After Dark Radio Show for tonight -- David Hatcher Childress appears to discuss mysteries of the Southwest, hidden underground cities, moon structures, ancient aliens, so much more!

After Dark Radio with Bryan Alvarez returns tonight streaming LIVE AND FREE from the After Dark Radio Show website on the Dark Matter Radio Network.

The show airs at 2 AM ET/11 PM Pacific for two hours!

Tonight we will be joined by special guest DAVID HATCHER CHILDRESS to discuss so many different topics from Egyptian artificats in the Grand Canyon, undergroud and underwater cities, ancient aliens and tons more! I've been wanting to get David on the show since the very first After Dark Radio and am so excited for the program. You can check out many of David's 21 different books here! Plus, the usual phone calls, emails, news articles and more!

We will also be discussing tons of news, both from our website,, our Facebook page, and, of course,, plus taking your phone calls, emails and Twitter questions!

All of the phone/Skype numbers are available at You can send in emails on any topic to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and make sure you put "AFTER DARK" in the subject line. Remember, this show survives on your participation, so please send those emails or be prepared to call!

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