Ultimate Fighter week four TV report

The Ultimate Fighter 13 Ep. 4 Recap: Bland And Blah, Brock Turns Red

What You Need To Know: Team dos Santos went to 3-1 as Ramses Nijem beat Charlie Rader by 2nd round submission in a very lackluster fight. Brock Lesnar began to show some emotion after the defeat and one of his team members walked out of the room.

Five Standout Moments/Storylines

- King Ramses

Much of the show was built around Ramses Nijem as being a kooky guy with painted toenails, a love of Glee and playing strip pool. He even dry humped Junior dos Santos in one of the oddest scenes in TUF history and later was dancing with him in the locker room.

But Nijem did what he said and defeated Rader with relative ease, cage grappling and getting a takedown in the first round and locking on a rear naked choke for an instant tap early in the 2nd round. On Rader, Dana White said, "Literally, he just gave up." Attitude-wise, Nijem reminds me a lot of Amir Sadollah.

- Brock Finally Snaps...Sort Of

After being pretty mellow for 99% of the season thus far, Lesnar began to break down a bit in the show's final 10 minutes, launching a stool in the cage following Rader's loss and ripping apart his team in the locker room for acting like they don't care. While not a full-on angry rant, it was as close as we've seen Lesnar to actually showing emotion thus far -- a welcome change from an otherwise vanilla episode.

- Len Walks Out

The Lesnar rant inspired episode 3 loser and Team Lesnar grump Len Bentley to say that he worked hard in his fight and didn't need to hear what Lesnar had to say, walking out of the locker room. How that plays out next week is intriguing and one can only hope there is some sort of confrontation with Lesnar. However, the scenes from next week didn't look promising in that regard. If Bentley earns a wild card spot, that could be some fun tension to see.

- Time For A "Comeback"

In watching Bentley and the rest of the guys in the house, it doesn't feel like the experience is a do-or-die to get into the UFC. Frankly, it really isn't as many are given a shot to fight anyway and while they may not earn a guaranteed deal, plenty of TUF alumni are in the UFC and doing just fine.

Given that reality, I'd love to see another "The Comeback" season where they bring in just veterans looking for another chance. Better yet, it would be great to see a mix of veterans and young guys to help illustrate just what they're fighting for. While coaches that hate each other are great for TV, putting some real power behind exactly what the guys are supposed to be competing for is equally as important.

- Matt Hughes Drops By

He helped out Lesnar's team with some wrestling at Lesnar's request. Literally, that's all that happened. Can we get a speech about what being in the UFC means? Please?

- Notable Quote 1

"If you don't beat this guy, it'll be a disgrace." That was Lesnar to Radar after seeing Nijem's painted toenails. I guess it's a disgrace then.

- Notable Quote 2

"Junior legitimately cares about how these kids are doing." That was Team JDS' Lew Polley on dos Santos, interesting considering he's said anything but that in the past few weeks.

Next Week: Bentley vents about Brock and there's an injury to a quarterfinalist that may put him out of the competition.

Josh Nason is a freelance MMA journalist who contributes to FIGHT! Magazine, WrestlingObserver.com, BloodyElbow.com and several radio shows/podcasts. Follow him on Twitter: @JoshNason.

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