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Listened to the podcast.
Look, I hate to be THAT GUY because I hate that guy.  But 90% of the
time when you have bad decisions you can look at the fight and say
"OK, well he could have won it here or here" but unless you consider
the two last minute takedowns in R1&2 as Warren stealing the rounds,
or if the judge was not paying attention to the fight and just gave
the fight to the champ, I just can't see it.
There's incompetence and then there's just plain idiocy.
One question I would like to see answered is who chose the judges and
who did they report to.  Were they part of a commission?  Or since
they were at a casino was it like UFC in England?
I love me some Bellator.  I've said it a dozen times.  I would rather
go to a Bellator event than Strikeforce (unless Mayhem were fighting).
I would be devastated if something happend to take the promotion away.
But I just have a feeling about this.  It just doesn't seem right.
There's only so much that bad judging can account for.
Why?  Bellator didnt want their champ to lose.  Simple as that.  They
were in panic mode.  I always thought it was stupid to have these
non-title fights in the first place because this was going to happen
eventually.  Did they have a plan in place for a champ losing?  I tell
you one thing, you're going to see a lot of tomato cans in these
superfights from now on.
I just don't see this ending well for Bellator.

Mike DeGeorge


Thumbs Down
Best Match: Anghle vs. Jarrett
Worst Match:  Anything that wasn't the Lethal Lockdown Match
Two match show.  Angle/Jarrett was very, very good, but also very, very scary.  I was genuinly afraid for Kurt's life here.  Lethal Lockdown was very good as well, but the rest of the show was pure garbage.  Two good matches does not a good show make, especially with an undercard this bad.
- Dan Marsiglia
Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Zack Makovsky vs. Chad Robichaux
Worst:  None
1) Daniel Straus d. Kenny Foster:  A real good fight with back and
forth action.  Straus is relentless in his attack and is very
entertaining.  They made a comment that Straus has a lot of decision
victories, and he prides himself on those.  With his relentless style,
Straus is very entertaining for three rounds.   Foster hung in there
and showed great and should be in the next featherweight title
tournament.  Only negative on Straus is he lacks charisma and has a
real laid back attitude.
2) Zack Makovsky d. Chad Robichaux:  It was tough to pick out a a
favorite fight, but this fight stood out for me.  Robichaux came to
fight and gave the Bellator Bantamweight Champion Makovsky everything
he had.   Loved the faced paced action that only the Bantamweights can
bring.  Zack is a guy I would love to see test his skills in the UFC
against their best Bantamweight fighters.  It is only a matter of time
until we see him in the UFC.   Robichaux cemented his spot in the
Bantamweight Tournament later this year.
3) Patricio Pitbull d. Wilson Reis: Another good fight and Pitbull had
one of the best KO's of the year.   Pitbull really stepped up his
cardio in this tournament and he is going to need that gas tank when he
fights Straus in the finals or Featherweight Champion Joe Warren.  Reis
is Bellator Featherweight gate keeper, but he also always has good
fights.  I am hoping Bellator gives him one more shot in the future
Featherweight tournament.
4) Joe Warren d. Marcos Galvao:  WOW, is all I have to say when Warren
was given the decision victory.  Something needs to be done about some
type of rule change when it comes to judging, the 1/2 point system or
something.  I had Galvao winning Rounds 1 and 2.  The only thing I can
see is the judges gave Warren Round 1 for his late flurry and the
takedown, but still Galvao had him in danger 4 minutes of that round. 
Joe Warren is one of my favorite fighters, he is possibly one of the
most entertaining heels in MMA, but even this big Joe Warren fan
believes he did not win Round 1.
Overall Thoughts:  Another great show Bellator. It is sad not many
people are watching this promotion.  Hopefully, the ratings keep moving
upward.  I did not like the outdoor venue look.  They crowd looked
small and it came off really minor league looking.  Bellator should
scratch off that venue for future dates.   Still in shock by Warren
getting the victory.  The pro wrestling in me says it was a total work
as Bellator doesn't want their champions losing Non-Title fights.  Of
course it was not a work, but that was some real poor judging.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA


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