OVW Saturday Night Special report 12-3 Louisville

     Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Saturday Night Special live show report for December 3rd, 2011 from the Davis arena in Louisville, Kentucky. This was not a major Saturday Night Special to close out the year for OVW, but it was a fairly fun show, and it got good crowd reactions, especially during the first half of the show. The attendance was a bit over 100. Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers, and Hed joined Hill and Bolin on commentary for the second half of the show. Stacey Cornette was in attendance tonight.

The show opened with a cool video airing on the screens for the Rudy Switchblade defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Randy Terrez main event tonight. It had questions on it like "How far will a man go to stay champion"? "How far will a man go for revenge"? "How far is too far"? It was very well done.

1. Raul Lamotta won a battle royal

The show opened with a 7 man battle royal, with the winner getting a shot at his choice of any OVW title at the December 13th house show at St. Therese gym in Louisville. It was all jobbers in the match except Lamotta, so he was the easy pick to win it, and win it he did, to a big pop.

The crowd had fun picking on Kenny Bolin, to the point that Bolin walked out and left briefly, but came back.

2. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Joe Coleman

The match went back and forth for awhile, with the rookie Coleman getting periods of offense in on Vaez. Coleman went for a Northern lights suplex, but couldn't get it, and Vaez then hit Coleman with his running neckbreaker finisher to win it. Crowd was into this match.

3. Benny Bray & The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Chris Silvio, Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay in a six person tag

No Mo Green tonight, so Chris Silvio did the ring introductions for him, and his team. Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay were both wearing tie dye to match Silvio's outfit. The rules here were females vs females and males vs males only, but nobody followed the rules here. Silvio attacked Bray to start it off, with JoJo and Shay getting cheap shots in on Bray as well. The match basically started with Bray taking the heat. Bray back with a throw on Silvio, after catching him coming off the top rope. As Bray and Silvio fought on the floor, the girls chased each other around out there. The Blossom Twins with a double spear in the ring on JoJo and Shay. The Blossom twins double teamed on Lady JoJo. It didn't seem to matter at all who was legal here. Bray with a spinebuster on Silvio, but Shay made the save, and then slapped Bray. Silvio clipped the leg of Bray before he could hit Taryn Shay. Both Blossom Twins in stomping on Chris Silvio. Silvio caught one Blossom Twin, but the other hit her sister in the back with a dropkick off the ropes to take Silvio down. One of the Blossom Twins ended up pinning Lady JoJo to win it. This match was totally out of control, but it was kinda fun.

4. Paredyse & Michael Hayes beat Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin by count out

This match was added to the show on late notice today. The turned the house lights down, and Paredyse came out wrapped in Christmas lights, and wearing a pink Santa hat. It was quite a sight. One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes came out on one leg here, as he didn't have his fake leg with him. Paredyse said he had a present for Hayes, which ended up being Hayes' fake leg wrapped up in paper with a bow on it. Paredyse slapped Moose Thomas on his big butt a few times early. Bellagio came in and took over on Michael Hayes. Paredyse used his butt to the head of Bellagio. Hayes in with a cobra clutch sleeper on Bellagio, but Thomas broke that up with his Moose kick. Hayes then took the heat. Paredyse back in running wild on Bellagio. Bellagio back with a spinebuster on Paredyse. Raul Lamotta, the major pain in the rear end for Bolin Services 2.0 nowadays, came out to the floor. Moose and Bellagio went after Lamotta, and chased him backstage as a camera followed. Lamotta outsmarted those meat heads again, locking both Moose and Bellagio in a room, so they were counted out, losing the match to Paredyse and Hayes as a result. Lamotta came back out and held the arms of Prince Bolin behind him in the corner as Paredyse gave The Prince a Bronco buster, and then Paredyse kissed Prince Bolin on the mouth.

Next came an intermission, that had WAY too much shilling from the highly annoying pitchman Terry, which Trailer Park Trash fully approved of, and was encouraging. It was to the point that it sucked some of the life out of the crowd for the second half of the show. People around me were commenting on how over the top annoying this crap was. It was like it was never going to stop. Come on OVW, move that shilling dreck back down from kill to stun will ya? This was ridiculous. Felt like I was at a Bert Prentice show or something.

The aired a backstage video of the mentally ill Tony Gunn talking to his tag team partner for tonight, Sean Casey. Casey had agreed to team with Gunn tonight several weeks ago because Gunn paid him off. Here Gunn, along with his beloved stuffed bear Ralphie, gave Casey his grandfathers old watch, and Gunn talked about how he and Casey can play online video games all day with each other. Casey had heard enough of the smothering Tony Gunn, and walked out on being his partner tonight. James Onno was standing there, and Gunn offered Onno the gold watch. Onno had nothing else going on, like usual for him, and agreed to team with Tony Gunn tonight.

5. Lennox Norris beat Raphael Constantine

Norris and Constantine were supposed to be partners at the November Saturday Night Special, and go for the tag titles against The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), but Norris claimed Constantine had car trouble then and couldn't make it, so he was allowed to pick a different partner instead, which he did in James "Moose" Thomas, but Norris and Thomas lost to the Elite. It then was revealed that Norris was lying, Constantine never had any car trouble, and he just said that because he thought Constantine was a weak partner, which is why Constantine wanted to wrestle Norris tonight. You got all of that?
Heel vs heel here, as Constantine totally dominated the action early. Norris took a goofy, and totally fakey looking, bump over the top rope. Yeesh. Constantine nailed a beautiful and perfect looking top rope crossbody to Norris, who was on the floor. Soon as both guys got back in the ring though, Norris got the win with his feet on the ropes. Constantine was very upset after the match for losing it.

6. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) and Tony Gunn & James Onno in a three way tag to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

What a mish mash this match was. The Elite were the champions going into this match, but once again aren't getting along at all. In fact, they were only in this match because Ted McNaler added them to it at the Wednesday night TV taping to punish the naughty Adam Revolver. This was the first time Tony Gunn and Johnny Spade were in the ring together in a match, after Gunn had been stalking Spade for months here. Spade with some wicked kicks on McNaler early. Tony Gunn wanted no part of Johnny Spade. Spade with big chops on Adam Revolver. Spade lost Revolver on a sling shot suplex attempt, which looked bad. As the ref was distracted by the Elite arguing on the floor, Tony Gunn pitched Shiloh Jonze over the top rope. Spade and Gunn finally squared off, with Spade giving Gunn a powerslam and then a superkick. Revolver in with his Russian leg sweep finisher on Spade, but Jonze made the save. As Onno held Spade's arms behind him, Tony Gunn put Ralphie the stuffed bear in Spade's face, but then stopped. Onno became frustrated with Gunn, threw the bear aside, and walked out on Gunn, and the match. Revolver tried to pin Spade with his feet on the ropes, but Revolver's own partner, Ted McNaler, stopped Revolver from winning in that fashion. The Elite in a heated argument on the floor. Much confusion abounded. Jonze in with a lung blower on Gunn, then he placed Ralphie the bear on Gunns chest. Spade with a Swanton on Gunn, and Ralphie, to win the match and the OVW Southern Tag team titles. Whew. Quite the convoluted match. Adam Revolver is still the OVW TV champion, and he defends that title against his partner, Ted McNaler, at this coming Wednesday's TV taping.

7. Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni beat Randy Terrez to retain the OVW Heavyweight title

Main event time. They aired the video that opened the show again. Jason Wayne was the special referee here, and wore a refs shirt that had the sleeves cut out. Christian Mascagni told Wayne before the match he met with the OVW Board of directors all day, and if Wayne doesn't call this right down the middle, the BOD said Wayne will be suspended. Switchblade had Wayne adjust the tension on the ropes before the match. Match was fast paced early. Switchblade and Terrez exchanged big chops. Both guys fought on the floor. Switchblade used ring announcer Brittany DeVore as a human shield, which freaked her out. Terrez kept up the fast pace. Switchblade with a back suplex on Terrez. Terrez back with some Lucha moves, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Switchblade. Terrez with a Northern light suplex on Switchblade. With both guys fighting on the apron, Terrez gave Switchblade a 'rana, sending him to the guardrail, which looked scary sloppy. Back in the ring Terrez started feeling it with his over the knee neckbreaker, his running kidney punch, and then his forward Samoan drop on Switchblade. Terrez went up for his Thrill Kill twisting corkscrew moonsault finisher, but Christian Mascagni interfered. Switchblade then threw Terrez off the top, with Terrez landing face first on the mat. Ouch. Switchblade went for his "Wake up call" Boston crab finisher, but Terrez kicked Switchblade into Jason Wayne, who didn't go down. Switchblade went for the Wake up call again, and cinched it in, but Terrez wouldn't tap. Jason Wayne finally got fed up with the interfering Christian Mascagni, and ejected him, which got a good pop. Switchblade threw Terrez over the top rope, but Terrez' head got caught between the top and second rope, ala Mick Foley. Switchblade went for his Frog Splash finisher, but Terrez moved. The pesky Christian Mascagni snuck back out with a chair, and tried to hit Jason Wayne with it. Wayne went to the floor, put Mascagni on his shoulders, and carried him out the side door and deposited him in the parking lot. Meanwhile in the ring, Switchblade gave Terrez a hard chair shot to the head. Jason Wayne came back to the ring, and by his facials he made it clear he knew Switchblade had pulled some stunt, but made the count anyhow, which won Switchblade the match, and let him retain the OVW title. This went around 16 minutes, and this show was over by 9:45. This wasn't the best match Rudy Switchblade and Randy Terrez have had together, but it was fine and was a pretty action packed main event. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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