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By Mike Sawyer.

Welcome to my live coverage of the TUF 17 Finale: Faber vs Jorgensen, live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. More of a quick blog, with Big Dave doing one as well. You can also follow me on Twitter @ToughTalkMMA

Daniel Pineda vs Justin Lawrence
- Pineda has won 7 of his last 9. Justin has trained with Anderson Silva & the Black House Team.
- Pineda took him right down and submitted him with a Kimura. Justin not happy with the ref, as he was tapping like crazy. 

- Daniel takes home $16,000. Justin $8,000 

Maximo Blanco vs Sam Sicilia
- Kim Winslow is the ref. Saw her backstage and she is taller than me. Story of my life.
- Very good fight with both guys busted open, crowd loved it. Bombs by both guys, no defense.
- Blanco wins a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). He takes home $16,000. Sam $8,000. 

Cole Miller vs Bart Palaszewski
- Miller has competed in over 30 grappling contest and has never been submitted. Bart has been a pro since 2002 and owns a win over Anthony Pettis back in 2009.
- Cole takes him down and its big trouble for Bart. He is going for the RNC and HE HAS IT!
- Cole Miller wins by RNC at 4:31 of RD1 

Clint Hester vs Bristol Marunde
- Clint is a team Jones member. Pro since 2008. Six wins by KO. Three first-round finishes.
- Bristol is a team Carwin member on TUF 16. Pro since 2007. Five wins by submission. Five first-round finishes. 
- Bristol comes out to "Bulls on Parade". Hester to some techno music. Win for Bristol! 
- Nothing happening early. Punch finally lands after 2 minutes of action. Crowd getting angry, but are in full support of Hester.  
- Hester just knocked his head off with a standing elbow that dropped Bristol. IT'S OVER! Wow! 
- Clint Hester def. Bristol Marunde by TKO (elbow) at 3:53 of RD3. Bristol suffers his second loss in a row. Oh well....he still has that Bachelor's degree in History from Washington State.

Dylan Andrews vs Jimmy Quinlan
- Dylan is a member of Team Jones. Pro since 2006. He has nine first-round finishes. Jimmy is with Team Sonnen. Pro since 2011. Two first round finishes. Has a degree in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State College. 
- Jimmy gets a big slam after about 2 minutes of nothing. More clinching along the fence, until the ref issues a break.. Dylan then drops him and pounds him out to the delight of the crowd. 
- Dylan Andrews def. Jimmy Quinlan by TKO (strikes) at 3:22 of RD1 to collect $16,000. Jimmy takes home $8,000.

Luke Barnatt vs Collin Hart
- Luke is a member of Team Sonnen. Has been a pro since 2011. He has three first-round finishes. Collin is with Team Jones and has been a pro since 2009. He has three first-round finishes.
- Collin enters with music from "Over The Top". He's already on my good list. Luke enters with the Beatles "Come Together". Win for Collin! 
- Crowd is firmly for Luke. Kim Winslow is back. Did I mention she was tall? 
- Lots of clinching early. Kick to the balls by Collin gets Rogan to adjust his TV at home. Suplex by Collin. They start exchanging shots and both guys are busted up. They continue to slug away. 
- Collin comes out wild for round 2. Luke is not using his reach. For Christ sakes the guy is 6"6.This has turned into quite the ugly slug-fest. Luke wants to land that jumping-knee soooo bad. Luke locks in a standing guillotine, Collin escapes. Round over. 
- More ugly fun! Both guys winging punches & both are dead tired. They continue to rock each other with some ugly punches as the round ends. Fight over.
- Luke wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27). He's $16,000 richer. Collin takes home $8,000. 

Josh Samman vs Kevin Casey
- Josh is a member of Team Jones. Pro since 2007. Six first-round finishes. Owns a win over UFC vet Chris Cope. Kevin is a member of Team Sonnen. Made his debut against Ikuhisa Minowa in Japan. He has four first-round finishes.  
- CRAZY start! Kevin locked in about 3 different submissions off a scramble, but Josh spikes him on his head to escape. Kevin back on top, reigning down shots. Back up and trading knees. Josh attempts a standing knee, but completely misses as the round ends. 
- Both guys trading knees to the stomach. Now Josh lands one to the face and Kevin is hurt. HUGE knee to the body and IT'S OVER!
- Josh Samman def. Kevin Casey by TKO (knees) at 2:17 of RD2. He's $16,000 richer. Kevin takes home $8,000.

Bubba McDaniel vs Gilbert Smith
- Bubba is a member of Team Jones. He has been a training partner of Jon pre and post TUF 17. He has 13 first-round finishes. Gilbert is also a member of Team Jones. Two first-round finishes. Went 5-0 as an amateur.  Has a Master of Science degree in Project Management while attending Colorado University of Pennsylvania. 
-  Gilbert is one thick guy, so let me forgive him for such shitty entrance music. Bubba is out to some mixed-rap song. Good God. Gilbert gets the trip & the takedown, which Bubba reverses. Gilbert back on top. Crowd yelling insults at both guys. Bubba trying to pass. Lands HUGE knees to the body as the round ends.
- Smith eats some shots and they clinch.  He's working hard for the takedown, but Bubba holding strong. Gilbert tries for a guillotine, but Bubba escapes. Bubba has his back and is hammering away. HUGE BUBBA CHANT~! Bubba lands a couple shots and the round ends. 
- Bubba stuffs the takedown and is back on top. Now looking to put the hooks in.  Nice scramble by Gilbert, who is reversed into a triangle! He taps! 
- Bubba McDaniel def. Gilbert Smith by submission (triangle) at 2:29 of RD3. The win earns him $16,000. Gilbert goes home with $8,000. 

* Joe Silva almost fell down trying to give Mark Coleman a hug.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Travis Browne 
- Travis has been a pro since 2009. Owns six wins in under a minute. Coming off the loss to Antonio Silva. Gonzaga has been a pro since 2003. Has won six of his last nine fights. Has only gone the distance once as a pro.
- Gonzaga comes out to DANZIG~! Some people say I'm built like Danzig. I resent that. I'm TALLER! (issues with height).  Browne out to....oh I don't care....Gabe wins this! I smell marijuana. Is Ed here? I hope not. I'm NOT going to any strip clubs tonight and I'm certainly not babysitting his fat ass. 
- Gonzaga is looking to get this one down. They clinch.  Travis just knocked him out with elbows that looked to the back of the head! Oh come on! 
- Travis Browne def. Gabriel Gonzaga by TKO (elbows) 1:11 of RD1 
- Browne earns $40,000. Gonzaga $24,000 

* Ref just explained to us that the blows were to the temple. Yeah....Ok. 

Miesha Tate vs Cat Zingano
- Miesha has been a pro since 2007 and has won seven of her last eight bouts. Cat in undefeated and has only gone the distance once. She is very mysterious. I'm taking her in this match. I think Tate is over confident. We shall see. I can't tell if Cat is laughing or crying. Oh no.
-  They both come out with a big swing. Cat going for a standing guillotine. Miesha escapes, but Cat on top. They get up and are dropping bombs! Both girls landing shots.Tate on top. The round ends. Really good round.
- Miesha gets the takedown. Tate looking for the armbar. Cat escapes. Now looking for a leglock. Cat checks her watch and steps over. She lands some BIG shots as the round ends.   
- Cat gets the takedown and is dropping shots. BIG elbow to the chops. Zingano is roughing her up. HUGE KNEE! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! GOODNIGHT!!!!!ITS OVER~!!!!!!!!  
- Cat Zingano def. Miesha Tate by TKO (knees) at 2:55 of RD3. Cat gets $14,000 for the win. Tate receives $28,000 

Uriah Hall vs Kelvin Gastelum
- Hall is a member of Team Sonnen. Pro Since 2005. He's 8-2, with his two losses coming to Chris Weidman & Costa Philippou. Kelvin is also a member of Team Sonnen. Pro since 2010. He has three first-round finishes. 

* John Dodson is doing his best to get the ring girls attention, dancing his heart out. They just took him away.
* Have I mentioned this has been a VERY GOOD SHOW~!
- Here we go.....They clinch along the fence. Kelvin is putting the pressure on, as Uriah is just keeping both hands down, baiting him. Kelvin gets the takedown. Hall with a running takedown to end the round. Crowd on its feet. 
- Hall lands two kicks, but Kelvin takes him down again. Crowd chanting KELVIN~! Hall gets up and lands a knee and a hard punch. Hall scores a takedown. Kelvin back up. Hall lands A FUCKING HUGE BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX that pops the crowd. WOW. The round ends.
- What a scramble! This crowd is going nuts! Hall gets lazy, and Kelvin takes him down. Both guys landing BIG shots & its over. Crowd on its feet. I can't stress enough how crazy & happy they are. 
- Kelvin Gastelum def. Uriah Hall by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). Crowd went crazy for this. ***These 7,000 or so are MUCH louder than the 80,000 that turned up at WM29***

Urijah Faber vs Scott Jorgensen
- Jorgensen gets the trip and into top position. Faber back up and now he is on top. Faber with a shot to the boiler. Faber lands a big shot and has his back. Now looking for the guillotine. Has his back again as the round ends. 
- Faber lands a HUGE ball shot. Faber pressing forward. Gets the takedown. Scott looks for the Kimura, Faber scrambles out of trouble. The round comes to a close. 
- Faber lands a counter left. Hard knee lands. He lands a combo. Faber really looking for body shots. Scotty gets his back briefly, Faber fights him off. Faber loading up the counter left, gets him down, but the round ends. 
- Faber throws him down. Both guys looking tired. Faber gets the takedown and has his back again. He sinks in the RNC AND ITS OVER! 
- Urijah Faber def. Scott Jorgensen by submission (RNC) at 3:16 of RD4

Thanks so much for following the blog tonight. I wish we could follow it up with a TOUGH TALK, but it takes two to tango. Have a good night everyone~!

*** I did a quick Post-Fight show at blog.toughtalkmma.com. Good night~! 


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