First batch of Mania feedback

Thumbs slightly up.
Worst match Cole V. Lawler (just because of the build a huge letdown)
Best.  Taker v. HHH
First off, I havent ordered a wrestling PPV in years... I think I remember why I stopped.... Wow, what a bad case of overbooking.  Why have Lawler DQ'd after the fact, why have a double count out only to restart it with 5 min. left in the show.  Couldnt of they have done the same finish with the Rock coming out without his ring music and costing Cena the belt instead of a goofy false finish that just sucked the life out of the whole thing. Sheez.... who the hell is writing this??  Cole and Lawler could of been a circus, instead it was a boring "match" with no heat. Whats up with the 5 min. video packages before each match.. we know whats going on... we ordered the PPV...what do they think thousands of 1st time buyers who are unfamiliar with the product will be buying it??? HHH and Taker did deliver though and did save the show though Takers endless bad selling almost ruined it for me.  I cant see myself ordering another wrestling PPV for a pretty long time unless something really "must see" comes up.
P.S.... why destroy Miz in the end again, he finally gets a big win as clean as he is ever gonna get and gets hammered right after it???
Mike Kulyk

Thumbs in the middle!
Best match: 'Taker/HHH
Worst match: Cole/Lawler - I felt sorry for Jerry, but Cole's 'offence' killed this match.
Quick note: In light of Rey's 'Captain America' costume I was wondering if the object over the ring was intentionally
designed to resemble the 'Cosmic Cube' device from the upcoming movie - and many other stories in Marvel Comics?
Thanks for listening!  

David Everard


    For all that was bad, the good violently outweighed it. I thought Punk and Orton was shockingly good. I had no problem with the eight man, I couldn't possibly like HHH and Taker more ( I'm a Taker mark  ), Snooki amused me, King and Cole was a lot of fun and the Miz and Cena intros made up for an okay match and silly finish. 

    Best Regards, 

          Shawn Colton !
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Punk vs Orton
Worst Match: Cole vs Lawler
Besides Cole-Lawler, there was nothing bad on this show but nothing that blew
you away either. Cole-Lawler was just way too long for what it needed to
accomplish. I liked the pyschology in all of the main matches and the less
important matches were kept short.
Mike Ritschel

Thumbs Down

Best Match - Triple H vs. Undertaker

Worst Match - John Cena vs. Miz

As The Miz would say - "Really...really...REALLY?"  Strange end to a strange show.  Started off fine, but died a death with that ending.  Triple H and Undertaker busted their asses during that match - should have went on last in my opinion.  Cena was nearly booed out of the building tonight. 

A lot of stuff didn't click for me on this show.  I am sure I will not be alone in that sentiment. 

Michael Barton
Monticello, NY

Hey Dave,

Thumbs Down!
Best Match: HHH vs. Taker, almost begrudgingly
Worst Match: Corre vs. Show/Kane/Marella/Kingston

I absolutely cannot believe the kind of mistakes the WWE made with this year's show.  There was some real good here for sure, but the bad outweighed it.  Things didn't start off well with the axing of Sheamus/Bryan.  Let me be clear: though a Dragon mark, I do not expect him to be any sort of major player in the WWE and to leave him off of the biggest show in the world is somewhat reasonable.  Sheamus, though, a 2-time WWE Champion?  Breakout star of last year?  That's really pathetic.  I know that neither of those two are the most over fellows in the company, but there was a clip of Fan Axxess where two Irish guys claimed they had come all the way to see Sheamus at WrestleMania.  Guess they didn't.  It also majorly sucks to have something as advertised not be present at your show.  People were looking forward to that match, and "Daniel Bryan" trended on Twitter due to outrage.  Edge/Alberto was a good fun match (though Alberto shouldn't have been beaten), but it was silly to have as a curtain-jerker.  So you need a fun, important match to get the crowd excited: That's why you have secondary belts.  Rey/Cody had a lot of good storyline psychology since I've been enjoying the feud, but was nothing special.  The 8-Man tag could have been fun without being technically solid, but instead it ended in 90 seconds with more than half the participants never tagging in.  Why even book it?  Orton/Punk had great psychology but didn't go long enough.  Cole/Lawler had its moments of absolute glory, but dragged in the middle while Lawler was trying to take Cole's offense seriously.  The DQ swerve at the end was absolute crap, and in the "screw this company" way, not the "screw this heel" way."  The Snooki 6-man tag was inoffensive but a waste of Morrison and Ziggler's talents.  Gotta say: My absolute favorite part of the night was when the Wile E. Coyote cam was turned on for Snooki's music to hit.  The camera hung before the crowd...and when the music hit no one stood up and you saw half the seats empty.  I'll be laughing at that one for days, oh man.  And the main event, Cena/Miz was fine.  I thought the two have both done better work, and it felt like they got too deep into the match too quickly.  The Rock beating up Cena for Miz to retain was something I predicted and expected, but it's kind of scary that the WWE keeps going back to stars of yesteryear instead of making the ones today feel important.  At this point I'm scared they'd dig up graves of deceased wrestlers before pushing younger guys.  If there's a second favorite thing on this show, it was the video packages for Miz and Cena leading up to the match.  Some of the best work the production guys have ever done.

You may have noticed I skipped over HHH/Taker.  I have controversial opinions, I suppose (and I didn't expect you guys to like it so much).  A friend put it well when he said it was like the worst wrestling video game match you've ever seen.  From the get go it felt like the two guys were attempting to show off a bunch of cool moves instead of executing a real match.  Yeah, I went "Oh snap!" when HHH spinebustered Taker through the Spanish announce table, but it had no real thought or psychology or behind it, unlike the HBK series of the past two years.  It was pretty exciting to see Taker kick out of all the chairshots and pedigrees, but that was almost solely based on the characters.  It was brawling, brawling, brawling, finishers, finishers.  The production and big questions (Will the streak end?) made it exciting, but the actual competition is something that could be seen in your local indy promotion.

In 2009 you guys told me about a conference call Vince held where he said he'd be committed to building new stars.  This entire WrestleMania felt like a fat middle finger that read "F**k you, new stars."

Patrick Kay
Hey, Dave and Bryan.

Thumbs DOWN.

Best Match: UT vs HHH
Worst Match: Almost everything else (Maybe Cody vs Rey and Orton vs Punk were mildly good)

I can't believe they took out Danielson and Sheamus for Peewee Herman and Snoop Dogg. Lawler and Cole seems to continue...after this I don't want that to happen. UT and HHH had a hell of a match. Even The Rock couldn't save this disaster of a PPV. Thank heaven I didn't paid for this crap.

Camilo Marín.
Thumbs Down
Best Match - Undertaker v. Triple-H
Worst Match - Miz v. Cena
It has been 10 years since The Rock and Stone Cold were at their peaks and worked a full schedule.  But, they were the stars of this Wrestlemania.  I love seeing the veteran wrestlers come back for Mania, but the focus must be on the Superstars who will be driving Raw and Smackdown for the next twelve months.  Did any of the younger wrestlers--The Miz, Del Rio, Swagger or Rhodes--come out of Mania in a stronger position than when they came?
-Dennis Miller, Columbia MO
Thumbs in the middle.

My first time purchasing Wrestlemania (been to one, watched one in a bar) and I'm left feeling pretty disappointed.  Taker/HHH certainly stole the show (though Taker/Michaels last year was better), but even that was underwhelming until the finishing sequence.  Is that the best they could come up with to move the Rock/Cena issue along?  The ending of the main event felt like an angle to move the story ahead and not what I expect out of the biggest show of the year.  I did enjoy most of the matches, and there was a lot more old school psychology in play than WWE typically uses, but there was no great Wrestlemania moment.  I liked how the first few matches displayed the antagonists working on specific body parts and telling stories around that - you don't get that as much as you used to.

Best match: Taker/HHH
Worst Match: the 8-man tag

-- Andrew Williams


Wrestlemania 27 Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best match: Undertaker vs HHH
Worst match: Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole
I have mixed feelings on the show but overall would have to give a thumbs up. I was really disappointed by Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan being taken off the show, first because I really wanted to see them get a showcase and second because it is just indicative of not wanting to give people a chance. By this standard, Steve Austin, The Rock and Shawn Michaels all would have been kept off the first Wrestlemania they were in the company for. And HHH would have been as well if he hadn't been facing the Ultimate Warrior.
And they certainly could have trimmed a few minutes off of the Lawler-Cole match, which would have made that match better, and I think the length of introduction time and post-match time for Undertaker vs HHH was unnecessary and took from the show. I don't know what they think will happen when Undertaker and HHH aren't available to them, perhaps as early as next year, and hardly anyone else seems worthy of being on Mania.
That being said I did enjoy most of the show. Edge vs Del Rio was great and was close to being my match of the night. The booking did seem to make sense with them saying that Edge had never successfully defended at Mania. Del Rio got his "main event' even if it was the first match and with the post-match stuff I think they'll have a match at Extreme Rules where Del Rio takes the title and could be just as over as he would have been anyway.
I really liked Cody and Rey's match and it seems like they may be building Cody for a World title run, that would be my guess if they don't still go with Del Rio.
The Corre seems to be pretty dead, Sheamus losing his match with HHH is still better off than Barrett losing his match with Taker.
Orton vs Punk was pretty good. Punk's work was really good and Orton did sell well.
Lawler vs Cole was pretty fun, especially Swagger's work, up until Cole went for the Swagger-Bomb from the ropes. At that point they should have hurried it up because it was obvious Cole had no business being in there. His heat before the match was great but this took away from it. Lawler and Austin working together was fun but I didn't like the amount of post-match stuff. It was not necessary to do this stuff just to have Lawler and Ross call the rest of the show.
HHH vs Undertaker was a great match bell-to-bell. Both guys worked unbelievably hard and it does seem like it is one of the last matches for both guys at Mania if not the last. Really good from both guys.
The six-person match was somewhat fun, I would have liked some Morrison-Ziggler work in the ring but oh well, at least this didn't get taken off the show. And Snooki's moves at the end were much more than I expected.
The video segment for Miz was amazing and totally made him seem like a star. The intro for Cena was a little more than necessary. I loved the early part of the match and although there was a bit of a lag in the middle third I liked the ending and really like that Miz kept the title.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match – Taker vs HHH
Worst Match – Santino, Kane, Show vs The Corre
Punk vs Orten was second best match
Liked the show, but hated no Shaemus vs Daniel Bryan
Also hated the changing of Edge vs Del Rio because it was too obvious of an ending.
 David Walsh
Hi Dave,

Thumbs down on WM.  Big thumbs down and reminded me of WCW's dark days with poor PPV's and match finishes.

Best match: Undertaker vs HHH.
Worst match: Last-place tie between all the others.

Thanks for tonight's coverage,
Joe Freda
(Boston, MA)

Hey Dave
Thumbs down
Best match; HHH vs Taker
Worst match: 8 man
What a letdown. Far too many skits and promos. How can we not get Sheamus vs Bryan trying to put on a good match but can get the rock going on and on and on. And don't get me started on pee wee, the rapping, the choir, etc. What possessed them to book the damn car to be more important to del rio than the TITLE? I didn't think I'd be more surprised @ him not winning but then to see him more upset than losing the title match erased that. Why even have the eight man, really?  The entrances took longer. Rhodes vs Rey was entertaining but slighty off at times. Lawler Cole was okay as well but hate that finish. And my god, them fighting on commentary all night..enough. Hhh taker was Amazing but couldn't save the show. Cena and miz must have been dreading following that. That gospel thing just made more hate on cena. What was he (or they) thinking?  What was anyone thinking for most of this show?  Can't deliver this for 60 bucks in this economy. I wonder how much feedback will be won over by the one great match
Michael O'Brien
Brockton, MA

Thumbs down.
Rock was trite, one dimensional, and endlessly dragged out his limited repertoire.
Worst:  Miz/Cena. Had no heat, until the fans were going to go home happy with Cena winning. Rock ruined that and the match, in a nonsensical fashion.
Best:  HHH/Taker
Didn't know Snooki could tumble like that, but she shouldn't have been allowed to pin someone.
Mike Devlin
Thumbs up for the show.

Best match: Triple H vs. Undertaker. Off the charts great. Is the ban on chair shots to the head lifted?

Worst match: The Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi.

I don't know what it means for the future but they gave the audience what they wanted with The Rock at the end of the show.
Tom Wagner
Thumbs down

Best Match: Taker v HHH

Worst Match: Cole v King

One of the worst Wrestlemanias of all time. The show was far too much centred around The Rock not realising the repercussions it has on The Miz. Certainly bumping Bryan v Sheamus didn't help as the show lacked quality in its matches. I have no idea where they are going with Edge, unless Del Rio is going to Raw in the draft. Cody Rhodes' star is shining bright and could be a viable option for Edge providing they book him correctly as a fierce heel. The over-protection of Orton is something which continually frustrates me - never does it seem someone goes over him clean. The major plus about the show was JR announcing the final four matches - he is what the product has been missing for a few years now.

For all the hype on Raw, the show failed to deliver. It was a major crash and burn - perhaps the Creative team will learn from failing to build new stars.
Suheil Seedat
What a load of monkey crap.

Worse matches were the 8 man tag & Mixed person matches.

Best Matches were probably the ADR/Edge & Cody/Rey matches.

Less said about the Main Event the better. 

One of the worse WrestleManias in the events history, definitely in the worse top 6

Mark Webb, London, England.
Best Match: HHH/Taker
Worst Match: Corre/4 goofs

I think I'd give the match a thumbs slightly up.

The HHH/Taker match was great, Jim Ross really helped make it feel so much more. I also really liked the Punk/Orton match.

However, the rest of the show was really so so. They bump Daniel Bryan/Seamus for what? Snoop Dogg? That piece of shit Corre "match"? The Cole/Lawler match was going great until that GM finish. And the Cena/Miz match really should have gone on before the HHH/Taker match. The Rock's involvment wasn't really adding anything when you think about it. Where is the "happy" ending that everyone was thinking about? The Miz as champ? That said I did like the video packages to set up the main event. 

Frankly, while the Rock's addition certainly helped buys, I think it sort of took the show down a bit. He wasn't in every bit of the show but the crowd waiting for him to show up really hurt the last match.  I also think that the Georgia Dome seemed, to be, to be a cold building. I bet Bryan will say differently, but it sure didn't sound like a lively crowd on TV.

I will watch it again to see if I feel differently but this is a thumbs up by the scantest of margins.

Mike Vincent

overall thumbs up

best match taker/hhh

worst rey/rhodes



Edge's entrance looked like a man that was just told he was retaining the belt as his music started to play. He was PSYCHED. Del Rio goes down as the first Rumble winner to not win the belt; but the post match beatdown of the car shows they want to take this feud longer (tag-matches?) before putting him over.

Will Mistico debut to aid Mysterio? And when did we get a "WWE Board of Commisioners"? Thanks Cole, that brought back memories of Jack Tunney's office. Rhodes with half-boots and no knee pads = "alternative". Sorry, I'm not going to meetings. I was expecting Rey to do the throat slash before the diving headbutt. Maybe that would have been to obvious? Did this match drag or did they just get more time then the Title match they followed?

It's never a good sign for your career when your in an 8 man tag match and your combined introductions last longer then your match. Remember Ray Combs introducing the 8 man tag in Indianapolis?

Wasn't Orton in the same match position last year (4th from start)? At least this year he had a credible opponent, vs last year's two 1/2-credible opponents. Good match, but Orton as a face just doesn't work for me. And to be honest, he doesn't act it. Great timing on the finish though.

I just realized that nobody has pointed at the wrestlemania sign tonight!

Pee Wee? Seriously? Or was that Jamison? No, that was peewee. Jamison must have been getting ready for his Hall of Fame induction next year.

Fink didn't pluralize Road Warrior.

I type this as they are showing the pre-match tape: Cole is getting his clock cleaned like no other in Mania history. Introducing Booker like that was Vince's joke? No one cheers for JR until he cleared the entrance ramp and they were sure it was the real deal. Cole needs to sit with his chair pushed farther back from the desk so he can get some light on them white boy legs. Lawler wins the award for highest drop kick out of the current roster. Josh Matthews wears gray socks with his tux. Metro! Austin drinks and drives an ATV. Start scheduling the D.A.R.E, MADD, and SADD meetings as well!

They forked out how much cash for 2 minutes of "For whom the bell tolls?" At least make him walk the ramp to it as well. Taker did.

Taker's gassed and the match just started. Cole Mine is gone. HHH just got bump of the night for the backdrop off the table, immediately grabbing at his wrist upon landing. And Taker trumps it with the Swan Dive. good god!Spanish announcers now heading for the boarder, but trapped by the Cole Mine. Taker made extra effort to cushion his head as HHH nails the spinebuster through la Mesa.

This entire PPV went from thumbs in the middle to thumbs up just with the switch in announcers.

Even with JR's selling, it's hard to comprehend that they are going to end the streak. Not through lack of either man trying, it's just not a believable story. Bonus points for creative finish: Number 19 is the 1st submission. Another Bad Sign: when your post match celebration lasts as long as your match and your still laying on the canvas, you probably need to really consider hanging it up. easy 4.5 - 5 star match, but come on. Now we know why they didn't put that match on last. That wouldn't be a good way to end the show. I doubt Michelle would be making her entrance now if taker was truly injured.

They should have dropped Taker off in the back and used that stretcher to wheel Snooki's Fat Ass down the ramp. Are the crosses on Michelle's outfits reminders of the political power she holds backstage? Morrison and Stratus are trying to make the best out of their less-then-favorable placement. Snooki scores the pinfall with a Skankflip into a bellyflop. Tugboat Thomas lives!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Bad sign #3: your company hires a gospal choir and does a pre-match prayer to minimize the boos, and the crowd still doesn't mind booing loudly.

Bad sign #4: Your top "face" bows to pressure and switches to a red t-shirt and wrist bands. Then you get out-booed over the Miz.

Cena clearly seen coaching miz into putting on the full-nelson.

Alex Riley must have stold his ring jacket from the hotel bellhop, while Miz's looks like it came from Taker's Corporate Ministry Days.

This match is lackluster, by far. I remember buying Mania for the main event before, not "all the other matches" and "what might be happening".

Cena forgot to yell "Hoooo" and stick his tongue out before that running clothesline.

Flat ending to the match, bad heat.

Restart by the rock for 5 seconds and a rock bottom... ???

Miz gets another unclean win. It SOUNDS like the Rock has forgotten to pull his punches in the ring.

They should have ended the show with taker/hhh, and just had Taker raise his fist in the air at the top of the ramp.


 Eric Granke


Best match: Undertaker v HHH

Worst match: Corre v Show/Kingston/Kane/Santino


Really good opener with Edge/Del Rio, but felt it had the wrong winner. Didn’t like that fact Del Rio got beat clean. What was the point of him winning Royal Rumble if he was going to lose in  the manner he did? And if they want new stars for the future, this was not the way to go about it. ***


Rey Mysterio v Cody Rhodes was really good. Cody ivolving well in his new “dark role”. Rey looked weird with that Captain America suit, but good match nevertheless and the 20 second superlex spot was good. ***


Corre v Show/Kingston/Kane/Santino. Worst match on the card. They bumped off Sheamus v Daniel Bryan for this? Last year Sheamus was in a feud with the son of the company, and now he is losing to The Great Khali in dark matches. Daniel Bryan is not getting the push he deserves. He has more charisma than most wrestlers on the roster. DUD.


CM Punk v Randy Orton was decent. I would also like to go on record to say that CM Punk is the best heel WWE have had in a long, long while. I liked the reversal RKO spot, but the one with Evan Bourne was much better. Hopefully this feud continues. Still feel there is a lot of gas left in it. **1/2


King v Michael Cole. Good to see good ol’ JR back. Poor Jack Swagger. Last year he won the MITB, this year he’s carrying out Michael Cole’s towel. Not a good sign. A little bit boring, but the presence of Stone Cold made it a little bit more excitable. This whole GM business really needs to stop now. It was pointless reversing that decision. **


Undertaker v HHH. Like this was ever in doubt, but kudos to both wrestlers, they put there bodies on the line. Excellent match, of course the “no holds barred” rule helping the match feel more bigger than it actually was. At last the Cole-mine, or whatever it is called, was destroyed as well, but no doubt it will be back Monday night.  3 Pedigree’s. Numerous chairshots, and a tombstone was not enough to put the Phenom down, but when he locked in the Gogoplata, they made it look very effective, especially as HHH slowly “died” down.  You knew it was over for HHH when he dropped the sledgehammer while being choked.  I also like how every Wrestlemania since probably Batista, Taker is finding it harder to put opponents to bed. WWE probably taking a factor of his age into context. ****


Cena v The Miz. Boring. Very boring until The Rock showed up. I never had any hope for this match in all honesty. John Cena using the same 4 moves in every single match has got so repetitive. I only had interest in this for what The Rock would do in the aftermath. I knew he would restart the match after Miz and Cena were counted out. Never did I think The Rock would screw John Cena, but I am glad he did. Looking good for a proper Rock v Cena feud.



The Rock was as usual, his legendary self. His opening segment, you could tell the crowd was going nuts for him. The Mae Young part was pretty cool and then when Austin turned up, they did the glare, then handshake, which was EPIC. The Pee-wee segment, however, was an absolute disaster. Not even Rock could save that bullshit. I am glad he screwed over the obnoxious John Cena.


Overall prediction, 7/10


Nav Yousafi



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WrestleMania 27 deserves a Thumbs up. 

 Best Match:  Triple H vs. Undertaker.  The gogoplata finish with the sledgehammer tease was great.  Honorable mention:  CM Punk and Randy Orton showed pretty good awareness in the ring.

Worst Match:  I was glad to see Cody get the win even though I wasn't that impressed with the match.  Rey botched spots a little too much.  I was also glad to see that the 8 man tag only lasted 90 seconds. 

"Divasaurus" was great.  Rocked cracked me up throughout the night.  I'm glad he gave Cena the Rock Bottom.  The Stone Cold stare-down was awesome.  The thought of Snooki being in the ring totally made me sad, but I loved the fact that she played up to the boos and did all her little flips.  I was kind of proud of her.  I was surprised by Edge winning.   Everyone thought Christian was going to turn on him.  The Miz video was great.  The Cena video was too.  I almost felt like that was an open apology to the Rock and his fans.  He didn't have his fruity pebbles shirt on.  This show made me feel like a fan again.  The nostalgic value of this show didn't take away from the new generation of entertainers and I thought it was a perfect blend.  Way to go, WWE! 


Taylor Piner



Hello Dave

I would like to share my thoughts on such a bad wrestlemania

Best match: Taker/HHH
Worst match: Snooki match or Corre match

The opener disappointed me, because I know Del Rio from his Dos Caras days, and Edge is a great performer. Howevere, it seemed to me like a TV match, with no intensity whatsoever, way too short, and a crappy ending, way to build a new star in Dos Caras by making him lose. Cody vs Rey was pretty damn good, although the crowd didn't care, and I hated the Rey costume. Orton and Punk did a great match, but did Orton need the win? Corre match was just a joke. Jerry vs King was as I expected, but the reversed decision was bullcrap. You paid to see Cole get a beating, and shut his mouth, but now he's gonna make a big deal out of it on RAW, and it will more annoying than before. Taker/HHH was without a doubt the match of the night, not as good as the HBK matches, but still good. But again, crappy finish with the Hells gate. Snooki match was just dumb, but I give credit to the athletism on the cartwheel. Miz and Cena had the most ridiculous ending as a main event, it was just pure crap. Rock made me smile with the best move of the night. CENA GOT BOTTOMED! What a poorly booked WM.

One complaint that i have is that I was so anxiously waiting the Bryan/Sheamus match, and then I found out by the main event that they didn't even do it, and it was a battle royal. I felt robbed, because they promoted the match on the card, and they didn't even show anything. I would have taken all the crappy backstage segments to have this match.

Overall I felt that this show was just a mix a regular PPV with TV matches, and I truly regret ordering this pay per view. I guess I will be more excited to see Sin Cara on Monday Night than any of these matches that were on the card. Thumbs in the middle, crappy show.

Xavier Hernandez


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