After Dark Radio Show preview for tonight: LIVE debut at 11 PT/2 ET, exploding whales, weird hydrophone sounds, your Black Friday craziness stories, Bigfoot FLIR, more!

After Dark Radio debuts tonight at with our first ever LIVE program! We're moving one hour earlier, to 11 PM Pacific/2 AM Eastern, and it's going to be a packed two-hour show! Listening is easy! Click the Dark Matter Radio Network "Launch player" button on the main page, or just click here and it should begin streaming automatically!

We will be joined for one segment by my wife Whitney. She happens to run a land-based whale watching non-profit, so she's a perfect guest to speak on the supposed MONSTER DUG UP IN VIETNAM we talked about last week which appears to actually be a whale of some sort. We'll talk about that plus other topics related to the deep blue sea including EXPLODING WHALES and weird sounds heard worldwide on hydrophones. Then, I'll be taking your open lines phone calls and emails on anything on your mind. A list of potential topics is below, including your Black Friday horror stories.

If you'd like to participate, we've consolidated everything down to one phone number, and it's toll free: 855-478-4478. This will be the number for After Dark, Wrestling Observer Live on Sunday, and any of our other web-based call-in shows. It patches to several different phone lines, so if it rings, hopefully you're next in line to appear on air. If you can't get through, keep trying. We have no call-screener, so when I pick up the phone, you're live on the air! After Dark is a PG show, so please watch the language or you will be disconnected and blocked.

Emails can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on any interesting topic outside of wrestling/MMA. Please put "AFTER DARK" in the subject line of your email or I may miss it.

You can also contact me instantly during the show by tweeting to @bryanalvarez.

Some articles for this week:

Stacy Brown Bigfoot FLIR footage. This was played on Finding Bigfoot this week and they did a very convincing job trying -- and failing -- to recreate it. It this a real Sasquatch? What do you think?

Ghost hunters set fire to historic mansion

Black Friday Wal-Mart brawl over TV. What is your craziest Black Friday story?

How the business of bionics is changing lives. One of my favorite topics.

Talk to you tonight!

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