TNA & UFC feedback

Thumbs up for the show.
Best Match: Angle Vs Storm
Worst Match: D-Von and Pope Vs Morgan and Green... er Crimson
What you had here was a good ppv, with a real crowd it could have been
great, cause there wasn't really what I would call a bad match on the
card. The worst match was average. Roode pulled a great heel move at the
end of that match and in any other city the crowd would have booed him
out of the building. The years of Russo booking have killed that city
for TNA and even though Prichards booking has been logical and solid
it's just not enough to fixed that burned out crowd. TNA needs to get
away from Orlando for a few months.

Damien Williams

Hi Dave,

Best Match: James Storm vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match: Crimson&Morgan vs. Pope&Devon

The group I normally watch WWE shows with decided to order this TNA show.  I have to say for what I saw (I missed the first match because I had to pick up food) it was a pretty good show.  I think all the matches, except for the tag title match, were good and had average to well booked endings which keep me interested in the product..  The crowd was a load at the beginning but towards the end started to show some interest.  I was told by people who saw the first match the crowd was dead from the beginning so I guess this is a credit to the wrestlers for bringing them somewhat back to life for this show. Even with a so-so ending to the final match. Thumbs up for the show.

Keep up the good work,
Ryan McDeed

UFC 140 Feedback
Thumbs up
Best match: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida
Worst match: Claude Patrick vs Bryan Ebersole
I enjoyed this show. Jones is so unbelievable and this match showed it. I'm a big fan of Machida but a bigger fan of Jones and was happy to see him get the victory. The Mir armbar on Noguera was brutal but there is really nothing that can be done to avoid that in a sport with submissions other than someone tapping before it happens and it didn't really seem like there was much chance for that to happen.
I really do want to see Tito have one last fight in May to make it 15 years as well.
Overall a good show
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

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