Lots of feeback to UFC on FOX

Hi Dave,

The show was a thumbs down, simply because the fight didn't deliver. Everything else (production values, fighter bios, banter between Lesnar and White, hype for 12/30 card) went really well, but in the end I watched to see a great, or at least decent fight, and that simply didn't happen. The only embarrassing moment seemed to be everyone's sudden inability to correctly pronounce Alistair Overeem's first name (Ala-star???). Although I suspect Dana intentionally mispronounced Overeem's first name so as to not embarrass or show-up Curt Menefee.

When Bruce Buffer finished announcing the fighters, it was 9:40 PM on the East Coast. Assuming the network was preparing for the possibility of a five-round, 25-minute fight, that meant that either FOX was going to run past 10:00 PM or was going to stop airing the fight in progress sometime shortly after the third round, and possibly even earlier as there was no way that FOX would suddenly go commercial-free for the last 20 minutes of the broadcast. I was under the impression the fight was live. If so, what exactly did Fox officials plan to do if the fight had went into the fourth round?


George Guida

The show sucked. I sat through a ton of hype talking about what an epic fight it would be, how the champion had no weaknesses, etc. Each video package and conversation was longer than the fight. I get that this is a real sport and these things happen but it's BS how I was promised amazing action and absolutely didn't get it. Both men were injured going in. That's great. Maybe let's change things on the fly, and maybe not lower expectations but not shoot them through the roof. The fight went a minute and the knockout wasn't that amazing. Cain looked weak... he got taken down and had time to recover and fight back but instead ducked. The punch did look forceful upon replays but not on first viewing. I sat through an hour of hype, before and after the fight, for almost nothing delivered. And this was after my friend Ryan, a student of the game, told me the Guida fight was incredible. No, this sucked ass. I was very excited for it and got almost nothing. Cain was out all this time just sitting on a title and that's how hard he fights, how long he lasts, to defend it for the first time? Why were we told he walks on water if he was just going to look like a scrub? Does it really make the UFC Heavyweight Championship look all that valuable if someone can only hold it for 64 seconds after sitting on it for more than a year? Talk about pro wrestling watering down titles. They could have done a million things to improve this, but they had a vision for the show, we knew about it beforehand, and I just knew that it wasn't going to work out and they spent the whole show leading up to the fight digging a deeper and deeper hole. This sucked. It SUCKED.

Dustin Q. Diaz


I thought I would give my thoughts on last night's show.  I watched the show w/ my wife and 2 friends.  One of the other friends is into MMA as well.  So it was a 50/50 educated group on MMA.  Between the two girls, they could name maybe 6 fighters total...and thats a BIG maybe.

I personally liked the show, I understand the point of the show and enjoyed the main stream feel that Fox gave the UFC.  I do think the importance of the event was communicated to the non educated fans to a point.  I think after the fight it was too much.  What I mean by that is that they got the brief education, then they had the fight and then after the fight they had their taste and then there was nothing.  There are two things that come to mind with this. 

1)   They blew a major chance to keep the non educated fans entertained and continued their education w/ a 3 round decision fight.


2)   They gave just enough of a taste to these non educated fans to buy next Saturday's PPV.

Obviously the latter is what the UFC would like to happen, but in reality I think #1 is what happened.  As much as the non educated fans liked the show I don't know if this will translate into future PPV buys or ratings.  If the next free fight on Fox isn't at this type of caliber then it can come across as a let down and it will be hard to draw them back for the 3rd show.

One thing I did notice is that you couldn't see the UFC logo anywhere on the octagon.  That isn't a big deal, I just thought it was weird not seeing it on the mat.  It was also very cool to hear the Fox sports them being played with the UFC videos was something awesome and made the hair on my arms stand.

Again, those are just my thoughts.

Thanks man,

Heath Pittman

As an advert for the sport to a potential new audience the UFC did a
terrible job. Yes their hands were tied by Fox to some extent but the
UFC do the same long drawn out build up to every main event. Who needs
to see Rogan & Goldberg talk about the main for 5 minutes at the
start, then 5 minutes before they walk into the ring, followed by 5
minutes of awful pre fight videos with (usually) two guys with the
charisma of a brick saying they're going to KO each other then another
10 minutes of ring intros with Rogan and Goldberg repeating the same
shit they've been saying all show? The videos K1 produced almost 20
years ago are better than this garbage. 5 minute hype video, get in
the ring, fight. There is no need to draw it out. You can only say
every fight is the biggest fight in the company's history or this is
the champions toughest opponent or other such bullshit so often before
the casual audience stop giving a shit - and they have as evidenced by
the dramatic fall in average PPV buys this year. The UFC need to take
a long hard look as how they promote fighters. The show doesn't sell
itself anymore.
M B Mehdi
Middlesbrough, England
Hi Dave,
UFC on Fox 1
Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Henderson vs. Guida
Worst Fight: Face Belly vs. Lucas
Watched the facebook steam for the prelims which was in superb quality.  The first two fights were kind of meh but the rest of the card was good.  Henderson and Guida was a solid MOTY candidate and several other undercard fights were super fun.
I got the international version of the main show so I got to see the Henderson Guida fight again and upon second viewing it was still great.
Patrick McHugh

Thumbs, yet again, DOWN.
Best fight: Alvarado-Prescott
Worst fight: Bradley-Casamayor
KO: Alvarado
First fight was good. Prescott was doing a paint job on Alvarado but Alvarado rallied to stop him with a minute left in the fight.
Then they insult our intelligence yet again feeding the 40 year old Casamayor to the hype Bradley, who takes way too long to stop him, even with his feather fists.
As far as the main all I can say is boxing was cleaner when the fucking Mafia was running it. Marquez did a paint job on Manny. He trained up to the weight the right way this time and he just has his number. I had it 117-111, 9 rounds to 3. I thought they had blown the Billion Dollar Gate till they announced the first card as a draw and I knew the fix was in. Boxing embarrasses itself again.
Thumbs in the middle. Two great fights, two stinkers.
Best fight: Lima-Saunders & Bezerra-Evans
Worst fight: Hollett-Hawk
KO: Lima
Sub: Bezerra
Bezerra had a thrilling come from behind win over Evans, snatching an ankle lock out of nowhere when he was on his back with his eye all messed up and looking ready for the cleaners.
Hawk-Hollett was just a dull, ineffective fight.
In the MW finals, Shlemenko and Vianna's styles just clashed and made for a bad kickboxing match, with neither effective. Shlemeko dominated the flow of the fight to win.
Saunders and Lima saved the card from being a stinker. Saunders was working effectively and dominating position when Lima uncorked another one punch KO in the 2nd to take the WW tourney. Hopefully he will be able to do the same to Boring Ben Askren, who apparently will lose a decision about the same time Pacquiao does.
Thumbs... on balance, middle. But the good fights were WAY good.
The good fights: Lamas-Swanson and obviously the Fight of the Year to date, Bendo vs. Guida
Worst fight: Rosa vs. Lucas. Lucas stunk out the joint.
KO: Damarques and obviosuly Junior but Damarques if I had to pick one. It was a cleaner punch.
Sub: Lamas
Would make the obvious comment on the stupidity of the programming. Should have been a no brainer to put Bendo vs. Guida, which to anybody who knows anything figured to be both a barnburner AND a fight likely to get in three full rounds, on TV. Especially with the always present danger of a quick finish in a JDS fight. If that fight had been on TV, MMA would have a whole buncha new fans right now. As is, I can see new people looking at the Cain-Junior fight and going 'eh.'
Anyway, Rosa was clearly at his right weight, rather than fat as a hog at HW like he was with Beltran, but the other guy choked badly and the fight stunk. How the one judge had it 28-28 is up there with the judging from the boxing.
Pierce-Bradley was entertaining when they boxed but died when they clinched, so it was a half good fight. Pierce clearly dominated enough to win. Bradley packing too much muscle.
Bruce Leroy drops to 135 and comes into his own with a flawless three round paint job on the very competent Cole Escovedo. Outstanding performance both standing and on the ground.
Peralta vs. Mack was a terrific fight marred by a bullshit finish. Mack was dominating when Peralta dropped him with what the replay showed to be an accidental headbutt, and pounded till the fight was stopped. It SHOULD have gone to the cards, but Peralta was awarded the TKO. McCarthy also made the identical bad call on a card in the DR last week.
Darren U completely dominated Kid Yamamoto for three rounds for an unarguable UD. The game passed Kid by on that long layoff he had, he slowed down and never got it back, simple as that.
Damarques came out like he knew he would end the fight as soon as he landed a punch and that's what happened. He sorta got away with holding the fence for leverage on the followup punches but didn't matter, it was over. Clay maybe needs to look into another line of work.
Lamas-Swanson was great, would have been FotN any other night, with all component skills of MMA on display. Swanson showed no ring rust from the year off and was driving Lamas nuts, but Lamas stayed steady and when he got the opening for the arm triangle did not let it go to waste.
Poirier-Garza was very good also, if not AS good, with Poirier wading through Garza's reach and unorthodoxy to land the cleaner shots and zero in on the D'Arce choke. Poirier is no fluke and at only 22 has a huge upside.
Bendo and Guida, what can you say. One of the best fights of all time, with both guys going for everything from the opening bell and using everything in their arsenals and keeping the pedal to the floor for three full rounds. Wish it had been a 5. Guida has become a finisher of late but Ben just will not be finished and may be the best all round fighter in MMA. Whatever Dana says in public he must be kicking himself in the ass for letting the FOX suits talk him into keeping this fight off TV, and he should be. 
The main show, eh. Too much babbling and slick corporate bullshit and I can't believe that was a better way to attract new fans than UFC's usual presentation. Dana was nervous as shit which was kind of funny to see. The rehearsed interchanges between him and Brock were Amateur Night In Dixie and embarrassing. The fight itself, there's not much to say, Cain did seem sluggish and did pretty much roll over and quit when Junior was pounding on him, but if Junior landed that shot on a healthy building, the building would have come down.
Crimson Mask

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