Strikeforce live coverage from Las Vegas: Rockhold vs. Jardine for middleweight title plus King Mo

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First round: Payan looks a lot bigger. Martinez in with a flurry of punches and a knee. Both trading. These guys can both strike crisply. Payan landed several punches. Martinez shot and Payan defended even when he had the leg high. Payan with a liver kick. Payan threw him against the fence and started landing. Hard left by Payan and a low kick. Anther jab by Payan. Martinez going for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Payan 10-9.

Second round: Payan continues to land. Payan landing jabs. Payan landed a series of punches and a body kick. Martinez again went for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Payan pushed Martinez into the fence and threw more punches. Right uppercut by Payan. Martinez’s face is swelling particularly under the right eye. Big right hook by Payan. Payan’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Maritnez with a body kick. Payan landed a left, and another left. Uppercut to the body by Payan. Left by Payan. Right hook by Payan. Big combo. Payan is just taking him apart. Payan threw Martinez down. Martinez landed a left to the body but Payan back with a few punches. Martinez’s face is a mess. Body shot and head shot by Payan. Martinez shot and got nowhere and Payan sprawls and punching the body and time runs out. Payan easily 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Payan. No other score possible.

They just announced the Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey fight for 3/3.


First round: Legere a former wrestler from Cal State Fullerton. Spang came from boxing. Legere scored first with a high slam. Spang tired an armbar and Legere blocked it. Legere keeping himd own. Legere moved to side control but was blocked when going to mount. Spang up and landed a high kick. Legere picked him up but couldn’t slam him. Spang got a guillotine just as the round was ending. Legere was in trouble and looked like he was thinking of tapping when time ran out. Legere 10-9.

Second round: Spang went for a jumping knee but got taken down for the attempt. Legere on top in guard. Legere on top but not doing much damage. Legere got a few shots in. Legere moved to side control. The ref ordered a stand-up with 2:00 left. Spang missed a spinning backfist. Legere went for the takedown but couldn’t get it. . Eventually Legere picked Spang up and ran across the cage and slammed him. Legere’s round again, so he’s up 20-18. Boring round.

Third round: Spang started to land with his big reach edge. He needs a finish. Knee to the body by Spang. Big right by Spang. Uppercut to the body by Spang. Spang working the body. Legere move in and was determiened and got the takedown. Spang doing more work from the bottom. Ref ordered a standup with 2:11 left. Spang landing punches and a knee to the body. Legere tying him up. Legere worked hard to get the takedown, but couldn’t get it. Knee to the body by Spang. Legere picked him up and slammed him down. Spang kicked him off and got up. Spang got Legere’s back and going for a choke with :50 left. Legere blocking the choke and got hand control. Time is running out on Spang here. He went for an armbar but Legere got on top and got mount. I’d give the round to Spang, but it’s Legere’s fight 29-28.

Scores: All three had it 29-28 for Legere.


First round: Villante was a 2004 DivisionII football All-American at Hofstra. Smith wrestled at Iowa State under Cael Sanderson. Vilante on top and threw a knee but Smith back to his feet. Smith with a kick to the body. Villante landing some punches and got a single leg. Villante with hammer fists on the ground and ref KimWinslow stopped it. Smith was going for a takedown at the time Kim Winslow stopped it and actually kept going for it and completed the takedown a second after Winslow stopped it. Villante was pounding him including a shot to the back of the head but Smith was still driving when it was stopped. The stoppage was way too early. 1:05


First round: Terry landed a good overhand right, Burrrell back witha left and low kick. Terry landed an overhand right. Burrell the bigger of the two. Terry moved in for a takedown. Terry worked for it and got him down. Another takedown by Terry. Terry in full mount but Burrell got up from the mount. Terry got his back. Burrell escaped and got up but Terry took him down again. Burrell back to his feet. 10-9 Terry.

Second round: Burrell landed a good uppercut. Burrel is 21 and has a Phil Davis body with the ridiculously wide shoulders. Terry landed a punch and working for a takedown. . Terry ducked low and got the slam. Knee by Terry. Terry landed a right. Terry moved in and pushed him to the fence. Knee by Burrell. Burell landing punches now. Terry shot in for the takedown but Burrell blocked this one. But Terry still got him down. Hard right by Terry and Burrell got up and tried a knee late. Closer round. Terry close so 20-18.

Third round: Burrell chasing Terry who looks like he’s trying to stall out the clock. Burrell landed a good uppercut and has Terry against the fence. Burrell landed a good left and right. Terry went for a takedown but got kneed. Right and a hard left by Burrell. Burell landing a hard knee . Burrell is hurting him, knee to the body, elbow to the head. Right hook by Burrell. Body kick. The second round is close as Burrell looks like he’s winning this round so round two will decide it. Terry is trying to to work down the clock. Hard right by Burrell and Terry’s dancing away. Big uppercut nearly put Terry down. Right hook by Burrell. Terry moved in for a takedown. Even if he doesn’t get him down he’s working down the clock. Terry got the two legs and put Burrell down with 20 seconds left and kept him down until time ran out. Burrell’s round so should be 29-28 for Terry.

Scores: split decision, 29-28 Terry, Glenn Trowbridge 29-28 Burrell, Marcos Rosales 29-28 Burrell. Not a robbery but I think Terry deserved this one. A lesson about thinking you’ve won the fight and stalling out fight here.


First round: Saffiedine fighting on his wife’s birthday. Stinson has a five inch reach edge here. Saffiedine landed a punch to Stinsons’ jaw. High kick by Saffiedine. Traded low kicks. Saffiedine with a punch and a high kick. Front kick to he face by Saffiedine. Saffiedine is landing hard but Stinson is walking through the punches. Stinson knocked him silly with an elbow but Saffiedine took him down. Stinson working for an armbar. But Saffiedine out. Another elbow and Saffiedine’s right eye is busted open. Left by Stinson. Stinson landing several shots and a knee . Saffiedine is hurt bad. Saffiedine’s vision on the right side may be in trouble. Stinson with an elbow and Saffiedine with a knee. Hot first round. Stinson 10-9.

Second round: Left by Stinson. Stinson chasing him. Saffiedine landed another high kick that Stinson walked through. Stinson landed some punches. Stinson throwing wild punches but most missed. Saffiedine took him down. Saffiedine landing body punches. Saffiedine with ground and pound. Saffieinde remained on top doing more ground and pound. Saffiedine’s round so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Accidental groin kick by Saffiedine. High kick and takedown by Saffiedine. Stinson trying for an armbar but Saffiedine moved out of trouble. Saffiedine landing elbows. He’s digging the elbow into the face. Saffiedine keeping busy from the top. Stinson looks like he’s bleeding as well. The ref ordering a stand-up, which is ridiculous. Saffiedine’s face is covered in blood, the crimson mask. Saffiedine landed a right and a knee. Stinson back with a left hook and a knee. Body kick by Stinson. Stinson landing punches. Saffiedine with two punches. Good finish, strong by Stinson, but Saffiedine landed a lot late. I gave the round to Saffiedine so he takes the fight 29-28.

Scores: A split decision, Oh god, Lester Griffin 29-28 Stinson; Adelaide Byurd 30-27 Saffiedine, Patricia Morse Jarman 29-28 Saffiedine. The thing here is the right guy won, even thought he crowd is booing, but just hearing the name of the three judges scared me.


First round: Body kick by Woodley. Mein a lot taller. Woodley moved in for a takedown and Mein defended it. Mein doing a good job blocking the takedown. The ref separted them while Woodley was trying the takedown. Not sure I’d have done that. Mein landed right. Woodley moved him in the fence but Woodley got the takedown. Woodley keeping top position but not doing any damage. Woodley landed a hard elbow. Mein to his feet with 39 seconds left. Knee by Woodley from the clinch. Front kick by Mein and Woodley was shooting as time ran out. Woodley 10-9.

Second round: Good overhand right by Woodley hurt him. Woodley grabbed a bodylock against the fence and put Mein on his back. Mein threw some elbows from the bottom to the top of the head. Not much going on. Woodley just holding him down and the crowd is booing. Mein landing elbows. Ref never stood them up. Woodley landed an elbow. This is going to be an interesting round to judge. I have to go with Woodley and I think the judges will as well, but more for the big right because Mein landed more when they were on the ground. 20-18 Woodley.

Third round: Mein went for a knee and Woodley used it to take Mein down. That is not where Mein needs to be right now. Woodley just holding him down. Mein throwing punches from the bottom while Woodley mostly holds him down. Mein is busier from the bottom. Now Woodley working the body. The ref is warning them to be busy. Fans were booing. The ref should stand them up in this case. But now Woodley landed an elbow. Mein throwing more from the bottom. The ref ordered a standup as Mein was working for a Kimura. Oh God. A standup while someone was working for a submission. The worst possible time. Woodley shot in but Mein blocked it. Woodley has the bodylock. Knees to the body by Woodley but they aren’t hard. Mein tried a takedown, but Woodley blocked it. Woodley with another knee to the body. This round was pretty even. Crowd booing as it was a boring fight. I can’t give either guy the round here even though I expect the judges to go with Woodley since he was the one on top. So 30-28 for Woodley, but either way he should get the decision.

Scores: Split decision. Oh God not again. Glenn Trowbridge 29-28 Mein; Tony Weeks 29-28 Woodley; Marcos Rosales 30-27 for Woodley

They were talking about Woodley vs. Saffiedine for the vacant welterweight title.


First round: Zuffa has banned Mo from doing an elaborate ring entrance although he is allowed to wear a crown. Mo with a high single took him right down. Mo dropped an elbow. Elbows and punches on the ground. Lawal with punches and elbows. Lawal with ground and pound. He’s landing good shots on the ground. Mo throwing hard body shots on the ground. . Ref KimWinslow ordered a standup. Bad call. He was pounding him at the time. Mo jabbed the body. Larkin with a jab. Mo with a left to the body. Larkin landed three punches in the final second. Mo 10-9.]

Second round: Mo went for a takedown. Larkin with punches as Mo was trying to take him down. Larkin fought the takedown but Mo still put him on his back. Mo landing shots to the ground. Mo landing with power to the head. Larkin is in trouble and Kim Winslow stopped it.

Daniel Cormier was interviewed.  He said his hand hasn't fully healed and they don't have a datge for his match with Josh Barnett.  Nothing was officially said but the impression was he wasn't going to be ready for 3/3, so it may have to be moved until the Showtime date after that one.


First round: Lawler came out swinging and Amagov ducked and put him on his back. Amagov got his back. He took Lawler down a second time. Amagov threw an illegal knee to the head. While holding a front headlock. He looked like he hurt Lawler. Amagov is going to be docked a point for that one. Amagov shook hands when they restarted the fight. Flying knee and 7 punches on the ground by Lawler and ref Mazzagatti stopped it.


First round: Jardine is considerably bigger in the cage. Jardine throwing low kicks. Rockhold landed a high kick and a body kick. Jardine landed a left. Body kick by Rockhold. Jardine was 204 the day before weigh-ins. Rockhold has him against the fence. Jardine with a knee and Rockhold with a knee. Trading knees in a clinch. Elbow by Rockhold as he let Jardine loose. Great spin kick to the ribs by Rockhold. Another spin kick landed but not as strong. Jardine with right to the jaw. Jardine landed a right but Rockhold back with a right. Rockhold hurt him with a left but Jardine back with a hard left. Both of these guys are getting tagged. Rockhold missed the spin kick. Body kick by Rockhold. Jardine with a low kick. Another low kick by Jardine. Jardine in but Rockhold put him down with a right. Jardine landed a hard right. This is a good fight. Rockhold landed a hard right now now Rockhold hurt him with punches.. Rockhold knocked him down and was landing several punches. Jardine got up but his legs were wobbling and Rockhold landed another shot and followed with several punches on the ground before Herb Dena stopped it. He stopped it late. There were 14 punches on the ground and it should have been stopped at punch five. That said, it was a hell of a round. 4:26

Rockhold in his when they tried to get him to say he wanted to fight Tim Kennedy, but Rockhold said that he wanted them to bring some guys from the UFC’s top ten over here for him to fight.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?