And more UFC on FOX feedback

Dear Dave;

I really can't think of a worst way to showcase the UFC.  This is really my first taste of big time UFC as I've only caught some low end Spike Specials.  I didn't like the fact that it took 40 minutes to get to the fight, I was not impressed by the 1 minute fight, and I'm even less excited about watching another UFC event.  Dana White was to smart for his own good for this event.  They should have started the match much sooner, and had a backup plan since there is always a chance of a flash knock-out.  Perhaps if I actually saw a fight instead of a punch I would be more interested in future UFC Events.

Major Thumbs down.

Ryan Norcross

from Houston

I don't think the UFC won itself too many new fans tonight, though I don't think there were too many people turned off either. But they spent a good half-hour building up the fight and it's over in a minute. Before you can even figure out what's going on, we have a new champion. The UFC didn't really get a chance to show itself off at all. If Fox was willing, and had they started the fight earlier, maybe they could have squeezed in the Guida-Henderson fight before going off the air.

I give UFC Velasquez vs. Dos Santos a thumbs up.
Great show from top to bottom.  Quite the main event.  I thought going in that Velasquez would win but I don't see this as a huge upset.
Best match:  Henderson vs. Guida.  This match was really good and Fox missed out by not airing it.  Roger's Sportsnet on the other hand did, so I got to watch this gem twice.  Really good match and it was close in some aspects, but Henderson got the edge in all of the rounds.  Would have loved to see it go five rounds. 
Worst match:  Rosa vs. Lucas. 
Cacares vs. Escovedo was a good fight as well with Cacares showing that he's a legit fighter behind all showing off that he did on the show.  Yamamoto had another disappointing performance with his fight against Uyenoyama whose ground game was too much for him.
Swanson/Lamas was another good fight and the rest of the card had some nice finishes.
I think that Fox really dropped the ball with this broadcast.  They obviously don't understand the audience they're aiming for.  I don't get why they wouldn't want most of these fights on their show and making people wait so long for the main event after such an exciting fight is a little counterproductive as well.  The post match stuff was ok but before the main even it was very long and drawn out.

Jason McNeil

UFC on FOX epic fail. All Bullshit talking and one minute of action. Garbage. Why worked entertainment will always be better. Dana White should flush his bald head down the toilet.

Mike Malasev

Just tweeted Dana White that I needed to go smoke a cigarette after that.  The exchange
in the last 90 seconds, the car wreck and all that followed, had me SCREAMING at my
computer.  Haven't done that since Couture-Sylvia.

Mike DeGeorge

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