After Dark Radio Show details for tonight's LIVE show: Interview with Dr. Lynne Kitei on Phoenix Lights mystery, your open lines phone calls and emails and more -- plus interesting news articles and topics

After Dark Radio with Bryan Alvarez returns tonight LIVE on the Dark Matter Radio Network, linked up at We will be taking your open lines phone calls and emails on any topic, and then in hour two we will be joined by Dr. Lynne Kitei, author and documentary filmmaker, to talk her work on the PHOENIX LIGHTS. The most famous video of the lights from 1997 is linked up below. We won't be taking calls with Dr. Lynne, but you can send Twitter comments to @bryanalvarez during the interview and we'll read many of them after she's off the air.

Last week we kicked the show off with the guest and went to phone calls afterwards. Because that meant people had to wait until 3 AM Eastern, this week we're switching up the format and will take calls and emails first, then go to the guest later.

The show streams LIVE AND FREE at 11 PM Pacific/2 AM Eastern worldwide here. You can also find us on the TuneIn Radio app by searching "Dark Matter" or "Art Bell". If you have an auxillary audio cable or Bluetooth in your car you can listen to the show while driving through that app! The TuneIn Radio page is here.

As always, you can send emails on any topic to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "After Dark" in the subject link and we'll get to as many as we can. We have two ways to call in -- if you are in the US or Canada you can call TOLL-FREE 855-478-4478. If you are anywhere else in the world or would just prefer to contact us this way, you can Skype to "f4wonline". I do not have to accept your contact request -- just phone in. If you choose to use Skype, please try to have a decent headset mic as opposed to yelling at your computer, as the audio quality won't be nearly as good. If you have a land line, use that as opposed to a cell phone to call the show.

Some interesting articles from the past week are below. You are welcome to call or write about any of them tonight. More stories are linked up at our website, or on our new Facebook page here. Thanks so much to Andrew for keeping that page alive and kicking.

Remember, this show is live and relies on YOU, the listener, to keep it going. Please send emails or Tweets to @bryanalvarez, or prepare to call tonight. Thanks so much for the support and I hope you love tonight's show!

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