An update on how you can help Richard Handley

A while back, I posted about a gentleman named Richard Handley.  He has Cerebral Palsy.  He's fighting it.  But, he isn't just "guy with bad luck" - because there are a lot of those out there.  He's a big wrestling fan and a member of this site.  It's a bit sappy to say, but this site really IS a family.  A weird one, but what family isn't weird, right?  The Vegas convention just took place and it reaffirmed what I know about this place: it's unique and special.

Anywho, I'd posted about Richard because he's undergoing this procedure which could - literally - change his life and all that.  You can read more about it at the link below.  It isn't cheap, because besides aspirin nothing in medicine is cheap, and so he's out there looking for any help anyone can give. (I think he DID try to take a lot of aspirin, but that didn't seem to be a cure.  Who knew.)

There are a lot of sob stories in the world, and a lot of people who need help.  Richard is one of those that needs your help.  He's already raised a lot of money, as you can see, but there's more to go.  (I will assume that this website is 100% responsible for all the money he's raised.)  A dollar helps.  Really, a buck.  $.50 helps.  A euro helps.  A yen helps.  

The world can suck.  Maybe we can make it suck just a little less.


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