TNA Lockdown live coverage from Cincinnati

Welcome to our live coverage of Lockdown from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Devon vs. Anarquia

Devon won a quick match, inside the cage, but more like a TV squash.  Devon beat him up before the match started, and then continued to beat on him after the match including two suplexes on the ramp.  

X Division Escape the cage:  Robbie E, Jay Lethal, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Brian Kendrick and Suicide  - Winner gets a title shot at Kazarian's title

The rules were pinfall eliminations until the last two were left, and they did escape the cage rules.

Max Buck climbed out with Brian Kendrick as the last two when Kendrick climbed to the top, Buck threw Brian Hebner into the cage and Kendrick lost his balance at the top and fell into the ring.  Max Buck climnbed out to win and become No. 1 contender.

Eliminations were:

Red pinned Suicide

Red pinned Lethal with the Infrared

Sabin pinned Red with a clothesline

Max pinned Sabin with Diamond Dust

Max pinned Jeremy buck with a small package

Kendrick pinned Robbie E with a one legged dropkick.

Some cool stuff with Red, Lethal and especially Sabin but crowd was flat most of the match.  The finishes were often flat as well and some sloppy stuff, they never really worked or controlled hte crowd.  So while athletically okay, disappointing.

Eric Bischoff did an interview.  He was bragging about all his success in wrestling.  He said Immortal was going to take care of Fortune.

Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus

Decent match.  Crowd was into Steiner but really nobody else.  Eric Young, who took off his pants and wore Bengal print tights like Jordan wore.  He then climbed over the top and thought he won, except this wasn't escape the cage rules.  Moore pinned Williams clean with Morgasm.

Madison Rayne & Tara interview with Christy Hemme.  Rayne told Tara that he didn't trust her and didn't want her at ringside.  She had scissors and teased cutting Tara's hair but Tara was upset about that.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James Knockouts title vs. hair

Really obvious coming out that James' left shoulder is still messed up.  James won the title with a DDT in 35 seconds.  It was clear she wasn't close to ready to work as she kept holding her shoulder after every move.  James threw Rayne into the cage and threw her in the direction of the cage two other times although Rayne more took a bump on the apron.  Nothing much to the match but given the circumstances, it was the only thing they could do.

Samoa Joe vs. Pope

Joe won with the muscle buster and choke.  Pope got his leg on the ropes the first time Joe used the muscle buster and Joe kicked out of the codebreaker.  I don't think this crowd is mic'd well because you could see the crowd on the screen reacting but it sounded like nothing.  Decent match, good slap fest at one point.

Matt Morgan vs. Shawn Hernandez

Morgan won clean when Hernandez came off the top rope into the Carbon footprint.  Morgan looked toh ave been distracted when Anarquia started to climb the cage but Morgan kicked him as well.  they pushed that Morgan is now going back after the TNA title now that he's won clean.

Sarita & Rosita said that they are screwing us over.  She was talking in  Spanish.  Sarita was telling us the reason she's not the knockout champion is because the fans can't stand that we are better than you.  Rosita looks like Trish Stratus' younger sister.  Velvet Sky showed up.  Sarita took her shoes off.  Sky used a drop toe hold on Rosita and speared Sarita.  Sky cleaned house.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle, the first fall submission, second fall pin third escape the cage is called Ultra Male rules.  Karen said that Jeff will win because he's the Ultra Male.

Jarrett won the match when Karen slammed the cage door on Kurt's face as he had Jeff in the ankle lock and Jarrett fell out the door to win.

This match was insane.  Kurt must be the toughest man alive.  He took a power bomb off the top rope and landed right on the top of his head.  Kurt was selling like he was knocked completely out, but as Jeff climbed out, Kurt recovered and climbed the ropes and gave him a suplex. 

Kurt won the first fall with an ankle lock.  Brian Hebner was counting near falls in a submission match. WTF?  Jeff won the second fall with a schoolboy holding the trunks.  Third fall saw Kurt have a chance to win as he walked out the door twice, but both times he changed his mind, put the cage key down his trunks and came back in.  Another time Kurt tried to climb over the top, but Gunner had a chair and threatened Kurt with a chair if he climbed down.  Kurt was supposed to moonsault Jeff off the top of the cage, but Kurt actually missed when he was supposed to hit.  Jeff sold like he was hit.  I'd be surprised if Kurt wasn't hurt in all this.  Another time Kurt had it won but as he was leaving the cage, Karen sprayed hair spray in his eyes.  This was at a totally different level of everything so far in the show.  Very good, but again the bad crowd micing took it down but even so this was compelling as hell.

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. RVD for the world title is comiing now.

Short match.  Smart move not to end with this.  Sting did a scorpion on both but they made the ropes.  Anderson did a double mic check but both kicked out.  RVD did a frog splash on Anderson but Sting made the save.  Hulk Hogan came out with a pipe and gave it to RVD. RVD refused to use it.  He threw the pipe down.  Anderson picked up the pipe and hit RVD but made it clear he wasn't with Hogan.  Before Anderson could pin RVD, Sting used the Scorpion death drop and pinned Anderson.  Sting then challenged Hogan to get in the ring but Hogan said he would do it on his own time.

Lethal Lockdown:  Beer Money & Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs, Ric Flair & Matt Hardy & Bully Ray & Abyss

Great match.  They did the periods that were 3:00 for Abyss vs. Kazarian and then people came in every two minutes.  Flair was a bloody mess after Storm hit him with a beer bottle.  Matt Hardy and Christopher Daniels did the top of the cage spot which saw Hardy use a twist of hate on Dnaeils and left him laying.  Then, in the move of the night, Daneils did a planhcha off the top of the cage to the floor on Abyss and Matt.  Flair and Bubba were destroying everyone with kendo stick shots until Bubba was out to split Daniels head open with an ax handle when A.J. Styles music played.  Styles came in and detroyed Bubba leaving Beer Money to take out Flair with the match ending when Storm superkciekd  Flair and Roode used a Fujiwara armbar on him for the submission.  Hopefully Flair will take some time off for the bad shoulder and this will be used as the injury story.  Really a two match show, this and Angle vs. Jarrett.

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