TUES UPDATE: Tons of notes from Raw, botched finish, Eve big win, Paul Heyman and Orton updates, new TNA TV show, Twitter and such, tons more

By Bryan Alvarez

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We're looking for reports on Sunday's WWE Smackdown show in Madison, WI, as well as the weekend TNA shows from Friday night in Richmond, VA and Saturday night in Bowie, MD.

Smackdown is being taped tonight in Moline, IL.

        We've got a number of major features in this week's Observer, with two lead stories, the entire Jon Jones/Dana White situation and why UFC 151 was canceled, and the History of SummerSlam dating back 25 years.  We also look at Masakatsu Funaki's winning the Triple Crown, including a look back at the Triple Crown history and the belts that form the crown.

        We look at the arguments for and against what Jon Jones did, why the show was canceled, the various different things that nobody talks about that led to cancellation, the actions of Dana White, the problems with Jon Jones, the role of Chael Sonnen, what really went down, who knew what based on what people are saying and the time line, comments from Jones and why he's lost so much popularity, the business effect on Toronto, the deception, Lyoto Machida, the realities of promoting this style of fighting, why Sonnen isn't getting the shot in Toronto, why certain things have been blamed that have nothing to do with the show being canceled and more and a look at short and long-term effect on both Jones and the UFC business and where this could have been even more disastrous.  We look at the fallacy of Jones and White defenders as well as those who blame Henderson.
        The other lead story looks at the history of SummerSlam, looking at the shows, the memories, the business, the greatest matches, the most enduring stars, a look at every main event and business behind the scenes at the time.  We look at Ultimate Warrior being fired at SummerSlam, why SummerSlam never returned to Wembley Stadium, the Hulk Hogan era vs. the Steve Austin era, the best and worst shows and how looking at matches changes with hindsight.  We also look at what went wrong with Lex Luger, the move that nearly killed the boom period before it started, the biggest match business wise in history, special guests and the background of the Hogan vs. Michaels match.
        The issue is currently on the site if you are a web site member.  We also have a new back issue on the site from 1995 just put up going back in time and talking about one of the worst WWF PPV shows, the 1995 King of the Ring and all the news from that time period.
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        We also look at the sale of WWE's Canadian broadcast outlet and what it means, secret blading, celebrities saying they are doing WrestleMania, Mysterio concussion note, more on Tyler Reks quitting and why, as well as what he's doing and his background.  We also have updates on injuries to both The Rock and Steve Austin, as well as what both are up to.  We have more on Austin at Mania this year, the arrest of Cameron, another WWE injury that has changed a lot of main events, WWE touring this week, TV skits, video game releases, and notes on the new TV show.
        We also look at the latest WWE camp for prospective wrestlers and the latest on a number of new WWE signees and their background.  We also have all the business notes from the past week and highlights from all the weekend shows.

        We also look back at the origins of modern MMA and how it came from pro wrestling, and how the man who was part of its beginnings in 1993 is now a pro wrestling world champion with Masakatsu Funaki's Triple Crown  win.  We look at how Japanese MMA got started, his role, and why he's back in wrestling and won the title.
        We also look at the business of this year's Money in the Bank compared with the previous two years, as well as a rundown of WWE's July business in a number of categories.  
        We also have an update on the Linda McMahon campaign for senate and a major turn over the past week.
         We also have a look at the ratings of all the major shows and complete details on how every segment of Raw and Impact this past week did.  We look at what segments gained and lost viewers
        We also have results from all the major league arena events over the past week as well as a look at all the major television shows.
Also in this week's issue:
--More on a feud between members of one of the most famous wrestling families that wound up in court and story behind it
--Two world champions from different international groups have a singles match this week as a big show main event
--Major nostalgia show as 70s star continues retirement tour
--Notes on more All Japan and New Japan joint shows
--Tournament for newly created title
--For Japan MVP returns to the ring
--One of the best in-ring performers is injured and out the rest of the year
--Why the wrestling mentality may have made things worse in his instant
--New Japan stars come to the U.S.
--Alex Shelley returns to wrestling
--Ken Shamrock gets publicity he'd probably rather not get
--Why 80s star is in jail
--Update on TNA contracts
--Update on the Bound for Glory series
--Update on next TNA PPV
--Update on TNA's next U.K. tour
--Eric Bischoff has a new TV show
--TNA star opens restaurant
--More on Rousey vs. Kaufman and business
--Update on UFC advance ticket sales
--UFC star charged with battery
--George St. Pierre update
--Notes on U.K. vs. Australia Ultimate Fighter season
--What show UFC expects to draw well
--Lots of new UFC fights

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 Today's News, Notes and Links

-- As noted on last night's Observer Radio, the entire reason for the Kaitlyn push of late was a screw-up in the women's number-one contender battle royal last week. Eve was supposed to win but missed the apron on a clothesline spot and landed on the floor. That was why there was confusion immediately afterwards and Layla had a look of shock on her face. Based on Raw last night, it's possible Eve will end up getting the match with Layla back, or they'll switch it to a three-way. Presumably we'll find out on Smackdown or next week.

-- Speaking of Eve winning, she won the Stars Earn Stripes show on NBC last night, and now that the show is over one would presume they'll push that fact pretty hard on TV. WWE didn't promote it at all on Raw given it was running head-to-head on Mondays. She will be on Attack of the Show on G4 today discussing her win (Star Earn Stripes, not Kaitlyn match) (although I suppose she could mention that). The NBC finale did just under 3 million viewers.

-- Eve interview from Young Hollywood Network.

-- Last night's cameo with Paul Heyman wasn't an inside joke or visual gag, he'll be working with Punk going forward on Raw after signing a new deal with the company.

-- Randy Orton appears to be gone for the foreseeable future shooting 12 Rounds Reloaded for WWE.

-- The Canadian Smackdown dates for next week used to be headlined with Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Orton. The new main announced in the promos tonight on The Score has Wade Barrett replacing Orton. Thanks to Canyda.

-- Video of an angry Daniel Bryan here talking having to hug it out with Kane.

-- Daniel Bryan will not be sad to see this videoof Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s coming out to his theme music and fans going "YES YES YES!" The best part is that there is one section screaming "YES!" and pumping their fists, and there is another section looking at them completely baffled.

-- For fans of Daniels and Kazarian, the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, they have a new #WTTCOTW t-shirt up here. If it strikes your fancy, Daniels also still has CURRY MAN t-shirts available as well.

-- TNA's "British Boot Camp", which follows UK indy stars as they attempt to win TNA contracts (kind of like Tough Enough) is shooting right now. They have been commissioned by Sky and will be airing on the Challenge channel leading to TNA's January UK tour.

-- After the OneFC promotion decided this weekend that due to confusion over an "open attack" rule they were just going to eliminate the rule and allowed PRIDE-style soccer kicks to the head (bad idea), they announced last night that the Mitch Chilson vs. Shannon Wiratchai fight, which Wiratchai won via referee stoppage, would now be listed as a no-contest instead. The fight was stopped after Wiratachai threw a kick to the grounded Chilson. The referee stopped the fight and awarded the win to Wiratachai, but according to the rules at the time the kick was illegal and thus it should have been a no-contest. The main event fight between Andre Arlovski and Tim Sylvia was also ruled a no-contest due to confusion over the open attack rule.

-- Twitter notes: Dave is now on Twitter at @davemeltzerWON. I am up at @bryanalvarez. The official site Twitter is up at @WONF4W.

-- The former Abraham Washington on Cameron's 15-day suspension: "As I said before @WWE allows you to disgrace other countries flag, have DUI's, smoke marijuana, and do steroids but you can't speak ur mind! As I said before I was fired for tweeting about Linda McMahon. I didn't get fired over the Kobe joke. To those who don't know I was fired for tweeting "Support Linda" I also tweeted "VoteOrDie4Linda" Vince didn't get it. #PDiddy #Obama @linda_mcmahon : Hiiiii Linda! It's the guy that was fired for supporting you."

-- ROH's wrestling school in Bristol, PA, run by Delirious, reopens on October 22nd.

-- There is a story hereon the richest pro-wrestlers in the world. Don't take it too seriously.

-- Several newspapers and news wires, when covering the death of Michael Clarke Duncan yesterday, included a photo of him wearing a UFC hat. He was a big pro-wrestling and MMA fan and was also at one point training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at the Torrence academy. I'm not sure how high he was ranked when he passed away. I know at one point he was at least a blue belt, but he was standing with Ed O'Neill (yes, Al Bundy) in the picture and Ed was only a brown belt at the time, and he got his black belt some time ago after training for about 17 years. The Gracie belt progression is white, blue, purple, brown, black. It normally takes about ten years of consistent training to get to black belt, though at the Gracie Academy it can take you longer than that, especially if you are only able to train infrequently due to acting commitments and such.

-- Chris Jericho has a new Fozzy blog up here.

-- Mike Tyson talks WWE '13.

-- Video of Juventud Guerrerasinging.

-- Sara McMann signed with Strikeforce. Strikeforce and Invicta have something of a working relationship, which is why Sarah Kaufman is going from a Ronda Rousey fight to the next Invicta show.

-- Tommy Dreamer, Brutus Beefcake, Sal Sincere & The Patriot Headline National Pro Wrestling Superstars Event In Stirling, New Jersey On Friday Night, September 21

-- Lance Storm has two new commentaries posted here and herethat he suggests should be read in order.

-- The newest Resistance Pro TV show is up here.

--New episode of TCW Championship Wrestling, which probably has the best production values of any indy promotion in the country, is up here.

-- ROH has a new Kevin F'N Steen T-shirt for sale here.

-- New video hereon the AR Fox vs. Ricochet rivalry for this coming weekend's EVOLVE iPPV. Gabe Sapolsky is going to be on Figure Four Daily tomorrow talking the weekend events.

-- IWA East Coast comes to the Kings Way Center in Nitro WV on September 29 at 8pm with Matt Hardy vs Masada and returns to Nitro on October 27 headlined by Goldust vs Chance Prophet

-- CZWrestling.com - Saturday, September 8, watch LIVE on iPPV for 'The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial: Down With The Sickness' in a double header with EVOLVE at The Flyer's Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ! Evolve starts at 5 pm! CZW action starts at 8 pm

-- Bill Simmons noted on Twitter yesterday: " The Red Sox just called up a Triple-A prospect named Rock Bottom."

-- Des Delgadillo of Figure Four Weekly talks to Ring of Honor's TJ Perkins about his time in New Japan as Puma (the American answer to Tiger Mask), and ditching high school with Brian Kendrick here.

-- ESPN's Robert Flores on MLW Radio this week discussing Fantasy Football, what John Cena told him about why he won't go heel and more here.

-- Coming on the heels of last week’s huge announcement that starting October 6, Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) in conjunction with the GFL Combat Sports Network (GFL.tv) will feature a monthly television program on The Comcast Network (TCN), Comcast SportsNet (CSN) Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic, comes the news that IZW will be providing even more cutting-edge content for the largest cable operator in the United States. IZW has now extended its reach into four new markets throughout the country. Along with TCN, CSN Philadelphia and CSN Washington which combined serve the Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic areas, four additional regions will have access to this exclusive series on their local CSN channel. CSN Bay Area, CSN Chicago, CSN New England and CSN Northwest will now join the aforementioned stations to increase the total number of households who have access to IZW through Comcast from 7.4 million to 21.9 million.

-- In this week’s “UFC Ultimate Insider,” Joseph Benavidez discusses how hard work - and fate - have brought him to the brink of the UFC flyweight championship. Then, Joe Rogan counts down the eight most spectacular head kick KO’s of all-time. Plus, Joe's take on why head kicks are the most crowd-pleasing finishing move. As the face and mouth leading the charge for the UFC’s expansion into the UK, Michael Bisping breaks down the prospects of his fellow countrymen. Plus, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones discusses life outside the Octagon with host Jon Anik in a revealing one-on-one interview.

-- RCW (Revolutionary Championship Wrestling) is at the Jackson, OH YMCA this Saturday, Sept. 8th with the 10th Annual Injection Event.

-- Does Jones vs. Belfort top 450,000 buys?
Yes, would have just based on main event 11.2%
Yes, because of strong undercard 10.5%
About 450,000 is what I'd expect 22.7%
No 55.6%

Who is the best candidate right now for Fighter of the Year
Ronda Rousey 46.9%
Anderson Silva 26.5%
Jon Jones 12.0%
Benson Henderson 6.7%
Junior Dos Santos 3.9%
Renan Barao 2.0%
Jose Aldo Jr. 1.4%
Carlos Condit 0.6%

Which of these men is the strongest Hall of Fame candidate
John Cena 46.8%
Brock Lesnar 14.3%
C.M. Punk 7.4%
Hiroshi Tanahashi 6.8%
Kensuke Sasaki 6.3%
Jun Akiyama 4.6%
Mistico 4.0%
L.A. Park 3.2%
Dr. Wagner Jr. 3.1%
Randy Orton 1.4%
Yuji Nagata 1.4%
Perro Aguayo Jr 0.5%

Predict the Raw rating
2.6 or less 13.5%
2.7 5.9%
2.8 14.0%
2.9 19.1%
3.0 19.6%
3.1 18.1%
3.2 4.1%
3.3 3.1%
3.4 4.1%
3.5 0.3%
3.6 or more 1.3%

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?