OVW TV tapings report 1-18 Louisville featuring Rob Terry

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for January 18th, 2012. The attendance was around 125. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The main news coming out of this show was the OVW TV debut of TNA's Rob Terry. This wasn't a great show though. Only had so-so energy to it, and they seemed to be having quite a few communication issues tonight. Just not super smooth running. They also still are having issues with the wireless mic cutting out quite often, and the speakers sound like crap in general lately. The hard camera shot looked out of focus the whole show last week to me, and from what I could see, it looked out of focus tonight as well. They need to address that kind of stuff pronto.

Donald "Boss" Brackens, who worked as a manager on southern Indiana shows, passed away unexpectedly a few days ago. OVW will be doing a benefit show for his family on Tuesday, Feburary 7th at the National Guard Armory in New Albany, Indiana.

Here's a link to the "Inexplicably dumb show" podcast about The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity play that is running now in Louisville. Al Snow is on this podcast.

The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on February 4th, but no matches have been announced for it yet.

1. Paredyse beat Lennox Norris

Dark match. Paredyse was wearing a "Crime scene do not cross the yellow line" scarf. Paredyse confounded Norris with his antics early on. Norris took control working over the left arm of Paredyse, but didn't have him in any real trouble. Paredyse came back and won with his spinning neckbreaker.

2. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine w/3 ladies beat Randy Royal & Tony Gunn

Also a dark match. This was week #2 of the dress rehearsal for the team of Casey and Constantine, and it didn't go that much better than week #1 did. Last weeks match was a total disaster at the finish. This was a heel vs heel match, but Royal and Gunn worked as babyfaces. Royal was in control here early, but then he proved to be a dumb heelish babyface as he ventured to close to Casey and Constantine outside of the ring and was taken down. Royal took the heat after that. Gunn in running wild. One of the ladies on the apron to distract Referee Joe Wheeler, the other two ladies went around the other side of the ring, and Tony Gunn had to actually tell one of those girls to trip him as he came off the ropes. Yes, these ladies are actually that clueless about pro wrestling. Casey then pinned Gunn soon as he was tripped. It looked stupid. This didn't suck as bad as last week did, but make no mistake, this still sucked, Bad.

3. Los Locos(Anarquia & Rudo) beat The Assassins

Another dark match. Raul Lamotta is now using the name "Rudo" here. Boy, the wrestling business isn't making Assassins like they used to. One of these masked marvels is a hanger on around here who they let get in the ring now and then for some ungodly reason. He shouldn't be allowed within 5 miles of a ring as a pro wrestler. Beyond hideous. The other masked Assassin here was Nick Dumeyer. Los Locos hit the ring and beat the crap out of the crappy Assassins. Los Locos won quick with a double jumping DDT.
After the match Rudo took the mic and spoke of Jack Black turning heel last week just as they went to give Prince Bolin 15 lashes. Rudo said Black was now "On the list", and then cut a promo on Kenny Bolin. Anarquia again was just going thru the motions at the most here. He looks like a guy who really wants to be somewhere else nowadays. Heh

The TV taping opened with a recap, including music, of last weeks events which included Christian Mascagni's team of Jessie Godderz & Marcus Anthony winning the OVW Southern tag team titles from "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze when Mascagni's men, Mohamad Ali Vaez & Rudy Switchblade interfered. Then they showed clips of Rudy Switchblade beating Ted McNaler to retain the OVW Heavyweight title when McNaler's former longtime partner, Adam Revolver, interfered. They then showed Danny Davis talking during Michael Hayes' farewell speech last week. Davis last week made two matches for tonight. Godderz & Anthony defending the tag titles against Spade & Jonze, and Switchblade defending the OVW title against Jason Wayne. Davis said if anyone from the Mascagni family interferes in either of those matches, he can fire all of the Mascagni family. I liked the recap, and the music with it. The highly noticable out of focus hard camera shots though from last week brought this down a lot though.

4. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat Jessie Godderz & Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni to win the OVW Southern tag team titles

This was the first match of the TV taping. Spade and Jonze have named their team "OMG". Godderz was covered in fake tan here, which gave him a very different look in just one week. Like a baked potato. Heh. Spade and Jonze hit the ring, and it was on. Spade got cut off, and caught in the corner of Godderz and Spade. Jonze in with flying kicks to Anthony, and finally took him off his feet with a spinning Dragon Curse kick. Jonze with a dropkick to the knee of Marcus Anthony. This match was fairly out of control at this point. Godderz and Anthony then trapped Jonze in their corner, and beat on him for awhile. The heels did a tremendous job of cutting off the ring in this match. Godderz and Anthony got their workouts in by taking turns pressing Jonze over their heads repeatedly. Spade had finally seen enough. He went into the ring, dragged Jonze to his corner, then tagged himself in. lol Wow, that's one way to manufacture a hot tag I guess. Even more amazingly, the ref allowed it. Anthony tripped Spade coming off the ropes though, and again Spade got caught in the corner of Godderz and Anthony. The heavily muscular Anthony went up top, and missed a spectacular 450 attempt. Wow. That was impressive. Good thing Johnny Spade moved out of the way though. Jonze hit an off the top rope flying forearm on Anthony, and then pinned him to win the match, and regained the tag titles for he and Spade just one week after losing them.

They showed clips of last week when Prince Bolin was supposed to take 15 lashes from Los Locos, but Jack Black suddenly turned heel, and prevented that from happening, and then gave both members of Los Locos big splashes, and left them laying. Black has lost over 100 pounds recently, and looks much slimmer, but is still a massive man.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Bolin Services 2.0, which now includes new members Jack Black, rookie Joe Coleman, Mickey the personal assistant/water boy, and long time BS 2.0 member James "Moose" Thomas. Rocco Bellagio is still MIA I guess. DeVore asked Jack Black to explains his actions of last week, and why he's in BS. 2.0 now, but Prince Bolin said he does all the talking for BS 2.0. Bolin said next week he will break it down in "Excruciating detail" why Black, and Joe Coleman, are now with BS 2.0.

5. Lady JoJo beat CJ Lane

Chris Sharpe was the referee here, and Lady JoJo has been playing a flirty/sexy game with him lately, clearly trying to use her womanly wilds to get the seemingly innocent Sharpe in her back pocket as a biased ref. JoJo was openly flirting with Sharpe before this match even began. All JoJo early, as she battered Lane from pillar to post. Sharpe seemed kinda shocked at JoJo's heelish ways, and called it down the middle. JoJo gave Sharpe something to think about by bending over in front of him. JoJo then dropped Lane down for an easy win.

Jimbo Onno was playing piano backstage for the babyfaces, when in walked Adam Revolver. The music stopped, and everyone glared at him for interfering and attacking his former partner Ted McNaler last week as McNaler went for the OVW title vs Rudy Switchblade. Revolver tried to lighten the mood in the room, but had no luck. Revolver became frustrated and said the only friend he needs is the TV title, which he was getting a shot at tonight. Ted McNaler came into the room, and there was much yelling back and forth about both of them being dual champions, and about jealously in their Elite tag team. Revolver called McNaler "Chicken McNugget" for some reason. McNaler called Revolver some name first, which I couldn't make out. Revolver again mentioned the TV title, while McNaler burned a hole in him. Revolver had also caused McNaler to lose the OVW TV title by "accident" about a month ago.

6. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green vs Adam Revolver was ruled a no contest, so Silvio retained the OVW TV title

Silvio now has the OVW TV title belt wearing a tie dye t shirt, but the metal plates are still showing. Revolver came out the babyface entrance, but both guys tried to beat each other by holding the tights several times early on. Silvio faked an injury to go for another near fall. Mo Green tripped Revolver, and Silvio then gave him a swinging neckbreaker. Revolver went for his Russian Leg Sweep finisher on Silvio, but Ted McNaler ran into the ring and gave Revolver a spear. Referee Chris Sharpe tried to stop McNaler at the babyface entrance, but McNaler shoved him down. Silvio wanted to high five with McNaler, but McNaler then speared him as well, and referee Joe Wheeler declared the bout a no contest.
7. Jason Wayne beat Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni by DQ, but Switchblade retains the OVW Heavyweight title

This looked to be the TV main event, but it was not to be. Wayne in total control here early, as Mascagni was imploring his man Switchblade to use his speed and quickness. Wayne clotheslined Switchblade over the top rope, but it was not ruled a DQ. Wayne threw Switchblade into the ringpost on the floor. Switchblade and Mascagni tried to just leave, but Wayne went backstage and dragged Switchblade back into the ring, with Wayne barely beating the count to get back into the ring himself. I noticed referee Chris Sharpe had a rip in the crotch of his pants. Could this have been caused by Lady JoJo? Wayne, still in total control of this match, hit a Samoan drop on Switchblade, but Mascagni distracted referee Sharpe from counting the pin. Wayne was having a field day here, he completely dominated Switchblade here for about 10 minutes. Switchblade finally got some kicks in, and raked his nails down Wayne's back, but Wayne answered right back with a sidewalk slam, and then hit his full nelson slam finisher, but Switchblade kicked out. Switchblade came back and hit his Frogsplash finisher, but Wayne kicked out. Switchblade locked his "wake up call" Boston crab finisher on Wayne in mid ring, but Wayne eventually powered out of it. Wayne got some offense in, and hit another Samoan drop. Both men down in mid ring. Switchblade again with his "Wake up call" Boston crab on Wayne. Wayne broke free and applied a Crippler Crossface like submission on Switchblade, but TNA's Rob Terry suddenly ran in and attacked Jason Wayne, causing the DQ on Switchblade, but allowed him to retain the OVW title. The match was close to 20 minutes long. Terry kept pounding on Wayne, with Mascagni egging him on. Three refs ran out to ringside, but nobody else ran in to save Jason Wayne. The match of Switchblade vs Wayne was neither good nor bad, kinda in the middle. It seemed like they were told to go longer to fill time during it, and it came off like a backdrop for something else the whole match.

When it seemed to be all over, Jason Wayne staggered back out from the locker room and got into the ring, with the ref imploring him to stop. Wayne took the mic and cut a promo on Ron Terry coming in here from TNA and interfering in his match. Wayne demanded Terry come back out now, leading to...

8. Rob Terry w/Christian Mascagni beat Jason Wayne

Terry did indeed come out, the ref called for the bell, and we got a bonus match. Terry just kept pounding on the already beaten and spent Jason Wayne. After a few boring minutes of this, Terry hit a chokeslam and pinned Wayne clean. Rob Terry looks like one of those guys who tries to work real light, but is not that smooth or good at it. Have to see how this plays out. The prematch stip of Wayne vs Switchblade was if any Mascagni family member interferes, Danny Davis can fire them all. Rob Terry was not a member at that time, but clearly is now, and this was clearly a premeditated attack by Terry. So, can Davis now fire them all? Maybe, but I doubt it. Stay tuned. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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