SHOCKER: Diaz no-shows BJJ bout with Braulio Estima

The main event of the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo iPPV tonight never took place as Nick Diaz no-showed his no-gi match with Braulio Estima.

There had been rumors this evening that Diaz was not in the building, but it wasn't until just before match time that Cesar Gracie confirmed he was a no-show. At this point there is no explanation for what happened. Diaz was upset after Estima's camp believed yesterday that Estima wouldn't be able to make the 180-pound weight limit. However, in the end he was able to make the weight.

Diaz is currently suspended from MMA competition after failing a drug test for marijuana metabolites, but the suspension would not have prevented him from doing this charity jiu-jitsu match.

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