After Dark Radio Show details for tonight

After Dark Radio returns tonight at midnight Pacific/3 AM Eastern with open lines and emails. The main topic is kind of based on pro-wrestling, very loosely in fact. Jesse Ventura is writing a new book about the JFK assassination. I don't buy that there was a conspiracy, but obviously mean people due. So tonight, it's the CONVINCE BRYAN SHOW. You can argue either way, but you're goal is to convince me that either the JFK assassination was a conspiracy or that Oswald acted alone. Obviously your goal is to try to convince the listening audience as well. Now obviously this is a pretty in-depth subject and you've got a limited amount of time 2-3 minutes per call, 200-300 words per email, so you've got to make your argument short, sweet and compelling.

Send emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "After Dark" in the subject line, or be ready to call 425-482-1686 at midnight. Of course, as noted, you can also call or email on any subject under the sun. Remember, this is a listener-driven show so it'll only survive with your input!

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