More notes from today's UFC weigh-ins

UFC Condition vs Kampmann II

From Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer, @angrymarks


Live notes: I think it's difficult to get even hardcore UFC fans to take Tuesday afternoon off from work, but the small crowd (at least 1,000 by my eye - perhaps 1,500) were definitely enthusiastic. The biggest reactions were to Condit, Kampmann, Cerrone and Perez (best of all prelim fighters). Decent reactions for Gastelum and McDaniel coming off TUF. A few of the more local fighters on prelims got a decent reaction too. Not much drama in the weigh-ins themselves - almost everybody shook hands and posed respectfully. A couple of prelim guys butted heads and were separated but never came close to throwing down. Perez took off his lucha mask to weigh in but put it right back on. Abedi kept his shades on when he stepped on the scale and made weight easily (184.5) so he had every reason to. The rest of the results from the main event going backward are below. Media interviews from Monday are available at - Cerrone, Kampmann, Condit, dos Anjos and more!

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