OVW TV report 4-13 tapings in Louisville

 Here's the TV taping report for Ohio Valley Wrestling for April 14th at the Davis arena in Louisville. Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers, no Dean Hill this week. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. No Jim Cornette again for the 5th straight week, so something is definitely up with his status at OVW. His voice is still heard on the TV doing voice overs for the house shows, but that's all. The attendance was around 75 this week, but what a difference a week makes crowd reaction wise. This was more like it tonight, a responsive crowd. They were dead as a door nail last week.
There's a unique show coming to Davis arena on Friday, April 22nd called "Mondo Wrestling A Go-Go", which is an age 21+ and only show. It's some type of a combination of Circus Soleil, freak show, Burlesque dancers, and wrestling. The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on May 14th, it will be held on the second Saturday in May instead of the first because the weekend of May 7th is the Kentucky Derby.

1. Jamin Olivencia beat Lennox Lightfoot

Dark match. Lightfoot was introduced as just "Lennox" tonight. Olivencia totally dominated this match, and won with his jumping DDT.

2. Hannah Blossom w/Holly Blossom beat Taryn Shay w/Lady JoJo

Also a dark match. Shay was wearing some new red pants, which looked good on her, but they were a major problem too as she spent the whole match pulling them back up. I guess they weren't all they were "cracked up" to be. Back and forth match. Hannah got the win with a second rope Moonsault. Match wasn't bad, but Shay pulling her pants up the whole time was distracting.

3. Jason Wayne beat Randy Terrez

This was the start of the TV taping. Match got off to a fast start. Wayne with a big dropkick early on, and then a running charge to the corner. Terrez answered back with a 'Rana, and used some Lucha Libra on Wayne. Terrez hit a suicide dive to the outside on Wayne. Wayne got back in the ring and turned Terrez inside out with a wicked clothesline. Terrez went back to the Lucha well, but Wayne cut him off and hit a full nelson slam on Terrez for the win. Short, but an exciting match. Good way to open the TV show.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage promo with "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Spade was again talking about winning some gold in OVW. Shiloh Jonze interrupted Spade and suggested he and Spade team up tonight, because if they win, they will get a tag team title shot at the next Saturday Night Special. Spade told Jonze that Jonze was on a losing streak. Jonze said so what, if we team up and win tonight, we get a title shot. Spade was left thinking about it.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and out came the OVW Southern tag team champions, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver). The Elite came out with a clipboard with an open contract on it to face them at the next Saturday Night Special. The Elite said they were the best tag team in the world. Gee, then I wonder why I watched the Briscoe brothers squash them here back in December....
Out came The Iwi(King & Te Tahi) with their manager, Mr. 100% Gary O Davis. Davis said his team has traveled 8,000 miles to the land of opportunity, and they want an opportunity at the OVW Southern Tag team titles. The Iwi are from New Zealand. Ted McNaler spoke jungle gibberish at The Iwi, and then said that means no to the title match. Davis had a business proposal for The Elite. He suggested a non-title match against the Elite tonight, and if The Iwi win, they get a title shot at the next Saturday Night Special. Adam Revolver suggested that if the Iwi wants that, they have to put their green cards on the line tonight. Davis was reluctant, but had a pow wow with his team about it, and The Iwi accepted the offer, and the match was on. This segment seemed out of place with what we just saw back stage with Shiloh Jonze and Johnny Spade right before this. That promo should have aired after all this.

4. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat The Iwi(King & Te Tahi) w/Mr. 100% Gary O Davis in a non-title match

Weird psychology here, both teams were sorta heels and faces at the same time, though the Iwi were supposed to be the faces, but worked heel here last week. The Iwi hit a double dive to the outside on the Elite. Revolver knocked King off he top rope, leading to King taking the heat. King has good size. King finally hit a sidewalk slam on McNaler, leading to the hot tag to Te Tehi, who then ran wild. Te Tehi with a Samoan drop, then he hit a top rope elbow. King and McNaler brawled on the floor, meanwhile Revolver grabbed one of the tag belts, but manager Davis got on the apron, and played tug of war with the title belt. King rolled up Revolver for a very near fall during this. The Elite though, hit their double team spear spot on King and got the win, so I guess this means the Iwi are gone, they can't hang around without their green card after all. The Iwi are an interesting team, but the Samoan savage gimmick seems out of place on them. They just don't convey that to me.

"Lowrider" Matt Barela with a backstage promo. Barela said the main event tonight will be him teaming with Mike Mondo against James "Moose" Thomas and Rocco Bellagio. Barela acknowledged the past problems between he and Mondo, but said he can watch his own back.

5. Benjamin Bray & Asher Knight beat Shiloh Jonze & "Smooth" Johnny Spade

I guess Spade took Jonze up on his offer. Jonze was acting like an annoying goof all match though, needlessly celebrating after hitting the most simple offense. Spade hit a big superkick on Asher Knight, and appeared to be going up top for his Swanton to finish him off, but Jonze tagged himself in. Spade and Jonze started arguing. Spade finally just chopped Jonze and left. Asher Knight gave Jonze and diamond cutter and won it. Jonze should have an inept battle of the losers match against Lennox Lightfoot, with the loser having to pay tuition and start back at the beginning of the OVW training academy. Heh. It appears that Knight & Bray will get the tag title shot at The Elite at the May 14th Saturday Night Special, assuming The Elite are still the champs then.
A backstage promo with OVW heavyweight champion Mike Mondo aired. Mondo said nothing was accomplished between him and James "Moose" Thomas at the last Saturday Night Special, and nothing was accomplished between them last Saturday in Austin, Indiana. Mondo said there will be an anything goes match between he and Thomas on April 23rd, and suggested Thomas bring chairs or whatever he wants, and Mondo said he's bringing brass knuckles, and said this issue will get settled then. Actually, that match will air on OVW TV on April 23rd, it will be taped next Wednesday April 20th. Mondo also talked about the tag match he and Matt Barela are having against Thomas and Rocco Bellagio tonight. Mondo said he was going to chop Moose down.

Gilbert Corsey got back in the ring, and out came OVW TV champion Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B. B was holding a sign that read "32", which indicated the days left until Vaez is the longest reigning TV champion in the history of OVW. Vaez spoke of the 32 days left standing between him and history. Vaez said nobody would stand in his way. Vaez then spoke about looking into the contract he had in his match against Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade has previously won $2,500 of Vaez' money, but Vaez won it back, along with the TV title and his $11,000 Rolex watch, but Switchblade had already spent some of the money, or even most of it. Vaez wants all of the money back. Vaez said his private council has informed him that Switchblade was in gross negligence for not paying him back all the money. Vaez asked Switchblade to come out, and he did. Vaez told Switchblade that the contract read that if Switchblade does not give back all the money, that he Switchblade must forfeit his wrestling license until he pays it back. Switchblade said this was crap, anyone would have spent that money. Vaez then took a shot at the departed Christian Mascagni by saying Switchblade should have hired a Lawyer to look into his legal affairs instead of one who spends his time appearing on Internet wrestling radio shows. Heh!! Vaez said he sent the contract to the Kentucky boxing and wrestling authority, and specifically to inspector Tim Gotterman. Switchblade said this was the lowest thing Vaez has ever done. Gotterman came out, a rotund, country boy looking man. Gotterman sadly indicated what Vaez said was real, and Switchblade was forced to hand his wrestling license over to Gotterman. Gotterman told Switchblade he should appeal this ruling. Vaez said Switchblade was in a bad spot now, he owes Vaez money, but he cannot make money without his license. Vaez then offered Switchblade a job, saying he knows how bad the job market is for an unskilled worker like himself. Switchblade said "yes" in a meek and defeated tone. Vaez made him say it louder, and Vaez was over joyed. Vaez than ordered Switchblade to shake his hand. Vaez ordered Switchblade to hold the OVW TV title belt up high over his head, which he reluctantly did.
I thought this angle was decent, and it was interesting to see a legit member of the Kentucky athletic commission get involved in a pro wrestling angle. I didn't find the scenario overly believable though, plus, they did two card pulling angles the same show with the Iwi losing their green cards earlier in the show. Too similar of stuff. The Iwi thing was much worse though, that was totally "unbelievable bullshit". Can't suspend disbelief with stuff that flimsy. But, the Vaez and Switchblade stuff should be fun for the next 32 days......

6. James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green & The Paparazzi beat Mike Mondo & "Lowrider" Matt Barela

TV main event time. Both Mondo and Barela got the better of Moose and Bellagio early. Barela ended up taking the heat though, with Thomas and Bellagio working on his left arm. Mondo came in and and broke Bellagio down with chops, punches, and head butts. Moose caught Mondo on the outside, and ran him back first into the ring post. Mondo then took the heat for awhile. Bellagio with a delayed vertical suplex on Mondo. He tried it again, but Mondo fought out of it with knees to the head. Mondo faked out Bellagio to make the hot tag to Barela. Barela slugged The Paparazzi off the apron, and hit a spinebuster and a back suplex on Bellagio. Mondo hit a rolling running dive off the apron on Moose Thomas on the floor, than brawled with Thomas on the outside. Barela slugged Mo Green off the apron. Prince Bolin came in with a cane, but Barela caught him. Bellagio though gave Barela a low blow, and got the win. Big, albeit tainted, win for Bellagio. Thomas and Mondo kept fighting on the floor, so the jobber squad ran out and Mondo and Thomas had a pull apart.
Mondo took the mic and talked about fighting Thomas in an anything goes match next week. Mondo kept saying next Wednesday April 23rd though, which was confusing people. Again, next Wednesday is the 20th, the match will air on TV on Saturday the 23rd. Mondo ordered Kenny Bolin to take his sunglasses off, which Bolin did. Mondo told Kenny to tell Prince and company that next week he was going to knock James "Moose" Thomas' teeth down his throat. Kenny didn't like this announcement.

7. Paredyse beat Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B & Rudy Switchblade by DQ so Vaez retains the OVW TV title

Dark match. Switchblade's "job" here was to hold up the "32" sign. He didn't look thrilled about it. Paredyse got a big pop here. Paredyse came out with a tickle me Elmo doll, or something like that, and did not want to give it to the ref before the match. Paredyse grabbed the TV title belt and left briefly before the match, which annoyed Vaez greatly. Paredyse with over a dozen arm drags on Vaez, and he smacked Vaez on the rear end several times, so yeah, all Paredyse for quite awhile here. Vaez finally got a face plant in, and then he applied an abdominal stretch. In a neat spot, Paredyse tried to block the abdominal stretch from being fully applied, but Vaez bit his arm and then locked in it. Vaez and Paredyse trading punches. Vaez with a back suplex on Paredyse, but Paredyse answered back with one of his own. Paredyse kissed Vaez, then hit a drop kick, and a Bronco buster in the corner. Mr. B finally ran in and attacked Paredyse for the flagrant DQ. B was yelling that he was doing his job, which of course is to insure that Vaez holds the TV title for at least 32 more days. Paredyse gabbed Mr. B and kissed him. Fun match here between two of the stalwarts of the modern day OVW roster. Fun show overall tonight, despite some of the lack of believability in some of the angles. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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