WSU iPPV report 11-19

By Joe Babinsack

Women Superstars Uncensored Breaking the Barriers 2 iPPV Results
I’ve been looking forward to the WSU Wargames for some time now, and WSU played up the match big time with video packages and video violence on display.
WSU Tag Title Match
Jetta & Rain (The International Home Wrecking Crew) vs Champions The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus)
Even without Lacey, the IHWC is an awesome gimmick, as is The Boston Shore (wow, maybe someone could come up with a Jersey Shore tie in that works?). Rain’s been around WSU for a while, but Jetta … not so much.
Pretty solid match between two great teams. Lexxus sells much for a long time. Kind of a weird dynamic with the IHWC natural heels, as are the Boston gals. Rain starts getting control, but things turn around, and then we have internet problems.
We know The Boston Shore wins, but it’s not exactly satisfying, yet a solid opener, which is apparently mostly because Lexxus is doing double duty.
Loser Leaves Town Match
Jennifer Cruz vs Niya
Cruz is a classic heel, a fireplug, and with an attitude to boot. Niya is the cute babyface, as if that’s not redundant. Heel vs face stuff, with stalling by Cruz, and a surprising dive by Niya.
Cruz with the power moves and the posing.
Niya pulls out a lot of babyface spots, but Cruz seems to dominate, even though she’s doing every heel tactic that signals a loss.
Niya from the top, but it’s the old heel roll-through for the pin. Perhaps Niya is moving on to other endeavors, so I wish her luck. Jennifer Cruz is moving on to …. April Hunter, who engages in a word battle after Cruz’s open challenge.
It’s so 60 days ago Kevin Nash, but with both sides getting their digs in on levels I would not expect.
And surprisingly, J-Cruz doing double duty tonight!
Jennifer Cruz vs April Hunter
Cruz goes down to the mat, but comes back with bullying. Hunter with suplex after suplex like she’s Eddie G. or Taz, which is really interesting. Cruz heels and works the leg. We get more action, and then surprisingly Cruz taps out…. Well, it’s the submission itself, as well as a rushed build to this match that are both surprising.
Jessicka Havok wins the all-important War Games coin toss, channeling JJ Dillon or getting unacknowledged advise on probability from the Horsemen legend.
April Hunter, in the ring, sets some more challenges, but doesn’t start another match.
Promos and War Games rules follow.
NYWC Starlet Championship Match
Violet vs Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks vs Gabby Gilbert vs Champion Nikki Syx
Apparently Monique & Barbie couldn’t make it, so it’s not a sensational six-way.
Gilbert squares off with Violet, and the more I think of it, this is mostly a NYWC event, with Bonesaw thrown in the mix. Bonesaw taking on Syx (and wow, what a name that is on a few levels) outside the ring.
Gilbert disposes of Violet quickly with a Samoan Drop.
Nikki rushes in after driving Bonesaw into the guardrail. The remaining NYWC gals go at it, and both are down, and Bonesaw in to try covers. Bonesaw & Gabby double team. (Trivia: I was once nicknamed “gabby”, but it’s a long story).
Six takes a breather, to instigate the two to fight. Bonesaw showing some power, knocks Gilbert down, but can’t lock the armbar. She does deliver on the running knee. Gilbert shows some chain wrestling, kicking out and kicking in a crossface.
Bonesaw taps!
Syx comes in but takes a few hits, then turns it around. She can’t get the pin yet. Slams galore, but the dive from the top crashes. Gilbert follows with a middling crash. Gilbert showing a lot of promise, but it’s the heel rolling her up for the surprising pin, sold well by Double -G.
#1 Contenders Tag Team Match
Soul Sisters (Latasha & Jana) vs The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio)
I thought The Belle Saints were done?
Not a bad match at all, but it just seemed like I’ve seen this storyline play out a few times. Jana continues to be built up as having an unbreakable submission, and she does get it locked on after the expected dissension.
Post match talk, and it’s all about the WWE.
Uhm…. Ok. Nice for storyline, but we’re treading close to TNA levels. But in a roster where I can target several ladies who have great talent, and several ladies who have great ….assets, it’s interesting to put Tina San Antonio on the WWE’s contract negotiation list.
I’m just saying.
The breakup is on, with Tina attacking Marti.
Rick Cataldo vs Becky Bayless
I’m not sure what’s worse, Bayless acknowledging her stint in TNA, or having to talk about Cataldo watching gay porn. I’m just saying.
It’s a slap fest.
Cataldo breaks a nail. Bayless with an Oklahoma roll!!!
Near fall. Weird action after a run to the corner, involving a weird angle on the traditional (but not in a decade) bashing the opponent’s head into the turnbuckle spot.
Becky Bayless with a neckbreaker and the pin.
Amy F’N Lee out, with “Dr. Boots”. Melina was to wrestle Serena, but Serena is out with an injury – well, multiple concussions are a serious injury and it’s great that WSU is educating the fans on that one.
They play up the match for down the line, but Melina must wrestle someone, and it’s Lexxus. (Explaining why the Tag Champs were in the opener!)
Lexxus vs Melina
Melina has more power, but c’mon, we expect that. Back and forth action, with Lexxus talking trash often. They go to the apron, which could be considered a sexist reference, so I’ll be careful. Melina gets her head bashed on the edge of the ring.
Lexxus applies a Camel Clutch!
Melina back out, tries a backslide. Nothing there with the WSU wrestling talent. Hair flips! Melina pulls out a drop-kick, a spinning heel kick and a drop toe hold. Melina – you’re not in Stamford anymore!
Melina breaking out the action, and gets a running double-knees, and a snap-mare. Lexxus tries a comeback, and Amber comes out to get the advantage for her tag partner, but Serena is there, from the announcer’s table, to even things up.
They trade finishers, but Melina ends up on top.
Post match chases to set up tags down the road.
We see fan predictions and we see the Midwest Militia. The Sassy One is looking great in green. Havok says someone will be killed, and it is definitely ominous.
Backstage interviews of interest, with the Soul Sisters, and an interesting angle with Lexxus taking out Serena.
We then get a War Games recap and history. We then get Tina San Antonio talking up the Belle Saints split. While setting up the cage, we get Team WSU (Mercedes Martinez, Alicia, Britney Savage)
March 3rd is the next big event.
Wargames is up!
Team Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, Sassy Stephanie) vs Team WSU (Mercedes Martinez, Alicia, Britney Savage)
Amy Lee is guest referee, and “Dr. Boots” is at ringside.
Mercedes and Stephanie start it off, and it goes crazy. They start a bit slow, but Martinez is on top, but down when Kay comes in. It’s typically Wargames stuff, with the back and forth.
Britney Savage in 4th.
Then Havok, then Alicia.
It was a crazy match, and the details are best left for the replay. The iPPV froze up a bit towards the middle, but not bad. The Camera work was a bit shaky, when not on the wide shot. The Cage was a bit indy looking, but the action was strong.
They did go over the top, bringing in a machete at about the midpoint, and it played into the finish. The language was very strong and the machete was too over the top, but it played reasonably well into the finish, where eventually Savage verbally quit.
I won’t say I was disappointed, but I thought they over did it on a few levels. Sure, Mercedes looks strong, and the Midwest Militia is the heel faction of note, but that whole handcuffs and machete thing played out way too crazy.
Look for the replay on Go Fight Live.
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