the head so were more show than substance. Escovedo landed a hard knee as he stood up. Series of kicks missed by Caceres before he landed the third kick in a combo right to Escovedo’s face. Escovedo threw Caceres down but Caceres still landing more. Escovedo got the takedown with 1:00 left. He got Caceres back and is working for a choke. But Caceres is out of trouble. This is an entertaining fight. Caceres landed a left and crowd gave both guys a hand. 30-27 Caceres.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Caceres.

No interviews and they are rushing the fights into the ring.


First round: Semerzier’s first move was a kick to the groin. Peralta is local and has some fans cheering for him. They are struggling against the fence. Semerizer is trying to take Peralta down with no luck. Both trading for a second before Semerzier tied him up. Semerizer knocked him down with a left and Peralta flew head over heels but he seems to be okay and was back up. Now Semerzier has him pinned against the fence. Takedown by Semerzier. Semerzier landed a few punches from the top and a kick to the thigh on his downed opponent as tome ran out. 10-9 Semerzier.

Second round: Peralta dropped Semerzier with a left and landing punches while Semerizer worked for a takedown, which he got. But Peralta right back up. High kick by Semerzier. Peralta pushed him against the fence. Side kick by Semerzier. Semerzier tried a bodylock and got Peralta to the fence. Spin kick by Peralta. Semerzier in with a series of body kicks. Close round but with the knockdown I’d go Peralta even though Semerzier did better most of the round so 19-19

Third round: Semerzier landed a low kick and Peralta a few seconds later landed a side kick. Peralta dropped him with a punch and is pounding on him. Ref Jon McCarthy stopped it even though Semerzier was at least still making attempts for a takedown. Semerzier did seem shaky but boy is he mad, throwing an ice pack down hard. It was an overhand right that did the trick. Semerzier pounded the mat like he was Randy Orton. He was still moving forward at the stoppage.


First round: Kid got a star reaction. He’s moving well, and now has Darren against the fence. Yamamoto with a hip toss put Darren on his back. Darren back up and Yamamoto threw a ore spectacular high hiptoss that the crowd popped for. Kid threw a kick and Darren used it to take him down and threw some punches on the ground.  Kid working for a switch but Darren blocked it in mid move and locked on a body triangle and has Kid’s back. He’s working for a choke. He got the choke with seconds left. It sure looked like Kid tapped at the horn, with one second left, but the ref missed it and Kid made a motion to the crowd like he really didn’t tap. People are booing him. On the replay it sure looked like a tap, it was this weak tap. Darren 10-9

Second round: Darren with a kick and then Kid dropped him with a straight left but Darren moving in for a takedown. Darren bleeding. Darren bleeding from the nose something fierce, but he took Kid down. Kid tried to escape agian and in doing so got caught in the body triangle. Darren has back control, throwing punches and again going for the choke. He’s got 1:30 left instead of seconds this time. Kid got away and Darren softening him up with punches to the side of the head and the body. Darren pounded on him the rest of the round. Darren’s round, almost a 10-8 but the knockdown prevented it, so 20-18 Darren.

Third round: Kid with a low kick and lost his footing. Kid with a takedown but it was almost like Darren pulled guard. Darren working for a triangle from the bottom. Up kick by Darren as Kid decided to get up after pulling out. No triangle was ever close. Kid with a left. Darren landed a left high kick. Kid moved Darren into the fence. He tried the same hip toss twice but Darren blocked it both times. The ref separated htem with :34 left. Kid landed a right that hurt Darren and cut his left eye. Round was close but Kid definitely lost the fight. I’d go with Darren again. 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-26 and 30-27 Darren Uyenoyama. Darren said he didn’t know if Kid tapped. Rogan said he thought he was signaling to the ref he was okay and it only looked like a tap.

The place isn't sold out but it's probably about 90% full.  They had sold about 11,000 tickets which they were happy with given the main event is on free TV.


First round: Johnson landed a couple of lefts. Both swinging. Johnson dropped him hard with a left and put him pretty much out cold with a right that followed up. Johnson then walked up to Tracy Lee and did the roar in her face. 1:34


First round: Swanson grew up in Palm Springs making him the crowd favorite. He has SoCal tattooed on his chest. Trading body kicks. Swanson kicked him square in the groin, causing a time out. Lamas got the takedown. Lamas landing solid shots including hard body shots from the top. . Swanson trying to hook a guillotine from the bottom.  In holding it, Swanson dropped down and did a DDT. Lamas powered up. Crowd went nuts and Lamas led the crowd in cheering. Lamas sat down and did a capoiera kick and then Swanson did a spin kick. Swanson bleeding from the earlier ground and pound. Swanson landing big shots an Lamas ducked for a takedown but Swanson ended up on top in side control. Swanson momentarily used a head scissors. Swanson back up. Lamas landed two good shots as time ran out. Good round. 10-9 Lamas.

Second round: Swanson missed a spin kick and went down. They had a great exchange. Lamas got a takedown. Lamas working for a side choke (arm triangle) and Swanson had to tap. Good fight. Crowd liked it a lot.

Lamas was in tears dedicating the fighjt to his grandmother who pased away, and then noted that his brother’s wife in pregnant and he just found out. He said the first round guillotine by Swanson was really close and he almost went out.


First round: Poirier moved in and landed a series of shots. Low kick and body kick by Garza. Crowd quiet for this one. Garza threw a kick and Poirier used it to throw him down and when he got up, Poirier landed punches. Body kick and Poirier tripped the other leg and Garza went down. Garza landed another body kick. Garza tackled him and Poirier tired to roll to the top and Garza grabbed the leg looking for a kneebar. Garza on the ground going for a kneebar but Poirier got out and up. Poirier landed a series of punches and is now on top. Poirier on top with hard body punches. Poirier landing punches while Garza tries to use his feet to kick him off. Poirier 10-9.

Second round: Garza missed a spinning back fist and missed a kick and went down. Poirier wanted to stay up. . Garza went for a takedown but seeemed happy to land on the ground. Crowd started booing like crazy out of nowhere here, because Michael Bisping showed up. While this was going on, the match ended and most of the crowd wasn’t watching. Poirier submitted him with a D’arce choke.


When the graphic was put on the screen, people reacted really big. They made a big mistake not putting this on Fox. But pretty much everyone knows that. Guida came out singing his song. People booing Henderson a lot. Guida superstar reaction.

First round: Guida chants right away. Low kick by Guida. Guida landed a hard right and Henderson and Guida swinging away. Henderson dropped hiim twice. Guida pushing for a takedown and Henderson kneed him in the face and throwing punches. . Guida up and pushed Henderson into the fence and going for the takedown. He can’t get it but he doesn’t stop. He’s still trying the takedown. He’s expanding so much energy and Henderson just defending against the cage. Now Henderson trying to overpower Guida after he expended so much energy. Crowd booing as they are tied up in a clinch. Knee by Henderson.  Guida going for a talkedown but Henderson blocked it with punches. Henderson threw a kick to the head that just missed that could have been curtains had it landed. Guida in with crazy punches and dropped Henderson and went for a guillotine. That’s not going to work on Henderson. But it brought the crowd to its feet. Now Henderson going for a takedown while Guida thinking Kimura. Henderson with a knee and high and missed another high kick. Crowd going crazy. Great round. 10-9 Henderson.

Second round: Knee by Henderson and Guida tried for a takedown. Henderson landed a punch. Guida got the takedown but Henderson up with a knee and took Guida down. This fight is living up to its billing and then some. Henderson controlling him with a front headlock. Guida got to his feet and Henderson is trying to take him down again. In a clinch trading knees. Henderson landed a hard knee. Henderson with a punch and shot low for a takedown.  Guida then took Henderson down. Loud "Guida" chants. Knee by Henderson in a clinch. Now Henderson wants the takedown. Now they’re out of the clinch. Guida went flying and I have no idea what happened. It looked like he was going for a flying spin kick and missed by a mile. Knee by Henderson and he tried a takedown but Guida has a guillotine. It’s tight but we know that won’t work on Henderson. Henderson out and has Guida s back. With 38 second left. He’s got the body triangle locked and punching. Horn sounded. The place just went crazy after this round. 20-18 Henderson.

Third round: Henderson threw a high kick. Guida nailed him with a hard right. Low kick by Henderson. Ax kick by Henderson. Henderson has him against the fence. Guida ran from one side of the cage to the other with a tackle but Henderson stayed on his feet. Henderson landing forearms and ducking for takedown. Knee by Henderson. Another knee by Henderson. Guida with a high kick that missed and Henderson took him down into side control. Henderson spun to his back. He’s got the body triangle on. Guida escaped and to his feet. This place went crazy. Guida took Henderson down and going for a guillotine. But that still won’t work. He still has it on. Henderson out and pounding on Guida who escaped . Henderson throwing punches. Henderson’s round. Super super fight. This is one of the biggest standing ovations I’ve seen for a fight and Guida went to Henderson and basically thanked him for the fight immediately. Henderson 30-27 but if Guida was on Fox he’d have made himself into a huge superstar with this performance. Loud Guida chants after this is over.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Henderson. There are people a lot of people booing but 85% of the crowd stood and cheered Henderson. Henderson talked about winning for Christ and asked for an Amen and got booed for that. They talked about Henderson getting a title shot. They didn’t interview Guida. Big mistake there.


Dos Santos booed, Cain cheered heavily, but that was a given in Anaheim. John McCarthy ref.

First round: Super heat at the start. Low kick by Velasquez. Front kick by Dos Santos. Velasquez tried to take him down but Junior escaped. Dos Santos dropped him and is pounding on him and it’s over. It was a right behind the ear and nine hard punches on the ground. 1:04



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