WWE Universe '12 Custom Creations Online Custom Pack -- yes, you can put Dave and Bryan in the game

WWE Universe '12 - Community Creations Online - Custom Pack #1

* Exclusive to F4WOnline.com *

by AbilityLiving

So you just picked up WWE '12 and want the customization to rock your tree. That's where this column comes in. On a regular basis, I hope to encourage you to create Miz-level awesomeness with these newly created characters and storylines for use in THQ's incredible new title for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. Please note, these characters have been created for use using PlayStation 3 with the added WWE Online Axxess pass available in WWE Shop for an extra $10.99.

Now barring any server downtime errors and minor glitches afflicting WWE '12, these characters have been uploaded and are all now available in the Community Creations section online. These Community Creations are available under username AbilityLiving. Use the keywords below to search for these new additions to your rosters. I leave finishers and move selection up to you. Please note, the first few days of release of this game have obviously overwhelmed THQ servers as Community Creations is intermittent at best right now.

Enjoy Custom Pack #1 from f4wonline.com...


- Interesting to note that 'Tazz' with the double z is a banned keyword on THQ servers. The original Tazmaniac is key to storylines involving ECW or backstage anything involving an Impact Wrestling invasion. Plus if you ever want to bring the original Red Hook submission machine back to WWE in a commentating role or as backstage host, three different ring attires are provided. Towel, orange shades and bad-azz black suit included.

Keywords: TAZ, ECW, TNA

Mike Tenay

- It's the King Of The Stick, Mike Tenay. Three attires are included, a sporty Mike Tenay in athletic gear should he ever be required to wrestle in your created leagues, in addition to a classic styled tuxedo if he gets the call in the announce booth. "The Professor" as he is sometimes known is key to any Impact Wrestling involvement with your Custom Creations.

Keywords: TNA, WCW, Impact

Eric Bischoff

- You just cant have reality without Eric Bischoff involved. Some have already created very good Hollywood Hogan Custom Superstars and where Hogan goes, so too does the master of original New World Order angle - Uncle Eric the ATM. In this Creation, Bischoff sports both his black belt karate gear and cool-guy suit jacket minus tie. A must for backstage segments.

Keywords: WCW, Impact, NWO

Dave Meltzer

- Had to decide between classic Meltzer with Von Erich-era hair or a Google Image screen capture with a modern hairstyle. You decide if this approximates the right look for the master of the five-star ranking system. Designed for anyone who has ever thought of electing Dave as head booker or General Manager of Monday Night Raw. I expect this to top the charts as most downloaded Community Creation ever, but don't blame me if nostril height isn't perfect! Styled with custom-made warm-up suit in case you drag Meltzer in the ring and a suit befitting the San Jose lifestyle for booking meetings.

Keywords: Observer, GM, Manager

Bryan Alvarez

- Even in a video game, I never want to have to dress my favorite wrestling journalists again. Here is a first attempt at the pride of Tulalip Championship Wrestling. Although in this case, Bryan is assigned to the NXT roster. Can't wait to see if he's next in line to get married on that never-ending show. Dressed in classic cowboy hat for backstage moments and simple ring attire for Cruiserweight battles. Yes, fantasy booking can get weird.

Keywords: F4W, Observer, Manager


Feel free to request any new Community Creations by emailing me - abilityliving at hotmail dot com

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