NXT TV reports from the past two weeks

WWE NXT: Redemption: The super duper "I have no life" edition
by Emerson "I can't believe I watched these two shows either" Witner
Yes I have decided to watch and review the two weeks I missed!
May God have mercy on my soul.
March 29, 2011
LIVE! (on tape) from Chicago, Illinois
Technically we are 5 days away from WrestleMania and NXT starts with Matt Striker calling the rookies to the ring. Maryse is getting the week off for some odd, unknown reason.
Going into tonight, the only two rookies with Redemption Points are Titus O'Neil with 5 points and Darren Young with 7.
Up first is an arm wrestling tournament for 4 points.
The man who wins his first round match the quickest, gets a bye into the finals.
Darren Young vs Byron Saxton (w/backwards trucker hat)
Darren wins a hard fought contest in 23.7 seconds
Conor O'Brian vs Lucky Cannon (w/robe)
Lucky spends forever disinfecting his hands, before spraying hand sanitizer in Conor's eyes and getting disqualified. Somehow that took 11 seconds.
Titus O'Neil vs Jacob Novak (now with gold trunks)
Titus slams Jacob's hand down in 3.5 seconds.
Conor then beat Darren Young in the semi finals, to lead to the final of...
Titus O'Neil vs Conor O'Brian
Titus won quickly.
So yes, Titus won another challenge and now has 9 Redemption points.
At this point, I fast forwarded about 35 minutes. What I "missed" was a Darren Young video, where he blasted his Season 1 Pro, my Straight Edged Savior C.M. Punk and a LOT of video's for WrestleMania.
6-Rookie Tag
Conor O'Brian, Byron Saxton & Titus O'Neil vs Lucky Cannon (w/robe), Darren Young &
Jacob Novak
Conor and Lucky started. Conor with a series of deep arm drags and goes to work on Lucky's arm. Titus tags in, barks, and drops a leg on Lucky's arm.
Lucky with a knee to Titus and tags in Darren Young, who runs into a pair of arm drags by Titus.
Saxton tags in, but walks into a side Russian Legsweep for a 2 count and Team #2 goes to work on Byron.
I'll tell you what, if Byron wasn't such a great cocky heel, he'd make an even better babyface in peril.
All 3 members of the Lucky/Darren/Jacob trio are going to work on Saxton, including triple teaming him when Titus had the refs attention.
Novak misses an elbow but Saxton can't make the tag! Novak slaps on a rear chin lock and Saxton, valiently, fights out of and finally makes the tag to the big man, Titus O'Neil.
It's bonzo gonzo (as I steal another line from EWR) as the other 4 fight outside the ring,
Titus nails the Clash Of The Titus (Lo-Down) on Novak for the win!
Winners: Titus O'Neil, Conor O'Brien and Byron Saxtom
Time: 6:27
And that is it for March 27. And if you have any...wait a sec...I am only half done...
April 5, 2011
LIVE! From Charlotte, North Carolina (WHOOOOO!)
The NXT rookies, Matt and Maryse are already in the ring to start the show.
We start with Hot Seat Trivia for 4 Redemption Points. Matt will list a catagory and then each man lists one name until someone gets one wrong.
WrestleMania 27 winners
Darren Young, who was first, answered Bret Hart.
Byron: Undertaker
Jacob: Orton
Conor: Snooki (Maryse booed)
Lucky said he slept with Matt's girlfriend the night before
Titus: Cody Rhodes
Byron: Edge
Jacob: Miz
Conor couldn't think of anyone.
So we are down to 3 as we go to the next catagory...
Any 2011 Hall Of Fame Inductee
Titus: Jim Duggan
Byron: Shawn Michaels
Jacob: Sunny
Titus: Road Warriors
Byron: Bullet Bob
Jacob couldn't think of anyone
The final catagory was name any NXT rookie in the first 5 seasons. Titus started and then Byron went.
They mentioned (in order) Titus O'Neil, Byron Saxton, Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, David Otunga, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Eli Cottonwood, Brodus Clay, Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman before Titus slipped up and said Byron Saxton, who was already mentioned.
So Byron wins 4 Redemption points!
Conor O'Brian (w/Vladimir Kozlov) vs Jacob Novak (w/JTG)
Kozlov's arm was in a sling from the beating The Corre gave him at Axxess.
Todd revealed the reason Conor now wears gold trunks is a few weeks ago Byron said it looked like he was wearing a diaper and this hurt Conor's feelings.
Ya know, I think I have seen this match before...
Conor in control of the early going, working on the arm and with a drop toe hold and a front chin lock.
Conor, tho, ran into Novaks boots and got flipped into the corner turnbuckle.
Novak stomps away with elbows, boots and knees, but only gets a 1 count.
A Rude Awakening gets Novak a 2 count, but Conor fights out of a front chin lock with a back body drop.
Novak sends Conor into the corner, but misses the MVP boot to the face in the corner and Conor rolls him up for the win!
Winner: Conor O'Brian
Time: 4:09
Backstage Lucky Cannon (w/robe) approaches Yoshi and apologizes for whats been happening with them and Maryse. Yoshi tells him to apologize to Maryse. Lucky said he no longer wants her and heard that Maryse thinks he's cute.
So Yoshi walked up to Maryse and asked her on a date. Ted DiBiase randomly appeared, and with absolutely no emotion, said "no", before beating Yoshi all over the backstage area.
Ted yelled at Maryse saying that Yoshi couldn't afford Maryse.
Elsewhere backstage JTG and Vladimir Kozlov are having a conversation. I need the script of this show, just to see what the hell Kozlov was saying.
What I think happened is JTG agreed to make Jacob Novak fly and Vladimir agreed to make Conor look fierce. (I know someone who could help...)
Titus O'Neil & Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young
The rookies start. Darren takes the early advantage with a headlock, but runs into Titus' boots. Chavo tags in and Titus refuses to tag in Hornswoggle.
Chavo doesn't allow a clean break to take the advantage, as Todd and Mr. Regal discuss the epic Chavo-Hornswoggle feud of 2009.
Hornswoggle tags himself in and wants Darren Young.
Darren wants a test of strength and gets on his knees. Darren easily overpowers the little man and begins laughing. Horny then kicked him in the groin, followed by a kick to Chavo's shin.
Titus tags back in and runs over Darren and hits a powerslam before barking.
Chavo blind tags himself in and climbs to the top, as Darren has knocked Titus down.
Hornswoggle bites Chavo's ankles and runs under the ring. Darren gets tagged in as Chavo runs after the midget.
Titus immediately nails the Clash Of The Titus for the win
Winners: Titus O'Neil & Hornswoggle
Time: 4:27
I fast forward through 25 minutes of nothing and get to the main event...
Ted DiBiase vs Yoshi Tatsu
Maryse is at ringside applying lipstick.
There are less then 4 minutes to go in the show and we still need The Rock to come out and...wait....wrong show...
Anyway, this match was 2 minues of Ted DiBiase beating the living (and non-living) shit out of Yoshi.
Ted stomped away in the corner and would not break at 5 and was disqualified.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu
Time: 1:56
Afterwards Ted went outside and told Maryse that she has 7 days to pick between Ted DiBiase or NXT. She can't have both!
So that is it for the Super Duper I Have No Life Edition. I will be back later tonight with tonight's NXT.
And as always if you have any questions, comments, concerns or emotional outbursts, send 'em my way at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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