Lockdown/Bellator feedback

Best Match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Worst Match: Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne

Again, TNA presents a PPV outside of The Omni, err, The Impact Zone, and it looks great right from the get go. 

Escape The Cage Match - Winner is Number One Contender for The X Title
Max Buck won it at the end.  Wasn't really a big fan of the concept of this match, but it was your typical X-Division match, which is not a bad thing.

The Bischoff interview went way too long in my opinion.  Then I saw Nick Hogan in the crowd with Brooke.  This gives me a bad feeling about the ending of this PPV, but I have no basis or reason as to why. 

4 Way Tag Team Match - Orlando came out wearing something similar to the old Tazmaniac outfit.  Crowd was pretty quiet outside of Scott Steiner, who was super over.  Ink, Inc. won this, which I think isn't the right team, but that is only my opinion.

Let's see if the ladies can get the crowd going, they have been largely quiet.

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne Hair vs. Title - There is no chance Rayne wins this.  One of those cases where the stip actually hurts the match for me, as I cannot see James under any circumstances agreeing to lose her hair.  I am also interested in seeing how well Mickie can work tonight with the injury.  Well, it appears she really can't.  Under a minute and she wins the belt.

Just looked at Twitter.  Scott Steiner is trending.   

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe - Joe wins, very good match.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez - There is nothing I could care about less than this feud.  Morgan won.  Hernandez is still way too dangerous in the ring as far as his lack of ability.  Just sloppy as all hell.  Then we get a promo afterwards.  Velvet came out and beat up Sarita.  That was better than the feud.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle in an Ultimate Male match - Too bad this isn't an American male match, then Buff could have been the special ref.  I kid I kid, but this is one of the matches I have really been looking forward to.  Loved the match, absolutely hated this ending with passion.  Couple of dangerous spots in here, too.  Match of the night on a lackluster show overall, and I am calling it before the title match, which I still have a really bad feeling about.

Sting vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson for the World Title - Good match, better than I expected.  Glad Sting retained, as no one else is in the position to be champion right now in my opinion. 

Lethal Lockdown ends the show.  I completely forgot about this match even happening.  Good fun match at the end.  Nice to see AJ come out.  Ric Flair really, really needs to stop.  I don't mind if he wrestles from time to time, but the gigging his head is getting ridiculous at this point. 

Overall, it was alright.  Thumbs slightly go up on this one, but it was close.  My bad thought, that somehow Nick Hogan was going to help Hulk win the belt, or even win it himself, did not take place.  Thank God.

Michael Barton
Monticello, NY

Thumbs Down

Best Match: X Divison Match
Worst Match: Sting vs RVD vs Anderson

X Division opener was a lot of fun, even it it didn't make much sense. The finish was horrible though. How does the ref bumping the cage cause someone halfway out to fall back in? No sense. 
Eric Bischoff came out and said nothing for 10 minutes. I was confused.
Tag Match was good. No complaints there. Fun match.
Women's match was awful, but I wasn't expecting much there.
Did Matt Morgan just mention The Final Solution as a threat in an interview? Holy shit TNA what are you thinking?
Joe and Pope was a really boring match. Expected better from them, very disappointed in this one. Nothing bad, just didn't really feel it.
Morgan and Hernandez was awful. But I don't really like either of them anyway.
Angle and Jarrett. Lots of nearfalls early in the submission portion. That didn't bode well. Then a submission out of nowhere a couple minutes in. Wow. No flow to this match at all. Second fall was just as out of nowhere and awful. Third fall had Angle NO SELLING HIS OWN DEATH. FUCK. Why would anyone let that happen? And the fifty level fuck finish? Ugh. I hated this match so much. 
Sting vs RVD vs Anderson. I have no words. This was just awful. I can't believe this company is still in business. None of these three guys ever need to be in the ring with each other again
Lethal Lockdown was a decent ending to an otherwise shit PPV. I still feel very unfomfortable when Flair is in the ring. I'm glad there was no swerve. But the good guys getting the win with an unfair 5-4 advantage is kind of counterproductive. Overall a fun main event though. 

Overall a really poor PPV in my opinion. There was a 3 match stretch beginning with Morgan/Hernandez that was just really horrible. Good main event at least sent it out on a good note. Not nearly as bad as Victory Road, but still a very bad PPV.

-Wes Wilson
Hey Dave,

I think this PPV gets a thumbs down from me.  I have a number of complaints:

  • The Steiner 8-man tag match was extremely chaotic.  I'm still not entirely sure of the rules...I think they started with 2 men in the ring at a time, but then towards the end there were 3, 4 guys in there?  Even the ref looked puzzled/helpless.  And what are they doing with Eric Young?
  • In the Angle/Jarret match, when Karen sprayed Kurt in the eyes, Tenay made it a point to call out that she did it when the ref's back was turned.  Why would that matter?
  • Overall, the entire reason for the cage matches are to trap the opponents, prevent outside interference, and encourage things like high-spots.  With the exception of the Angle/Jarret match and the Lethal Lockdown match, what was the point with having the matches in a cage?  Apart from seeing people thrown into the cage 6 dozen times, what did it change?
I think the worst match was either the Lethal Lockdown or the Sting/RVD/Anderson 3-way.  The 3-way was far too short, and the double scorpion leg lock was ridiculous.  Just ridiculous.  Execution sucked.  The lethal lockdown match was bad because of TERRIBLE camera work.  We missed half of the action.  Even the announcers seemed puzzled.  For the banner match of the PPV, I would expect much better.

Best match...wow...Maybe the Samoa Joe/Pope match?  Match was pretty dead, but no big mistakes, and the rest of the matches on the PPV didn't exactly set the bar high.

I look forward to listening to the reviews tomorrow.

Scott Kilroy

Have you watched Bellator?  The scoring in the main event was insane.  I'm the last one
to cry conspiracy (preferring to believe stupidity over slick machination) but I simply
can't believe three judges would vote Warren to win, when both announcers, Machovsky and
Robichou (who were sitting cageside) not to mention myself, all had the exact same score
of 29-28 witj Warren winnin only the last round.
Now, I can see a split deicison of 29-28 for Warren but there is no way, not in M1, not
in Pride or Dream (OK, maybe) that Warren won the second round.  NO WAY.  The judge(s)
was either crooked or incredibly incompetent to the point where he should lose his
Was this show on Indian soil?  Was it regulated?  Who controled the judges?
Like I said, I don't like conspiracies but sometimes the most obvious way is the way to
go.  Did Rebney panic when Warren lost the first two rounds?  Did the announcer
"mis-read" the scores?  Why did the announcers not act shocked? 
I could care less about either guy but Bellator has lost a lot of credability in my eyes.
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs way up. Great card marred only by the horrible bullshit decision in the main.
Best fight: Strauss-Foster
Worst fight: nothing was bad
KO: Pitbull
Sub: Strauss
Strauss and Foster was a great scrap in the FW tourney. Entertaining grappling. Strauss needs to betray his priniciples like that more often (he claims he prefers winning decisions) and finish fights.
It looked like a squash on paper but Chad Robichaux gave BW champion Zack Malkovsky a pretty good run for a couple of rounds but Zack was just too much for him. Also entertaining.
Patricio Pitbull repeated over Wilson Reis but this time finished him by KO after switching southpaw. These guys are great fighters and if he solves his conditioning issue, which it looks like he has, Warren is in deep shit if they rematch.
As for Warren, the loudmouthed little bigot got the worst decision of the year so far and top 5 all time over Marcos Galvao, who spent most of the first two rounds rattling his head with strikes and reversing his takedown attempts and putting him on his lily white ass. Warren only deserved one round on the cards and how it was a UD and how one judge gave him all three rounds stinks to high heaven and should be investigated. Not a bad fight (at least until Warren started getting his Lay n Pray to work) but an outright robbery. 
Crimson Mask

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