WWE Universe '12 Custom Creations Online Custom Pack #2 - NWA, Greensboro Coliseum, Chyna, Rock And Roll Express

By AbilityLiving

* Exclusive to F4WOnline.com *

Note: This column is based upon fantasy booking in WWE '12 from THQ. Custom Superstars were designed here using a PlayStation 3 and the Online Axxess pack for $10.99.

So the servers are back online mostly and uploading and downloading Custom Superstars has been much easier without consistent drops. It's not perfect yet and updating the Custom Superstars with each new edit is spotty.

The following are beta releases. They are intended as first versions. Some of these Custom Superstars are ongoing works in progress and will be consistently updated. Some out there will still want to tweak. By all means, this saved starter content is unlocked and ready for further editing if you feel like spending hours on precision pixels. It takes days, sometimes weeks to make good Custom Superstars and if you're anything like me, these starter packs will get you on your way. The purpose of this column is to get the conversation started and improve WWE '12 to the point where we can discuss all things related to Custom Superstar design. If you are an expert Superstar or Storyline designer, feel free to contact me to be featured in this column. At this point the goal is to get entire classic rosters online for maximum fantasy booking enjoyment and to feature your comments or creations here. The fun of classic Create-A-Wrestler is sharing really good work so I hope to highlight others here as well.

Enjoy Custom Pack #2 from f4wonline.com....

NWA Logo v1.0

- Because I know you always wanted to run the Merch table in an era when Merch was in its infancy. Now you can slap an original NWA logo on anything and everything you can think of in WWE '12. Need a Shockmaster t-shirt? Of course you do. Bottom line is this logo is spot-on which says a lot given the basic design of the in-game graphics creator. Somehow I pulled off an authentic National Wrestling Alliance from circa 1989.

Keywords: NWA, WCW, Classic

NWA TV Taping Arena v1.0

- Enjoy this this classic Custom Arena modeled after the historic Greensboro Coliseum. I promise you will long for the bygone days of the Black Scorpion and Barry Windham as Sting. This arena helps when running a transitional storyline between NWA and WCW eras. Get right what the bookers couldn't when Ted Turner finally rebranded the company World Championship Wrestling.

Keywords: NWA, WCW, Classic

DX Chyna v1.0

- So I'm the fantasy booker in this column and I always wanted to see a return to WWE for the dominating Chyna. Her shout out to Vince on Howard Stern was enough for me to return her to the game. Just keep her away from any backstage segments involving Stephanie McMahon.

Keywords: DX, Chyna, Legend

Ricky Morton v1.0 and Robert Gibson v1.0 (The Rock and Roll Express)

- Once you start down a path in Custom Superstar design, sometimes the creation of one hero can lead to many more roads. Classic NWA battles can't be waged in WWE '12 without two Apter-Mag era legends like the Rock N' Roll Express.

Keywords: NWA, WCW, Smoky Mountain

Jim Cornette v1.0

- Black socks and running shoes? Of course, that's what Mama's Boy James E. Cornette wears in a WWE '12 ring. Let's see what happens when we throw Jim Cornette in the ring with Vince McMahon. Better yet, download a Ring of Honor arena and let Corny run the show there.

Keywords: WCW, ROH, NWA


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Notes from last week: Bryan Alvarez' hair has been updated but still looks unruly. There is no dynamite solution for his hair so went with curly/unruly rather then pony tail. Does anyone have a storyline or Custom Arena they want featured here? If you have improvements or other designs to include on Custom Packs than please share them. Contact me at AbilityLiving at hotmail dot com for comments or to have your Custom Creations featured in this space. Hope to feature storylines next week. Good luck and have fun.

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