How to get Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 1, praised by Mick Foley, absolutely FREE

To celebrate the recent launch of Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 2 - and in an effort to get as many wrestling fans as possible reading the Mick Foley endorsed novels - Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 1 is going free for one week.

To you, the F4/WO reader. FOR FREE!!

That's right, get the first novel in full for your eReader, iPad, Kindle etc for absolutely nothing.

Just head on over to to get your free copy. But don't forget your coupon:


This coupon gets you the first novel at a 100% discount. At checkout, type in your coupon and click 'check.'

And that's it. Free book.

See what made an independent novel, written by an Irish playwright, become the #1 wrestling book on Amazon US and UK.

Come and find out why the WWE Hardcore Legend has only ever officially endorsed two books outside his own - both written by Paul O'Brien - both Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vols 1 & 2.

And when you're done, please feel free to check out the second book in the proposed trilogy, Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 2.

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