Feedback to ROH Death before Dishonor

ROH DBD8 Feedback
Thumbs Way Up
Best Match: Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong
Worst match: None
This was one of the best shows I've ever been to live. It may seem like hyperbole, but I've been to a few Wrestlemania Weekend shows, quite a few shows in the US and every show in Canada and when I compare them all this is the top.
The Briscoes-KOW match was amazing and such an example of the antithesis of things WWE and TNA do wrong. WWE doesn't want blood due to being PG but they'll have vehicular violence. TNA has hardcore spots in places that don't matter so Abyss is scarred for no reason other than wanting to cut himself. This match had table spots, tons of blood and brawling like I've never seen in person and it all made perfect sense. Even the tease that they weren't going to be there had such genuine emotion. The shot of the Briscoe brother tied to ringpost with ref Paul Turner asking desparately for a knife was awesome. I never would have thought it after so many injuried to Mark Briscoe, but The Briscoes at this point are the best I have ever seen them. And I do think that Here and Claudio are the best team in the world. This match was amazing and could not have gone any better.
On almost any show that match couldn't be followed but then Tyler Black and Davey Richards Evolved (TM) the ROH main event to a new level. Instead of revisiting the old (see: Hall and Nash as TNA tag champs) or assuming noone new can headline (see: WWE PPV 2006-2010) ROH gave these guys a chance to have a match entirely their own. The exchanges were amazing, with my personal favorite being the Pele kick by Black being blocked with an ankle lock by Richards. And Black sold the Texas Cloverleaf like a gunshot every time it was put on him. The fans wanted Davey to win but both guys deserve major kudos for such a great showing. By the way, what Davey said after the match was "Now you're the champ".
Generico and Steen in the opening was a great idea. Generico was way over and Steen had major heat. I think it would have been better for Generico to go over but Steen is setting up for title contention. It sounds like they didn`t show it on PPV, but during the intermission Generico and Steen brawled out to the ring and were joined by Corino and Cabana. They were separated by officials and wrestlers but Generico broke free, grabbed someone`s necktie and choked out Steen with it!!!
Omega and Daniels was fantastic and felt like old-school ROH match-ups where the simple idea is that these guys would have a great match together. And they did...
Titus and King are one of my favorite acts and King has more charisma and ability thatn 75% of the rookies who've been on NXT and some of the pros too. Of course none of that would have been able to happen if he'd won Tough Enough 8 years ago...
Aries and Delirious was fine and the Gauntlet was fun. I thought that Roderick winning with interference was out of place on the show but if that's my biggest complaint that's pretty damn good.
Pre-show matches had The Bravado Brothers over Sebastian Suave (local guy who went out with a friend of mine; he's pretty a wrestler, I mean) and Mike Sydal. Sydal does a cool spot where his opponent kicks his leg and his bump is to land in the splits and scream in pain. Other pre-show match was Bobby Dempsey and Grizzly Redwood over Ernie Osiris and Rip Impact (Ontario guy who looks the best I've seen him).
Everyone needs to see this show. In 2010 it is refreshing that good ol' wrestling can do the trick with no guest host, no Bubba the Love Sponge and no booking committee that treats providing a finish like an inconvenience. Jim Cornette and company are in a great groove and it's funny that TNA didn't realize that Cornette could have been the solution to their problems and instead thought that firing him was the solution to their problems. Of course, now they have more problems than they ever have while ROH is the strongest it's been in a long time. Kinda makes ya think, huh?
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Hi Dave.

Thumbs way up.

Best match: Black vs. Richards

Worst match: Aries vs. Delirious.

Just got back from the show. It was an awesome, well energized crowd. Jim Cornette was signing autographs and taking pics all night long next to the merch table.

The show had two dark matches. Bravado Brothers beat Sebastien Suave and Mike Sydal (two local guys) to start the show, and Bobby Dempsey and Grizzley Redwood beat Ernesto Osiris and Rip Impact.

The crowd was way hot for Steen/Generico. Awesome way to start the show.

All Night Express/Up in Smoke was good too. King and Titus are great live and Cheech and Cloudy are really underrated.

I gave Aries/Delirious worst match of the night only because of the DQ finish. The match was fine and I see these guys continuing.

Toronto gauntlet was good too but the crowd was overworked a bit for it. Dux got a great pop for being the local guy. Really shocked he beat Edwards. I would've though they would have kept their TV champ strong here.

They never mentioned Truth Martini to the live crowd so i had no idea who he was. I guess Strong is now a heel with the managerial services of Martini.

They had an intermission and during it, Steen and Generico fought out to the ring and were joined by Corino and Colt, the faces drove the heels off and Generico got a big pop.

Daniels and Omega was just a wrestling clinic. It's good to see Daniels having fun, not like his last days in TNA.

Tag titles probably got the crowd into it the most. I've never seen Hagadorn take so much abuse before. I don't know if this program will still go on.

Main event was the best match of the night. Not surprised the crowd turned on Black. Poor guy is getting the wrong kind of heat ala Cena/X-Pac.

The right man won as it looks like it will set up Black and a now heel Strong.

Eric Laganis

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

Surprising as the opener but was a smart choice as it got the crowd going. Pretty good match that keeps the feud going. They did enough to show they hate each other but left enough to “kill” each other in future matches. Rating ***


The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus) vs. Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy)

Fine tag match with some good back and forth action.  Rating **1/4


Delirious vs. Austin Aries

Probably my least favorite match on the show. It seemed like it was just going then there was a dq but still it was okay for what it was. Rating *1/2


Roderick Strong (with Truth Martini) vs. Eddie Edwards (with Shane Hagadorn), Steve Corino, Tyson Dux, Shawn Daivari (with The Embassy), and Colt Cabana in the 2nd Annual Toronto Gauntlet

I missed some of this match in the beginning because the feed died. Most of the matches were quick except between Edwards and Dux. It was fine nothing mind blowing but nothing bad. Rating **1/2


(2) Christopher Daniels vs. Kenny Omega

Really good match. Really back and forth both guys looked strong. This is the kind of match I like where you had Daniels who looks good going into the title picture but omega still looked good in defeat. Good stuff. Rating ***1/2


The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, with Shane Hagadorn) vs. The Briscoe’s in a no disqualification match

Started off brawling everyone was bleeding Hero and the Briscoe’s all pretty heavily. Good action and the crowd was into to it. I liked the ending with the loaded pad on the boot as Claudio spun one of the Briscoe’s can’t remember which as hero dropkicked him with the pad on his boot. Rating ****


Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards for the ROH World Championship

Well I loved this match. I wanted Davey to win but this match was so great like the fans in Canada I was just grateful for the awesomeness that I witnessed. The crowd was really all over Tyler and I think unless your name is Jerry Lynn it’s pretty much impossible to be a well liked baby face world champion in roh. This match was non stop each guy looked they were dead at least 5 times during this match. Just off the charts with MOTY chants that are truly deserved. Rating ****3/4


Over all a thumbs up show. The first half was good but nothing really great but the second half was just amazing and well worth 15 dollars. Only negative was some lag but usually if you refreshed the stream before the match you would be fine for that match. There was a thing on this show during intermission where Generico attacked Steen with a tie and choked him which Dave Prazack yelled “he should be fired” I laughed.


Al Dinkelspiel

New Jersey


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