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Thumbs up
Best fight: Peterson vs. Khan
Worst fight: none
KO: Mitchell
Only saw these two fights. Ex football player Seth Mitchell impressive in stopping Ibragimov @ HW. Seems more comfortable in the ring and puts his punches together much better than the other converted football players I've seen.
The main was a very good, crisp fight. but I don't see the 'controversy'. Peterson gave Khan a boxing lesson, period, end of story. News flash, it's about LANDING punches, and BODY SHOTS COUNT. I agree the ref was awful but since he gave Khan a KD he didn't deserve and took away two points that he probably did deserve, it didn't affect the scores, as two points equal two points in the math I know. The only thing wrong with the decision was that it was way too close.
M-1 30
Thumbs up, good little card with all clean finishes and 4 out 5 by sub
Best fight: Enamoto-Zavurov
Worst fight: nothing really sucked. Even the squashes had competitive moments.
KO: Damkovsky
Sub: Enamoto
Bao Quatch back after a long layoff and was pushed by late sub Alvin Cacdac till catching a triangle/arm bar late in the 1st in a very good fight.
Tyson Jeffries likewise had all he could handle from Eddie Arizmendi before latching onto a D'Arce choke in the 2nd FTW.
Alexander Sarnavsky quickly dispatched late sub Sergio Cortez with a RNC, but Cortez at least made Sarnavsky aware he was there.
Arteim Dankovsky avenged a loss to Jose Figuroa by knocking him cold with a Superman Punch in short order. Figueroa has now been put to sleep twice in a row and might want to consider other career options.
In the main, Yasubey Enamoto also avenged a previous loss for the vacant title and took the strap from Shamil Zavirov, both fights being outstanding. Enamoto has great striking and subs and Zavirov is a heavy handed Sambo/wrestler, which is a good combo for good fights. First time around Zavirov operated under the assumption that Enooto was no good on the ground and got quite a shock, but managed to keep him grounded enough to win the decision. This time it was more wide open, with Enomoto establishing a slight edge going into the 5th but maybe could have ended it in the 4th, as Zavirov was the more gassed, but Enamoto left no doubr by securing the sub in the 5th. Both guys were gassed but it was the 5th round, not the 2nd like in another recent fight I could mention that people think was great. Very good fight.
Thumbs in the middle. Kinda dubious about this card.
Best fight: eh
Worst fight: Winner-Gonzalez & Perez-McVeigh
KO: Wallhead or Manuwa, if they were legit
Sub: none
Perez dominated McVeigh enough to take a dull decision over the Englishman in England in the opener.
UFC reject Winner was just a league above journeyman Gonzalez but didn't come close to finishing him. Had to laugh @ Schillavello bleating about how Winner 'didn't look like the same fighter' as in UFC. Uh, yeah, Einstein, inferior opposition will have that effect.
Wallhead scored a suspicious quick KO over Joey Villasenor, who has performed much better vs. much better fighters than Wallhead.
Manuwa scored a good looking HK KO over Rea in the main.
I notcied a poll on this site that had people calling this a bigger card than the UFC? Who the fuck are they trying to kid?
UFC 140
Thumbs, again, WAY up. Tell you one thing about 'too many cards', the more often UFC runs cards, the better the cards are. Once again everything just built as the night progressed.
Best fight: Mir vs. Nog, with Jones-Machida right behind it. Both should go on the FotY list.
Worst fight: Bocek-Lentz
KO: Korean Zombie
Sub: This is a tie between Mir and Jones IMO
On the fb card, Cholish opened with a good sub in the 2nd over Clarke, but jeez louise, these guys strike like girls (and not MMA girls).
Rich Attonito seemed to be dominating Jake Hacht when Hecht suddenly chopped him down with two elbows to the temple when Rich was shooting for a double leg in the 2nd.
Bocek moved from ATT to Tri Star (GSP's gym in Montreal) and guess what, the sub master didn't go for one sub, instead lay and praying a 3 round borefest over the usually boring himself Nik Lentz, who in this fight was the one who at least tried for something. Gee, who else does that sound like. This Tri Star gym is a disease. Not the best undercard ever, but bidness would pick up.
On the Ion fights, Yves Jabouin opened with a close decision over the very tall Walel Watson. One of the cards was 30-27 which maybe was a little hometown as every round was close and the fight could have gone either way.
Dennis Hallman tries to drop to 155, can''t make it by 3.5 pounds and doesn't try, but rolls over the much smaller Jon Makdesi, bullying his way to a Gable Grip Choke in the 1st. It looked like at least two weight divisions apart. Hallman is another member of the Needle In The Ass Late Career Resurgence American Wrestler Club along with Cheal, Hendo, etc. At least he wore pants this time.
Constantin Phillipou surprised by quickly blasting out the very durable Jared Hammon, who survived 4 KDs and two chokes before it was stopped. Anybody else would have been finished on the first KD. Phillipou can punch.
In the undercard main, Krystof Soszynski decided to box with Igor Pokrajek, which was a bad decision as Igor stiffened him with a counter shot then put together a series of punches that knocked him cold in 35 seconds. It was becoming quick finish night but we hadn't seen nothin' yet.
Because in the main card opener, technical striker Mark Hominick uncharacteristically opened with a wide left hook, and wild brawler Korean Zombie countered with a short crisp right hand that dropped Hominick and the following shots knocked him out. The official time was 7 seconds which ties the official UFC record for quickest finish. This was great TV but the back to back squashes of Canadian heroes I understand killed the arena, at least for awhile.
Claude Patrick and Brian Ebersole bascially nullified each other for three rounds in a dull fight. This was a contender for worst fight of the night but at least both guys were trying, and in the other fight it was intentional. I thought the local Patrick had done enough to edge the decision, especially hometown, but the dubious SD went to Ebersole.
The card was hanging at this point but the last three fights took it another level. Little Nog, looking in his best shape in years, just beat the hell out of Tito, who has had the brilliant idea of going out as babyface so has shaved his head and changed his nic to 'People's Champ'. Still seems like the same whiny frontrunner to me. LNog stunned him with a hook, dropped him with a knee to the body and finished him with body shots. Was very funny listening to Tito trying to play babyface on his promo and going 'he was the better man, uh at least the better fighter'. Tito, be yourself, putting anybody over other than yourself isn't you. Just go away.
Big Nog also looked in improved shape. Mir I don't really like this heavy. Be that as it may, this time it was Nog who won the striking contest as Mir since their first fight just doesn't let his hands go and really needs to get back with Ken Hahn, his striking coach at the time. Nog rocked him and dropped him and went in for the finish and looked to be on the way to it with G&P, but decided to go for the Anaconda instead and Mir proved to be a step ahead at JJ at this point, rolling free, rolling to Kimura and rolling through to plant Nog and break his arm. Vicious finish and another limb for Frank's wall but I don't know that the fight didn't raise more questions than it answered about him. Rumor is that Overeem is out vs. Brock due to his mother getting cancer or him failing a drug test depending what you hear, and Mir may step in.
In the main, Machida did the best that could be hoped for, confusing Jones in the 1st, managing the distances, and rocking him with a right and becoming the first to win a round from him. Amazingly two of the judges gave the round to Jones. All academic though as Jones made his adjustment in the 2nd, started evening the exchanges, dropped Machida with a short overhand right counter elbow and then opened a huge cut with ground elbows. Brief TO to look at the cut and then Jones backed him into the cage, came in high and overhooked a standing choke and put Machida to sleep standing. Another amazing performance and another new wrinkle revealed. Jones is pulling away from all the other fighters to being in a class by himself. Unless there's some style aspect nobody is envisioning, I think he's gonna have this title for a very long time.

Crimson Mask

Hey Dave and everyone reading this!

Thumbs Up, more up than Ive given to a recent UFC shows
Best Fight: Big Nog vs Mir
Worst Fight, none

First off, wow, that was a great show. I knew going in there would be fire works and some great fights, and they delivered where I expected them, and so did the under card. Saw this at a bar, there was no people outside watching like they usually do since it was so cold they closed the windows so the only way you could watch was inside. Place was jam packed, people were really into the last 3 fights when everyone was there. As the prelims were ending  I was getting nervous though since the fights were so good and explosive, but it only built up as the night went on.

I wont go into the normal rundowns I normally do, people should just watch all these fights cause this show was absolutely great. Its a great thing that with having more shows they arent being bad, cause if they were that would really hurt them more. Instead were getting a match of the year or great moment of the year on an almost weekly basis. Hope it stays that way.

I didnt think Patrick Ebersol was a bad fight, it was two good fighter cancelling each other out, and thought it was a draw.

Okay Ill go into detail about the reaction of people in the bar including myself at the end of the Big Nog Mir fight. People saw the Kimura being cranked up and lookied nasty and Nog tapped OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, then Nog wasnt moving and the arm was still limp, HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was going crazy and after 3 reshowings no one could watch it again it was too gruesome.

Lyoto falling to the ground lifeless was scary, nobody understood how bad he was out till he fell and was limp. I think Jones' problem with connecting with people is hes too normal and doesnt capture the imagination.

So great show, I dont want to keep peoples time, go and buy the dvd!

-William Bren

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