An unsolicited plug for the Dave Meltzer NY Times feature

Dave Meltzer

Because he's too humble to promote it himself, I'd like to give another unsolicited plug for the New York Times feature on Wrestling Observer founder Dave Meltzer. You can find the feature here which went live Tuesday night.

While anyone that has notoriety in journalism has their critics, there are few people that I've come in contact with that work harder than Dave. As the feature shows -- and as anyone reading this likely knows --- he is a relentlessly hard worker who is as committed to covering pro wrestling and MMA as any journalist covering any beat in the world. Period.

I think the first time I heard or came in contact with Dave was through the short-lived Eyada radio show back in the old days of terrestrial radio. Years later, I did some sample subscriptions for the newsletter but I didn't have the money to do the full year which seemed like a dream. Things have changed and I now find myself contributing to this site. I've had the pleasure of sitting beside Dave at UFC media row a few years ago in Boston. I found myself observing his work habits on event night, completely feeling like a journalism dork for doing so.

There are few that have done more for the art that is pro wrestling than Dave. Even when he's critical, he does it without malice. His interest is in the betterment of the product based on decades of viewing countless hours of men and women in spandex & flashy outfits put on a show. To the outside world, it seems like a bizarre profession to follow. For us, it's old hat. For Dave, it's his life's work.

So with all that said, if you haven't read the story yet (by former Sherdogger and current ESPN writer Jake Rossen), please do and if you're on Twitter, give Dave and the article a plug as well. Thank you for your support for this website, one we are always working on continuing to improve behind the curtain. (Does that make the Gorilla position the Admin Nailz position?)

- Josh Nason

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