Shamrock, Glory feedback

After watching GLORY 11, MMA seems like a dull sport to me now! This was

an incredible show. I enjoyed every fight. If I were an MMA fighter I'd
start learning how to hit and kick like these guys do. Spike should
throw out TNA and BELLATOR and just concentrate on this "new" sport of
kickboxing. When Roufus said something along the lines of the final bout
being the "Griffin-Bonnar" of kickboxing he was 100% right although I
think every fight tonight exemplified the sport that for unknown reasons
never got over that big here although maybe it will now. Spike FINALLY
has a winner.

Paul Dowling

I just saw today's update and I wholeheartedly agree that the Shamrock special was one of the best things Spike has done with MMA. I would go as far as to say that it is one of the best MMA-related specials, period.  My only beef is that it overran the allotted time-slot that the DVR expected it to tun through, and it cutoff for me at 12:00, which means I missed the end of the Shamrock sit-down. Man, do I hope they re-air it sometime soon.
Matt Wright

Reading the comments about Vince McMahon, Jr.'s appearance on the 'Late Night with David Letterman's 3rd anniversary show' brought back some funny memories. As an avid Dave watcher throughout that decade, I remember seeing Vince on the show about 3 times. The last time would have been near the end of the decade; by this time, Vince was no longer forced to be mocked in order to be seen on "legit TV". He was a guest, and already knowing Dave's opinion of McMahon ("This guy's a goof"), the tension was palpable as soon as he walked out.
This was after Vince had been on the sauce for awhile, and since his last appearance on the show, had transformed from a pencil necked geek into a juggernaut almost bursting through his suit. Dave's first words to Vince: "Well, looks like somebody got a weight set for Christmas!". Vince replied, "Yeah, and somebody didn't."
Derek Hamel

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