Major star announces retirement; Extreme Rules main event

Edge announced his retirement tonight on Raw citing neck problems that were beginning to numb both of his arms.  He said doctors gave him the word and did a long interview talking about being a fan as a child, career highlghts, being in a headline match at WrestleMania with Undertaker and how he beat Alberto Del Rio in his final major match.

It was announced Edge would vacate the title at tomorrow night's Smackdown tapings in Albany, NY.

Edge was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which means his spinal cord was narrowing after getting an MRI on 4/4 after WrestleMania.  It is the same injury Steve Austin was diagnosed with in 1999, causing him to need neck surgery.  

Stemming from a gauntlet series of matches, where it came down to John Cena vs. R-Truth and a no contest finish when Miz and Alex Riley interfered, it was announced Miz vs. Cena vs. Truth in a three-way would headline the 5/1 Extreme Rules show.  Also announced was Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger.


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