Ultimate Fighter week three TV report

The Ultimate Fighter 13 Ep. 3 Recap: Brock Explains, Lenny fights, Polley apologizes

What You Need To Know: Ryan McGillivray defeated Len Bentley in an entertaining majority decision win, putting Team dos Santos up 2-1. This was arguably the most entertaining show of the season, but Brock Lesnar still is more subdued than anyone expected him to be. However, conflicts started to arise in Team JDS.

Five Standout Moments/Storylines

- Brock has to explain 'chicken shit into chicken salad' comment.

At the top of the show, some of Team Lesnar was apparently put off by his closing comments on Ep. 2 when he exclaimed how the team has gone from 'chicken shit to chicken salad' following Chris Cope's win. Among those note thrilled was no. 1 pick Len Bentley, leading Lesnar to feel he needed to fight as his attitude was starting to slip.

Later, Lesnar explained the context of his comments to the team without exploding or calling them out which surprised me. If a reference to being turned into chicken salad bothers you, you're in for a rough go in MMA. Go watch practice footage from any NFL or NHL team and see what is said there.

Old Lesnar may have exploded on these guys. New Lesnar? Not so much. He also didn't attend the show's only fight as he had to depart due to 'a personal issue' which he didn't want to discuss.

- Team dos Santos gets a new member

As Keon Caldwell left the show in Ep. 2 because he wanted to go home, Justin Edwards arrived to take his place. He said he gets stopped in casinos all the time for people thinking he's Randy Couture. There is a slight similarity, but then again, bald head with a beard isn't exactly a unique look these days. He didn't even have cauliflower ear!

I was under the assumption from last week's preview that Edwards' arrival caused some tension. If so, it wasn't shown here.

- Lew Polley gets chastised

Team JDS wrestling coach Lew Polley decided that JDS was being too polite and nice to the team and that he was going to be more 'realistic'. This resulted in a hard practice where Shamar Bailey got cut and Polley yelled quite a bit. It's hard to say whether this was really him or a tough guy act for the camera, but JDS didn't like it and took Polley to task for his regimen later on.

Polley accepted it, but then took to the interwebs this past week and ripped dos Santos for being one way in front of the camera and another way off it. At last note, JDS was the top contender for the UFC Heavyweight title and Polley is 10-4 and has never fought on a major show. There's always several ways to coach and given the end result of Ep. 3, perhaps JDS' approach works better in this situation.

- People don't trust Chris Cope

We have our first potential mole alert! Coming off his first fight and win, Cope comes under scrutiny from his Lesnar teammates for hanging out with the JDS team too much. At one point, Lenny takes Lesnar aside and asks him to speak Cope as he's worried his game plan is going to get spoiled. Lesnar tells him not to worry about it and just focus on fighting. As Bentley would eventually lose, perhaps his head wasn't as in the game as it should be.

Different than in years past, there was no evidence of Cope revealing secrets but it will be something to watch as TUF 13 progresses. Regardless, his teammates don't seem to like him at all.
- The babyface goes over

In the season's best fight, Team JDS' Ryan McGillivray defeated Len Bentley by majority decision in an entertaining match. I had the first round 10-10 as both guys dropped the other with hard punches, traded submission attempts and looked great in doing so. Bentley seemed to gas as the fight went on, while McGillivray held the line as was aggressive throughout.

McGillivray's striking was crisper in the 2nd and won the round 10-9. I think somewhere Bentley is still trying to hit that spinning back fist. Two judges had it 20-18 for McGillivray, while another had a 19-19 draw.

I thought McGillivray was incredibly likable and someone that could gain some fans this season. He was a change of pace from the bearded and gruff Bentley, who earned Dana White's respect post-fight and is the front-runner for the wild card spot later this year.

Next week: Matt Hughes helps out Team Lesnar and Ramses dances around naked quite a bit.

Josh Nason is a freelance MMA journalist who contributes to FIGHT! Magazine, WrestlingObserver.com, BloodyElbow.com and several radio shows/podcasts. Follow him on Twitter: @JoshNason.

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