Tough Enough TV report

Week Four: "110 Pound Elephant in the Room"
 Only ten competitors remain.
Rima enters the mansion after being in the bottom three last week.  She's ecstatic to be back, and can't believe she survived.  Ryan follows soon after, and the gang is shocked that he's not off the show, either.  To get a little vengeance, Ryan proclaims that he's taking over Mickael's bed.
11:57pm: Rima is going to train with Bill DeMott for a midnight training session.  Rima seems more interested in modeling her new "Tough Enough" t-shirt for Bill than in the training itself.  Bill tries to teach Rima how to roll, and other basics, "starting from the beginning" to get her up to speed.  She displayed a level of incompetence that even Fit Finlay couldn't work magic on.  So Bill Demott has a heart to heart with Rima.  She breaks down, says she doesn't want to quit, but doesn't want to be eliminated.  Bill says he never mentioned any of that, but he just wants her to consider that maybe being a WWE "entertainer/Diva" isn't for her.  And she sobs.  And sobs more.
The next day at the training facility, Austin calls for everyone to get in the ring.  He introduces a special guest, one of his "most favorite opponents of all time," Bret Hart.
A Bret "Hitman" Hart video package airs.
Bret gives his talk. Personally, I'd rather watch an hour of Bret talk than 60 minutes of these students flailing around the mat.  Bret says the most important thing you can learn about is agility, about protecting yourself, and says he prides himself on never injuring anyone in his career. 
Booker T. is off taping Smackdown again.
"Daily Training" - "In and Out" - based on Bret's "agility" motif, Bill makes each competitor jump in and out of the ring, five times in the corner of the ring...doing reps in all four corners.  Their feet can't touch the top rope as they enter or exit the ring.  The trainers are pleased with Luke's performance, as well as Jeremiah's.  Bill describes Luke as the alpha male, but says Jeremiah might be the next alpha male in the pack.  Demott brow beats the other students for not being able to keep up.
Luke says that only he and Jeremiah are prepared for this competition, and says even a blind man like Ray Charles could see that.  Unfortunately, Ray Charles isn't around to cast the talent for this show or to pick the bottom three each week.

"Life Lesson" - Bill says they have "negative ten minutes" to get dressed and go meet Trish for their "life lesson" this week, and seems particular pleased with himself for coming up with the "negative ten minutes" catchphrase.  For real.  What a dick.
The group heads over to "Frisco's" for a "crash course in agility" training to be carhops, which are waiters/waitresses on roller-skates.
Bill shows up along with the lunchtime crowd and continues to act like a tool, saying "presentation is everything" as the group serves him and Trish their food and demands the trainees do triple spins and such on the skates for him.
Later, as a reward, Frisco's offers drinks on the house for the Tough Enough trainees.  Supposedly under the influence of the liquor, Jeremiah and Luke put on a strip routine for several of the customers, and Rima does a table dance.  It appears as if all of the contestants get blitzed except for Andy, who is committed to being straight-edge throughout the duration of the competition.  Maybe he'll be the dark horse.
And tomorrow is the "skills challenge" maybe being able to perform while hungover isn't such bad training for pro wrestling/sports entertainment after all.
"Skills Challenge" - The drill this week is a "basic sequence of moves" where two competitors are paired up, and run the spots.  Once again, Rima is a complete abomination in the ring, or basically, a beginner with no experience thrust onto a reality show about wrestling.  Of course, she's paired up with Ryan, but she could be paired up with Kurt Angle and even he probably couldn't carry her.  Like last week, the competitors keep running the drill until they screw up and are eliminated.  Luke says he's like Muhammed Ali: "I'm going to tell you how good I am, then I'm going to show you how good I am."  The trainers begin to see potential in the skills of some of the male contestants.
Martin and Luke are the last two in the drill.  The winner of the "Skills Challenge" is Martin.  Luke refuses to shake Martin's hand after the contest.  The trainers say Luke was eliminated because he was selfish in the ring and tried to go places he just wasn't ready to go to yet.
Trish, Bill, and Steve convene in Austin's office to determine this week's bottom three.  "Andy, Martin, and Luke are in the top echelon," says Bill.  Austin says he's not impressed with the women in the ring at all.  "There's a 110 lb. elephant in the room as far as I'm concerned, and that's Rima," says Austin.  For the most part, the trainers bury her as an athlete.  Austin asks Trish and Bill for their bottom three picks.  Bill says it'd be easier to give Austin his top five then his bottom three right now, whereas Trish says it's a distinct bottom three for her.
Austin returns to the ring to call out the bottom three: Rima and...that's it! He says "Normally at this time I'd select two other people but I'm not going to do that today."  Austin tells Rima she's got a lot of heart, but it seems like her body keeps telling her no.
Trish says she identified with Rima, and says she's proud that Rima shattered the stereotype of what a beauty queen is supposed to be.  Rima returns her WWE Tough Enough spinner belt to Austin, who says he thinks she has a future in this business.  Clearly this is a bit of damage control, so as not to remove all of Rima's shine.  But then again, this is WWE, where appearance has always trumped skills.
Final Thoughts: This episode felt flat, and it was pretty obvious from early in the show that Rima's immunity would be ending this week.
Next time on Tough Enough: The contestants get more relevant pro wrestling training, this time facing a dwarf basketball team, and Ryan gets some serious heat with Booker T.

Written by Josh Jabcuga
Follow him on Twitter: @Jabcuga
Joshua Jabcuga is the author of the graphic novels, Scarface: Devil in Disguise, the official prequel to the cult hit film by Brian DePalma, and The Mummy: The Rise & Fall of Xango's Ax, the official tie-in to the Brendan Fraser blockbuster franchise.  Both titles are available from IDW Publishing/Universal Studios.

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