CMLL TV report

by Victor Martinez

Just wanted to mention, the AAA show was the same show as last week, so that's why no review of that. 

Mentro, Valiente & Stuka Jr.       vs       Polvora, Misterioso Jr. & Shigeo Okumura

1st Fall:  Valiente starts out with Polvora, they wrestle back and forth for a while. Then Okumura and Metro go at it, Metro gives Okumura a running spear in the corner. Stuka does a splash on Metro and pins him, and Valiente power bombs and pins Polvora to win this fall. 

2nd Fall:  Polvora and Valiente start this fall out Valiente gave him a frontward power slam but Okumura broke up the pin. Valiente splash's Polvora, Metro tried a flip plancha out but  nailed Stuka instead. Misterioso does a Gory Bomb on Valiente and Polvora does a frog splash and pins him to win this fall.

3rd Fall:  Between commercials, Ultimo Guerrero talks about the first mask he ever won that of Mr. Aguila it was a major thrill for him, now mentoring Escorpion he is proud of him and knows he will win. Polvora and Stuka are fighting on the ramp.  The rudos are in beat down mode, but the tecs start a come back soon with them doing a triple tope at the same time.  Rudos win with Okumura having a figure four on Metro and Polvora pinning Stuka, and Misterioso pinning Valiente, later two after moves off the top rope.

Escorpion says he is nervous but confident to be with Ultimo Guerrero and knows he's in good hands. 

Momentos Estelares:  Tigre Blanco doing a flying head scissors move on Dr. X, Starman doing much the same thing to Hooligan, Dragon Lee doing a flip plancha to Mascara Dorada, Dorada being arm whipped out onto the ramp, Dorada doing a flip plancha out. 

Informa:  Cholo is out injured with a leg injury. Sombra retained his NWA Welterweight title in a match with Psicosis(not Nicho). Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr. retained their tag team titles in a match with La Sombra & La Mascara. Amapola, Marcela, Zeuxis & Silueta are going to Japan to represent CMLL for Universal Women's Pro Wrestling. Forando un Idolo matches were updated in Puebla. 

Goto says he is gonna beat everybody.

Rush, La Sombra & Jon "Strongman" Anderson      vs       Atlantis, Negro Casas & Hiroki Goto

1st Fall:  Everybody starts brawling back and forth right away with the rudos gaining the advntage. Casas & Atlantis do a double suplex to Anderson. The parrot mini hits  Sombra with a frying pan. Casas & Atlantis submit Sombra in a double leg hold. Goto does a top rope elbow drop on Rush and pins him to win this fall.

2nd Fall:  Mascara Dorada says  his protege Metal Blanco has much more experience now and will do well.The rudos are still in beat down mode as this fall st arts out. Rush starts the come back with kicks to Goto and a  tope to him also. Strongman does some power moves on Casas and Atlantis. Sombra does a corkscrew moonsault and pins Casas. Strongman does a splash from the second rope and pins Atlantis.

3rd Fall:  Rush and Casas wrestle around a bit, Rush does a stomach stomp on him. Rush does a missile drop kick on Goto. Commentator Magadan mentions Goto's accomplishments in New Japan. Casas and Sombra trade a few moves. Strongman does a double chokeslam on Casas and Goto then shoulder blocks them. Rush does a double cross body from the top to them. Strongman does a somoan drop to Casas and pins him for the win, ref Tirantes slow counted but did count 3 eventually.

Metal Blanco  who is the Occidental Welterweight Champion, says he wants the public to know him and what he has to offer and to beat everybody who gets in his way.

La Gran Alternativa Final:
Metal Blanco & Mascara Dorada           vs        Escorpion & Ultimo Guerrero

1st FAll:  Dorada and Escorpion start it off, then Ultimo and Blanco are in, seems like an edit happened here. They wrestle back and forth for a while then suddenly, out of nowhere, Dorada submits Escorpion to a Surfboard(tapatia), and Blanco does a huricanrana pin on Ultimo to win this fall.

2nd Fall:  Outside Ultimo does a military press and tosses Dorada onto some empty ringside seats. Ultimo does a his headstand senton on Blanco in the corner. Escorpion does a reverse Frankensteiner to Dorada an pins him while Ultimo applies his own tapatia and submits Blanco.

3rd Fall:  Strangely there were no commercials during this match. Dorand does a flying head scissors to Guerrero and another to Escorpion and another to him outside on the floor. Another edit seems to have happened as the rudos are in charge now, then Dorada does a flip plancha to Escorpion. Blanco does a torneo from the top out to Ultimo. Dorada tries a huricanrana pin on Ultimo but Escorpion makes the save. Escorpion power bombs Blanco but Dorada stops the pin. Dorada does a Code Red on Escorpion for a 2 count.  Dorada does a sunset flip on Escorpion for another 2 count. Dorada adnd Blanco do double pins on them and get twin 2 counts. Ultimo and Escorpion do frontward top rope drops on them  and get double twin 2 counts. Dorada and Blanco do twin moonsaults on them and get another twin 2 counts. They then try twin huricanrana pins and get another twin two counts. Ultimo does a reverse superplex on Blanco and pins him, and Escorpion does a moonsault and pins Dorada to win this match. Ultimo & Escorpion get beautiful blue plagues presented to them by Dorada and Blanco who shake their hands and congratulate them. Ultimo congratulates Escorpion for winning, Escorpion thanks Ultimo for being a great partner and mentor.

And that wrapped up the show, these were good matches, especially the last one, it was really good. The first one was pretty good also. You can find a lot more of my reviews at Thanks for reading.

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