Al Snow tries new concept for wrestling show; Does it work?

 Al Snow and Ohio Valley Wrestling presented a show at the Davis Arena in Louisville last night called "Mondo Wrestling A Go Go". Snow was there, but did not appear on the show himself. It was an attempt at a combination of zany comedic pro wrestling mixed in with Burlesque acts, and some Circus Soleil type of stuff. It cost 20 bucks to get in, and was for an age 21 and over crowd, but it wasn't as racy of a show as I thought it might be. I saw Tim Gotterman of the Kentucky Athletic there, so I wondered if they had to tone some things down with him there, but then again, maybe not. I'm not sure the show really came off the way they wanted it to. It worked in a way, but didn't work in another way at the same time. It didn't seem overly organized, but wasn't a complete cluster either. I think they wanted a much more wild and raucous crowd, but they weren't that way, though they clapped for the acts politely. A lot of comedy on the show, and much of it fell flat. This was especially true of the emcee, Barry Ratcliffe, who hosted the show along with Dean Hill. Ratcliffe was on Nash Bridges with Don Johnson for several years, and now plays the Cowardly Lion in a remake of the Wizard of Oz, called the Witches of Oz. Al Snow is also in that film. Well, this Ratcliffe dude died a death out there. He reminded me of Bill Clinton in a way. He kept up a string of dirty jokes all night long, and almost nobody was laughing, it was almost uncomfortable. It put me in mind of when William Shatner inducted Jerry Lawler into the WWE Hall of Fame, but I'd say Ratcliffe bombed here twice as bad as Shatner did then if that tells you anything, so yeah.......The attendance was around 100, and it was a mixed crowd I'd say. Many wrestling fans, but some not. This report won't be overly detailed, as I mainly just watched the show.
The show opened with the band Suzie Q playing, featuring long time OVW announcer Dean Hill on the drums, and even singing some. It was classic rock stuff. Sort of funny, but the band is called Suzie Q, and apparently they have a chick lead singer called Suzie Q, but she could not be there tonight, so this was all guys calling themselves Suzie Q. The Blossom twins(Holly & Hannah), wearing Go Go boots, danced during this, along with some other girl, and some cage dancer type girls danced in the hard camera stand up top. Hard cam indeed. Heh.

The first act was called "Boys of the night". It was a school room scene. Students acting up, throwing wadded up paper at the crowd and stuff, some guy came out faking playing the guitar, and then out came the naughty school teacher, who got spanked with a ruler. Just strange.

1. The Glory Holes(Paredyse, Fang, and Sucio)w/CJ Lane beat Nick Dinsmore, Raul Lamotta and Elvis

Total comedy match, as most of the wrestling tonight was not of the serious variety. I thought Fighting Spirit was never supposed to team up again, and Paredyse caused them to split up? Oh well. Fang had his hair in ponytails ala Lenny Lane in WCW. Sucio wore a black skirt. Fang stuck his thumb into Dinsmore's groinular region, then eventually made Dismore suck his own "tainted" thumb. Elvis did a bowler gimmick, and the ball got rolled into Paredyse' private parts at one point. Lamotta wore a bad Hawaiian shirt, and he was far more entertaining then usual here. Lady wrestler CJ Lane came in and did a funny Hulk Hogan impression, but was then knocked down, and in danger of getting "triple teamed" but the creepy heels, but I guess justice prevailed as the Glory Holes saved her, and went on to win the match with a triple pin when they all came off the top rope at the same time.

Barry Ratcliffe was dying so badly that Dean Hill tried to give him a big introduction, but it didn't help the situation.

Out next came a girl I think called "Soul", I probably don't have all these names right. Anyhow, she was a burlesque dancer/contortionist. Very flexible girl indeed. She literally bent over backwards to please the crowd.

2. The Candy Man(Asher Knight) Beat Randy Terrez

The Candy Man came out as old ragtime piano music played, and he was manically throwing candy to the crowd out of a black bag. This match was worked in a somewhat serious fashion, but the finish saw The Candy Man open up an energy drink and take a slug, the maker of the drink was one of the sponsors of the show and no, it wasn't JBL. The Candy Man then received a giant burst of energy and won the match with a spear.

3. El Sancho("Lowrider" Matt Barela) Beat La Cucaracha(Rudy Switchblade)

Referee Chris Sharpe came out here with baseball cap on, and a Hawaiian Lei. El Sancho, if I have the name right, came out as a comedy banditio, shooting plastic cap guns, and wearing a holster. La Cucaracha was absolutely hilarious, wearing the mask with the antenna's on it, and a vest with Cockroach legs on it. Of course Disco Inferno played this character in WCW a long time ago. Lots of legit funny spots here as El Sancho kept trying to kill the Cockroach. El Sancho poured water on himself and said he was a "wetback". La Cucaracha went under the ring, because of course a Cockroach hides in the dark. La Cucaracha did a tight rope walk on the top rope most of the way around the ring as El Sancho held his arm. La Cucaracha pulled his brown mask off, but had a second red mask on underneath, also with an antenna on it. He then put his vest with the bug legs back on, and won the match with a Frogsplash, or was it a Roachsplash. I think this was the highlight of the night. The comedy really worked here. I wondered what a Chikara crowd would have thought of this.

Next up came the Rocky Horror Picture show. I don't know, I've never, ever gotten the point of the Rocky Horror Picture show, and I didn't get the point of it again tonight. I found it to be pretty boring myself, but some of the crowd liked it. I don't even know the characters names, but the big drag queen who came in at the end did show good charisma. They took an intermission after this.

Up next was Darsh the Conqueror, who did an act with a light saber in the darkened arena.

Next was some big girl doing a Janis Joplin impression singing "Take another little piece of my heart" with the band.

Next was "Fannie Smokely", who did a burlesque act with the contortionist girl from earlier. It was a mock shooting an apple off the head act. So, could this act be called a "Mock apple pie"??
4. Jason "Brown Sugar" Wayne w/ Miss Foxy Brown(Lady JoJo) beat Ali Muhammad(Mohamad Ali Vaez) w/ Fatima(Brittany Devore)

Ali came out dressed like a Sheik, had a prayer rug, and was treating his Harem girl badly. Wayne was wearing slacks, going for the look of The Rock or something. Foxy Brown wore a hilarious huge afro wig, and a black outfit that was cut just below her butt crack in the back. Hilariously during the match the outfit ripped, and more of her butt was left hanging out. They couldn't have planned that one any better, and it wasn't planned. Ali missed a move off the top while wrapped in his prayer rug. A flying carpet attempt I suppose. I was surprised at all the physical stuff Brittany DeVore did as the Harem girl. She ended up in a catfight with Miss Foxy Brown. The finish saw Wayne win when he and Brown gave Ali and Fatima stereo Stone Cold Stunners.

Next up was the first aerial act of the night as Kryptonite Delira did an act on a giant hoop that was hanging from the ceiling. Barry Ratcliffe proposed to Kryptonite when it was over.

5. The Mobile Homers( Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat The Johnsons("Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze)

The Elite went back to their roots here I guess. McNaler(aka Man Beast) was kept on a rope by his partner Holler(Revolver). They drank water out of a Mason jar and called it moonshine. The Johnson's weren't the Shane Twins. They wore slacks with huge bulges in the front. I think the crowd was getting tired here, not much reaction, and the match, and comedy feel flat. Too many dick jokes. The Johnson's had the stuffing taken out of their slacks, and it was socks. This led to a double Mandible claw spot on them, and the Mobile Homers won it. Man Beast ate a hot dog in one bite during the post match.

Ratcliffe came out in his suit, but no pants on, and a his tie crooked, saying Kryptonite had gotten a hold of him. He really looked like Bill Clinton now with his pasty white legs. Yikes.

Next up was Gypsy ?? who did an act with a Hula hoop, a few blown Hula Hoop spots here, if there is such a thing as blown Hula Hoop spots.

6. Jamin Olivenca beat Mike Mondo

This was the main event wrestling wise, and was worked as the only intense, serious match of the night. Olivencia though came out with an entourage, like a boxer or MMA fighter would, and they held a big Olivencia sign, with a funny, cartoonish drawing of his face on it. The referee here was Micheal Hayes. No, not THAT Michael Hayes. This Michael Hayes is a legit war hero, who lost his left leg in the war in Iraq. I knew his fake leg would come into play here, and it did. Lots of chops and slaps here, and shots with a garbage can lid, and at least one chair shot to the head of Mondo. Mondo and Olivenca later traded several German Suplexes back and forth. Mondo got on the case of referee Hayes, so Hayes bodyslammed him. It didn't get the pop they were hoping for. Again, the crowd was getting tired by now. Hayes later got bumped when Mondo had the match won. Mondo pulled the fake leg off the fallen Hayes, then tossed it to Olivencia hoping Hayes would catch him with it, but Olivencia drove it foot first into Mondo's head for the win.

They had to take the ropes off the ring for the main events of the non-wrestling stuff. I didn't get her name, but a lady did an aerial act on long scarves that were hanging from the ceiling.

This was followed by Gypsy the Hula Hoop act girl twirling sticks of fire, and another girl did that as well. Gypsy then did fire eating spots as the main event finale, which popped the crowd pretty well. I was just glad there were no blown fire spots, I was wondering about that after seeing her Hula Hoop act.
Several girls then danced in the ring, as the band played to end the show. Overall eh, it was something different, I'll say that for it. I don't expect another show like it here anytime soon though, if ever. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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