Raw draft show notes - biggest star already switched

We're opening with a Raw vs. Smackdown everyone but the main eventers T-shirt Battle Royal for now one draft choice.

Big Show & Kofi Kingston won the Battle Royal for Smackdown eliminating Mason Ryan.  John Cena goes to Smackdown, which I guess means Randy Orton stays with Raw.

Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross is the main event.

Awesome Kong is officially Kharma.

Layla vs. Eve Torres for a draft choice 

Torres won quickly.  Michael Cole was cutting a promo during the match and Michelle McCool attacked Layla for losing, but Layla made her own comeback and tossed McCool over the announcers table.

Rey Mysterio is headed to Raw.

Kofi Kingston beat Sheamus and Randy Orton went to Smackdown.  Must be some kind of a trade coming because they aren't going to go with John Morrison and Rey Mysterio as the top faces on Raw.

Jim Ross b Michael Cole via DQ when Jack Swagger interfered.  All stalling until Cole tried a slam and Ross fell on him in a mount.  Ross busted Cole's mouth but Swagger interfered, put Ross in the ankle lock and Cole whipped him with a belt.  Lawler was jumped by Swagger earlier, then came back, made the save and whipped Cole.  The GM announced Lawler & Ross vs. Cole & Swagger in a country whipping match on Sunday's Extreme rules show.   

Randy Orton b Dolph Ziggler with the RKO so two more picks to Smackdown. 

Mark Henry and Sin Cara to Smackdown.

Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio for two draft picks.

Mystrerio iwth a 619 and splash.

Big Show and Alberto Del Rio to Raw

John Cena & Christian & Mark Henry vs. Alberto Del Rio & C.M. Punk & The Miz for the final draft choice. 

Mark Henry turned heel and laid out Christian and  Cena.  Miz pinned Cena with the Skull crushing finale. 

So the final choice was Cena back to Raw, so Orton ends up as the top star on Smackdown.

More picks coming at Noon Eastern time tomorrow.

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