How to download audio content to iTunes, Downcast, etc.

***Before you begin, please read the following!***

1) You can not directly download podcasts solely via your iPhone, Droid, flip phone, etc. You must do it through iTunes, etc. and sync with your phone.

Many listeners use Downcast as a way to manage the audio on our site without having to use iTunes. However, we cannot answer technical questions about Downcast as it's not our product. For help, we suggest going to The Board and searching for 'Downcast' in the threads.

3) Google has made it frustratingly impossible to easily subscribe via their RSS reader into iTunes. We suggest Firefox or Safari. If you're a Windows user, scroll down for a special note.

***Alright, ready?****

1) First, choose the feed below that you want to subscribe to.

All Shows 

Separate shows:

Wrestling Observer Radio

After Dark Radio

Five Star Radio w/Mike Coughlin

Figure Four Daily

Wrestling Weekly

Adam & Mike Show

Bryan & Vinny Show

Karl Stern Show

Dr. Keith Presents with Alan 4L

Tough Talk 

2) Copy/paste that feed in a browser. You'll see a RSS page and the option to Subscribe Now, along with the option to pick the application. Choose iTunes and click 'Subscribe Now'. (Got Chrome? See below.)

iTunes will open and immediately begin downloading the latest episode. Note that you will be asked to enter your WO/FFD login credentials.

3) Listen & enjoy!

***A note for Windows users:

For iTunes on Windows, press Alt, then click File and then "Subscribe to Podcast". Note that File doesn't appear until you press the Alt key.