UFC live coverage from Rio: Aldo vs. Mendes; Belfort vs. Johnson

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 142 from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: This crowd is super jacked. Carvalho is Canadian so booed like crazy. Carvalho took Arantes down. Crowd started booing 30 seconds in. Carvalho moved into side control and then got Arantes’ back. Carvalho holding a front headlock and landed a knee. Another knee. Third knee. Crowd booing again. Arantes tried a takedown but that didn’t work either. Carvalho got full mount and punching. Now Carvalho with punches and elbows. Nice escape by Arantes and landed a knee. Crowd super hot now that Arantes is back up. Head kick by Arantes. Spin kick by Arantes missed. High kick by Carvalho. High kick by Carvalho but it didn’t land. Nice flying knee by Arantes and Carvalho tried for a takedown but Arantes showed strong balance and didn’t go down. 10-9 Carvalho.

Second round: Nice flurry by Arantes with a body kick and punches. Carvalho with a left and a kick. Trading punches. Now they are trading low kicks. Arantes tried a jumping high kick but it was blocked. Carvalho landing low kicks. Arantes has him against the cage and throwing punchs. Carvalho with some kicks. Body kick by Arantes. Left and a knee by Arantes. Carvalho missed a spinning kick late. Arantes round so should be 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Carvalho landed a right. Body kick by Carvalho. Arantes with right hook and low kick. Carvalho tried a takedown but Arantes blocked it and landed o top. Arantes with some punches and now some elbows from inside the guard. The elbow cut Carvalho under the left eye. Arantes landing punches and elbows. Carvalho’s swelling shut. Arants landed more punches. 90 seconds left. Carvalho bleeding from the right eye as well. Carvalho back up with one minute left. Carvalho missed a spin kick by a lot. Good right by Arantes. Carvalho landed short on a flying knee late. Arantes’ round, so he should win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Arantes


First round: Pyle landed a straight right that hurt Funch and a knee that put him down. Pyle landed punches on the ground and had him finished. The right stunned him, the knee knocked him down and a series of punches, about six, Mario Yamasaki stepped in at the perfect time and it was over.  Crowd was totally quiet with the American winning fast.

Crowd booed Pyle like crazy in his interview and when he said, "Thank you Brazil, I love you," they booed him even more.


How come the crowd sounds so muffled during the TV broadcast when the Internet broadcast crowd was going crazy. Alcantara with a sucker knee and landed a left. Omigawa went to touch gloves and Alcantara threw the knee instead. Alcantara with another left and a knee. Omigawa landed a right. Body kick by Alcantara and he really hurt himwith a left. Omigawa landed a left but Alcantara back with a punch. Loud chant, I have no idea what they are saying. Left and right by Alcantara. Both missing big punches. Body kick by Alcantara. More chanting. Good left by Alcantara. Alcantara’s punch hurt Omigawa , but Omigawa worked for takedown. Alcantara got his back on the ground with 94 seconds left. Alcantara pounding him from back position. Omigawa reversed in the transition. Omigawa landing some shots from the top. Omigawa with elbows. . Alcantara going for an amrbar. Omigawa really lucky the round ended because he was done with that armbar. Alcantara said that he tapped. He didn’t. 10-8 round for Alcantara.

Second round: High kick by Alcantara. Knee by Alcantara. Omigawa did throw rights and lefts so his arm isn’t that done. Right by Alcantara put Omigawa down and now Alcantara has his back for a second but Omigawa rolled to his back. Alcantara moved into mount and now has his back. Alcantara with punches to the side of the head and trying a choke but doesn’t have it. Alcantara with some lefts. Alcantara with a choke but Omigawa got out agian. Elbows by Alcantara. Alcantara landed a strong left from the top in guard. Omigawa bleeding badly from the right ear. 10-9 round for Alcantara, so 20-17.

Third round: Knee by Alcantara. Left by Omigawa. Omigawa with a right. Alcantara looks very tired, his punch was super slow and he’s really stiff while Omigawa dancing on his feet. Omigawa landed a right. Omigawa will have to finish him to win, though. Omigawa tried a takedown but Alcantara easily blocked it. Omiogawa landed a right. Spinning backfist didn’t land strong. Alcantara with some knees. Alcantara landed a right and a hard left. Alcantara now coming back. Alcantara landing lefts as tired as he is. High kick and Alcantara badly missed a punch. Right by Omigawa and a left landed. Trading punches and Alcantara landing some. Omigawa landed pucnhes and tripped him down but being on top and winning this round means nothing for Omigawa. Being on the ground in guard is doing him no good because time is running out. Crowd booing. Omigawa landing some punches from the top. Omigawa not doing enough and time is running out. The ref ordered a stand-up with 17 seconds left. Alcantara landed punches. Omigawa went for the takedown, Alcantara landed on top in full mount. Still, Omigawa’s round, 29-27 for Alcantara but it may be judged 29-28 because I don’t know the judges will give a 10-8 first.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Alcantara. So no 10-8s but two judges gave Alcantara the third round.


First round: Oliveira is 6-7, 229 pounds. Gonzaga had said he was going back to his BJJ where he was a champion instead of trying to be a striker primarily. A lot of people should take similar advice.Crowd booing as these two haven’t touched in more than a minute. Gonzaga landed a body shot for the first blow. Oliveria landed a right. Gonzaga missed a punch badly. Gonzaga shot for a takedown and took him down and has his back. Oliveria back to his feet but tripped him back down immediately. Knee to the body by Gonzaga and now he’s working for a choke. Oliveira tapped out. 


First round: Canadian gets booed again. Tavares took Stout down right away. Tavares got his back but Stout got up. Tavares landed a right. Takedown by Tavares once again. High sidewalk slam by Tavares as Stout got up. Stout up and Tavares grabbed a standing guillotine. Stout out and now took Tavares down and is on top. Tavares tried a leglock but Stout back to his feet. Stout landed a nice right. Left body shot by Stout. Overhand right by by Tavares. Nice left by Tavares. Tavares 10-9.

Second round: Tavares landed a good right and a kick to the jaw. Tavares ducked low for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Stout back with a body shot. Big right by Tavares and and a left to the jaw. Tavares working for the takedown but couldn’t get it. Body kick by Stout. Stout moved in with punches, nice right to the body by Stout. Stout is bleeding from the left ear from a kick. Body kick by Stout. Another body shot by Stout. Close round, and that could decide the fight. I’ll go close with Tavares so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Right by Tavares. Another right by Tavares. Stout landed a kick to the groin and Tavares looks hurt. Tavares throwing kicks short. Both throwing and missing. Both continue to miss their punches. Knee to the body by Stout. Low kick by Tavares. Right to the body by Stout. Travers moved for a takedown . Stout blocking and got away. Tavares landed a left. Stout landed a left jab. Tavares landed a right. Body kick by Tavares and a right. Stout hurt him with a right. Stout landing several hard shots late but time ran out. Stout won the round in the last few seconds. Still, I have Tavares winning 1 & 2 and taking the fight 29-28.

Scores: All three have it for Tavares, running late and didn’t announce the scores.


First round: Etim got a takedown but Barboza right back up. Etim with a head kick. Etim got another takedown and Barboza right back to his feet. Barboza with a low kick. Both these guys are quick but neither doing much. Anther low kick by Barrboza. Another low kick by Barboza. Etim landed a left hook and Barboza right back. Etim with a left jab. High kick blocked by Barboza. Etim moved in for a takedown but Barboza stuffed him and landed a knee. Another low kick by Barboza. Left by Barboza. Etim with some left jabs. Barboza with two low kicks and Etim back with one. Barboza with punches. Nice spin kicktothe body by Barboza. Close round, could go either way but I’ve got Barboza 10-9.

Second round: Barboza landing the low kicks right away. Body punch and low kick by Barboza. Body punch by Barboza. Etim moved in for a takedown but Barboza stuffed him again. Hard low kick by Barboza. Another one. Etim landed two body shots and a kick to the body. High kick by Etim and spin kick by Etim Etim got a takedown but Barboza right back up and got away. Body and head shot by Barboza. Body kick by Barbzoa. Body kick by Barboza. Barboza’s round, so 20-18.

Third round: Crowd booing. You would think with two strikers that are so quick we’d have a good fight and it really hasn’t been. Overhand right by Barboza. Barboza with a body kick and spinning kick to the head knocked Etim out. This was one of the most spectacular knockouts ever. A spinning wheel kick to the jaw put him out instantaneously. 2:02


First round: Silva landed a knee and threw about a dozen punches on the ground and it’s over in seconds. Prater’s right shoulder went out as well. Knee to the body. It was exactly 12 hard punches on the ground and ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it. This guy is for real. :There is some talk about illegal punches in the background. We may have a Dusty finish here. Mario Yamasaki called it a either a no contest or a DQ for illegal punches to the back of the head. :29 They called Prater the winner via DQ. How is this when we have this happen in three finishes on every show. They were all legal except one inadvertent shot. Even if it’s accidental, that would be a no contest unless it’s deliberate. No way this should be a DQ. Mario Tirantes Yamasaki said he has to decide right there and then. People are not rioting. I’ve seen tons more heat at wrestling matches when they do these kind of finishes.


First round: Crowd chanting loudly for Palhares. Low kick by Palhares. Another low kick, that one hit the groin and a time out was called. Another low kick by Palhares and a takedown on a very good wrestler. Massenzio back up. Palhares pulled him in guard and got the leglock submission. Awesome finish. 1:03


First round: They are booing the hell out of Johnson. Belfort is probably the second or third most popular fighter in Brazil right now, plus Johnson missed weight. Johnson weighed in at 211 as he steps into the cage (he was 204.2 several hours back) while Belfort is 206, and both are supposed to be 185 pounders, so that tells you what guys really weigh. Johnson looks a lot more than 5 pounds bigger but that small waist makes his weight deceptive. He’s got the upper body of a guy 225. Johnson with almost a captured suplex as Belfort threw a high kick. Belfort scard him with an attempted sub. Johnson dropped back down with punches. Crowd booing already. Ref Dan Miragliotta ordered a stand-up way early. Belfort missed two punches by a lot. Johnson trying for a takedown . Crowd really wild. Vitor with lefts while Johnson going for the takedown. Miragliotta separated them again. Belfort with two punches and a knee. Johnson going for takedown and Johnson got him down. Belfort’s right eye is swollen bad. Miragliotta ordered a stand-up again. Ridiculous. Belfort landed several punches. Johnson shot in again, Belfort sprawled and landing punches. Belfort got his back. Belfort working for a choke. Belfort with punches and elbows from back position. Belfort with hard shots on the ground. Going for the choke again with 20 seconds left. Johnson tapped out. Johnson may be out of a job after this one. 4:49

Crowd going freaking crazy singing and chanting.

Belfort noted he cut 25-30 pounds in 4 days himself.


First round: Mario Yamasaki wasn’t booed that much when he came back out as referee. People wouldn’t be that kind in the U.S. Then again, U.S. fans won’t boo when they spend 20 seconds on the ground. Mendes out with low kicks. More low kicks by Mendes. Aldo back with a nasty one. Aldo landed another . Mendes tried a takedown and didn’t even come close. Hard low kick by Aldo. Mendes with an accidental kick to the groin. Big uppercut by Aldo. Mendes got inside on him and still couldn’t take him down. Another low kick by Aldo. Mendes moved in for a takedown attempt and Aldo stepped out of it. This is going to be a long night for Mendes. Another low kick by Mendes. Mendes almost got him down but did get behind him standing and throwing a knee. He did have him thrown but Aldo illegally grabbed the fence to defend. Mendes did get him down momentarily. Mendes throwing knees to the left thigh on Aldo. Mendes got out and landed a knee to the face and Mendes went out. Mendes ducked for a takedown right as the knee came up and Mendes was knocked silly. He threw a punch on the ground and Yamasaki jumped in to end it. 4:59

Aldo Jr. ran into the crowd and there is a freaking crazy mob scene. This was one crazy finishing spot. Fans are carrrying him on their shoulders.

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