Not so much feedback to UFC on FX

Hi All,
I gave the show a solid two thumbs up. Two awesome cards in a row to start 2012 for UFC.
Best fight:Jared Papazian vs. Mike Easton
Worst Fight: none, every fight was good to great
Best KO: Pay Barry
Best Sub: Josh Neer
Wow! Those were some nice debuts on the prelims and the great fights just continued on thru the whole card
Nick Denis vs. Joseph Sandoval - Those elbows were just amazing. Reminiscent of the powerful elbow strikes David "The Crow" Loiseau utilized in his fights up to the loss to Rick Franklin. Denis needs to change his nickname.
Daniel Pineda vs. Pat Schilling - Pineda looked very impressive in his debut as well.
Tommy Hayden vs. Fabricio Camoes - I thought this was a great fight. Short but fast paced, back and forth and a great chess match. A really good effort by both.
Daniel Roberts vs. Charlie Brenneman - Each round was almost a replay of the last. Take down by Brenneman, Roberts attempts the guillotine and Breneman escapes to side control and starts his g&p. I thought that Brenneman hit a number of hits to the back of the head in the first round that were pretty obvious. Where is Mario Yamazaki when you need him? Thought there was a couple times Herb dean ordered stand-ups when Brenneman seems to be working to me. End of the 2nd and the 3rd, Roberts needed maybe 15-20 seconds more each round and he may have had him, probably less in the end of the 2nd. Nothing flashy like any of the first three fights but a solid performance by The Spaniard.
Khabib Nurmagomedov  vs. Kamal Shalorus - Another solid debut. Shalorus was lucky to survive the first round barrage after the knockdown. Another good fast paced fight. Nurmagomedov threw some pretty unorthodox looking strikes but he was effective.
Eric Schafer vs. Jorge Rivera - Great comeback and a nice way to finish his career, especially after being dominated in the 1st.
Christian Morecraft vs. Pat Barry - Barry's escape from the armbar was very impressive, I thought he was done there. A great KO. He needed that.
Jared Papazian vs. Mike Easton - What a fight! These guys let it all go for 3 solid rounds. What an unbelievable pace. It was like a miniature version of Frye vs Takayama. Would love to see both of these guys fight again soon. 
Duane Bang Ludwig  vs. Josh Neer - Ludwig's striking was nice and crisp but once Neer got him down, that was a great quick guillotine.
Jim Miller vs. Melvin Guillard - A typical Melvin Guillard fight. An explosive win or exposed on the ground. Miller ate three big flying knees and kept moving forward. Another solid performance by Miller.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. The 2011 Observer Index is available and I also have a Royal Rumble special right now. Email me for details.
Grant Zwarych
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