Nov. 17 Figure Four Daily with Dr. Lucha Steve Sims: New Mistico? CMLL and AAA back on TV, massively weird Hector Garza situation, WWE tryouts, questions, tons more!

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and DR. LUCHA STEVE SIMS~! returns today to talk, you guessed it, LUCHA LIBRE! Tons to discuss including the massively weird situation with Hector Garza, whether or not CMLL introduced a new Mistico, CMLL and AAA getting TV back, a bunch of hardcore lucha fan questions, and so much more. A great show as always with Dr. Steve so check it out~!

Long-term, what are your thoughts on Lucha Underground?


What did you think of Wednesday's Ultimate Fighter TV show?


What did you think of TNA Impact?


What did you think of Lucha Underground last night?