Terri Bey loks at the end of Edge's career

I would like to start this column by saying kudos to fellow F4Wonline subscriber Jeuron Dove for his excellent column on Edge that was posted on April 13, 2011. However, I  have decided to write this column for the site and share my thoughts on a wrestler whom I have admired for so long. Ever since Edge announced his retirement, it hasn't been easy to accept. However, I hope you enjoy the column.

How does one say goodbye to a performer, or athlete that one has admired for so long?  I have been watching pro wrestling since September of 1998, so I have pretty much, as Edge said in his retirement speech on the April 11, 2011 episode of Raw, "watched him grow up."  I have pretty much watched go through all the phases of his career. Of course, I watched him come back time and time again from serious injury after serious injury as well.  I guess it is the suddenness of this retirement is what makes it hard. The fact that he will never get a retirement match like Flair and HBK did is very sad. It was good he got to say good bye on both Raw and Smackdown, and he is on the European Tour saying goodbye, but the fact that he didn't get to go out on his own terms makes it tough for fans to properly say goodbye.

My memories of Edge are great though. I will always remember being entertained by his and Christian's antics as the Valley Boy tag team, Edge and Christian. I loved them and Gangrel as the Brood. I will always remember his first WWE Title win at the 2006 New Years Revolution PPV.  I will always remember the Rated R Era with Lita, and his girlfriend/marriage angle with Vickie Guerrero.

I am very proud to say I was in attendance at a few of Edge's greatest moments. I was at Wrestlemania 21 where he won the first Money in the Bank. I was at Wrestlemania 22 when he beat Foley, and speared him through the flaming tables. I was at Wresltemania 24 when he and Undertaker Main Evented  that PPV. I was very proud of him. 

I have to admit. Edge has had a wonderful career. He retires with 11 World/WWE Championships. He retires with 31 titles overall. It really is a shame that he has had his career cut short when he had more to give. However, Edge is going to live a healthy life, and won't be in a wheelchair. He has made a good life for himself. It has been an privilege getting to see him in person, on television, and getting to meet him on a few occasions. The last time I got to see Edge perform live in person was at a house show in Lexington, KY. I was second row ringside, and got to shake his hand. Great moment.

Even though Edge didn't get the retirement match, he did retain the World Title at Mania, and he did get to go out on top, like the champion that he is. All I have to say is: Thank you Edge. Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for everything.

Terri Bey
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